Cquote1 Lights, Camera, Action is how the sayin' goes.. Just so happens my life runs the same way. Always in some sort of spotlight.. Cquote2
Video Vigilante, Quinton.

Video Vigilante is a pseudonym for Quinton Young, a twenty-five year old black winged stilt who runs a journalistic blog in Hordaiquan. Originally born in Archaven, he wanted to be a movie director until he was bested by his rival Benjamin. Quitting his hopes on movie making, he ends up joining a journalistic school and becomes one of the first members in the Chronicle Corps.


General Appearance

Quinton appears as a standard height black winged stilt. Due to the anatomy of his species, he has lengthy thin legs or "stilts" as his friends refer to them. His feather pattern is predominantly white with black patches covering areas like his head, wings, and tail. The irises of his eyes are a hot pink, almost red color; despite the odd color pattern, his eyes often invoke a sense of friendliness and good will. His beak is predominantly black with red stripes streaking the top an lower halves of his beak. Wings stretch from his back onto the ends of his pinkey finger.

He has a lengthy black tail, although it is not as long as his rival Benjamin's. Quinton carries himself quite stylishly as he stylizes his hair by shaving the right half of his head while keeping the left half at a long and full medium length. This half of his hair covers the upper left-hand portion of his head. The ends of his hair reaches the center of his neck.

Attire & Clothes

Quinton dresses rather casually.

On most days, he wears deep purple jeans with black boots and a white t-shirt with a pink star at the center of the shirt.


Quinton is described as an easy going guy who's a bit of an air-head some times.

He loves exploration and freedom of running his own life. Despite being very independent with his work, Quinton is loves socializing and working with other people just as much as he loves working by himself. He genuinely enjoys helping those with work or aiding any whom can't help themselves. However he will not go out of his way to display heroics, he knows that being a hero isn't exactly what he's cut out to be.

Quinton loves to put dreams into reality, feeling that the world was meant to be appreciated with works of art and that everyone in the world has a potential to make the most of themselves. He's a big motivator to those who lack motivation and even when he himself lacks motivation to work on something, he ends up shifting focus into something else that will pre-occupy his mind/work.

Quinton hates being stagnant as he feels it produces no work or effort. Laziness is a big turn-off for the winged stilt and he tries his best to ensure that regardless of his personal freedoms, he's always doing something. To him, living is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. Sometimes he ends up enjoying life too much as he is a compulsive drunk.

Although a harmless and tame drunk, Quinton has a habit of drinking... A lot. His living quarters in Hordaiquan and Rainfall City are filled with drinks of many assortments. Usually he drinks to liven up a situation, other times he does it for the hell of it. He's also quite aware of alcohol's effects and its negatives, he simply chooses to ignore those consequences to drinking feeling that his life should not be limited by stupid rules.

These characteristics have Quinton some times appearing as quite compulsive and unrelenting. While normally these traits would be positive (aside from drinking) it leads him to be a persistent partner and even worse a workaholic. His compulsive behavior has him known to be a harmless perverted flirt, although it's unfortunate for his partners when his one track mind rules over his relationships.

Quinton does not like being shown up either and has massive problems with lowering his life expectations to that of reality. In other words, the guy's so into the clouds that the minute you actually criticize him about something, he flips out. It's not that he's self-aborbed or conceited, but that he really does feel he puts a lot of effort into his work and that people just don't understand his creative style. When shown up by people like Benjamin the mockingbird who is all around better at everything than Quinton is, he gets very angry and shuts himself out of society for a brief period of time.

Despite being a heavy drinker, Quinton has very good memory and does not forget those who wronged him or helped him out. He always returns the favor to those who helped him out, but doesn't really harbor much aside from hatred or contempt for those who have wronged him. His rival Benjamin is the only exception as Quinton harbors a very real hatred and jealousy of the competent mockingbird.

All things aside, he's a very caring and humorous winged stilt who's eager to help anyone but is at the risk of being a very compulsive and talkative as well as gullible winged stilt in the long run of things


From Humble Beginnings



Quinton since birth has had the power of controlling time. Matter of fact, his power was so strong he could literally reverse certain histories and change the very plain of time. Never giving himself the chance to master it, he ended up taking medication to surpress his powers and weakened them to the point where he needs a catalyst to use his powers.

Catalysts consist of remote controllers that feature any sort of back or rewind button, a camera that can record, televisions, and clocks.



Just like any bird, Quinton has the ability of flight due to having wings. He can fly large distances and can fly quite quickly to get away from any hostiles heading for him. He mostly uses his flight ability to travel to and from locations.


Technologically Proficient

Due to once having a job as a movie director, Quinton was trained in graphical design and coding to make advertisements for his film Flying Noodles. His experience with graphical design is quite adept, although he is merely an amateur at coding. He is known to design and tamper with his own blog to make it appear unique. 



  • Quinton was born February 11th, being an Aquarius and borrowing many traits of said sign. He also has a Scorpio moon.
  • Quinton's design is inspired by Nanashi from Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.
  • Quinton can be considered my most normal character ever, there's literally not much unique about him aside from his powers of chronokinesis.
  • This character would be another welcomed inclusion to more group characters between Skull, HauntedAlchemist, and myself.
  • Quinton can play the guitar quite well, but abandoned music after falling in love with the idea of making his own Kung-Fu movie.
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