Cquote1 How could you do this to me? I tried to make a simple plan to embarrass Krys in front of the whole university, and you take a knife and stab me in the damn shoulder? I hope you burn in fucking hell for what you did, you little piece of shit. I'm ordering the university's security to keep you 100 yards away from the campus. If you don't listen to when they say that, then I'll make sure they will have you dead. Cquote2
Victria talking to Fright about what he has done before pushing him through a window.

Victria the Unicorn is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a student at the MaryAllen Magic Branch of Gaudia University, and is one of the best magic users in her area. She used to use magic to mind-control other students at the university and basically made them her slaves, but stopped after being threatened to be expelled.

General Info

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Although Victria is one of the main villains of the series, it doesn't necessarily make her evil. She's actually a pretty nice person if you know her well enough. She will always be there for you when you need her, until the end. No matter what the risk, she will do whatever she can for her friends. All you have to do is be nice to her, and she'll return three times more than you give her.

Victria also is a quite literal-minded and serious. She doesn't really understand sarcasm or jokes, which makes her seem a little weird in front of others. Saying a silly expression like "I'd rather jump off a building", she'd give them a rope and trampoline so that they won't die. This could also be where her evil-traits come in, because if someone says "I'd rather kill myself", then she would take out her knife and almost stab someone.

If someone ever gets on Victria's bad side, it won't be very pretty. She will hate that person for the rest of his or her life and try to seriously hurt that person. She'll even attempt to kill them if they drive her that crazy. She's done it before, so watch out.

Physical Appearance

Victria stands at a pretty tall 3 feet and 7 inches and keeping her weight a secret. She has dark green fur with rather short black hair that goes a little below her shoulders. Her muzzle, inner ears and skin underneath her fur are all peach. The front of her hair have rather perfectly symmetrical front bangs. Her tail is long and dark green. Her eyes are are a light hazel color. Her ears are long and point upwards. Her horn is also pretty long and has a very spiral like design to it. Her scleras are disconnected with one eyelash on each eye.

For clothing, Victria's style is rather simple. As a hat,she wears a black and dark green checkered flat cap with holes poked in for her ears and horn. She wears a black leather jacket with many zippers over a white tank top. For pants, she wears simple light blue jeans with a brown belt with a golden buckle. For shoes, she wears knee-high brown designer shoes with a three-inch heel and silver soles. As an accessory, she wears a bunch of thin golden rings around her arms like a bracelet.

Powers and Abilities


For most of her life, Victria has been studying magic endlessly. When she uses her magic, her horn emits a dark green aura, along with the objects/people she is controlling. She always likes to learn new spells that make her grow even stronger. Doing this takes complete concentration. As years went by, it got easier to manipulate and easier to take control of it. She has learned numerous amounts of spells over the years, along with her trademark manipulation spells such as Infatuation, Mind-Control and Hypnosis.


Romantic Interests

  • Arthur the Unicorn: Her current boyfriend. Although she hates his half-sister, Krys, Victria admires the maturity and power that Arthur has. She also likes how he's more understanding and easier to talk to than Krys, plus the fact that he's almost always available to go out with.
  • Midnight the Unicorn: Her ex-boyfriend. They broke up moments before he was locked away in Bipress Asylum.


  • Alice the Unicorn- Her closest friend and a trustworthy partner-in-crime pal. She's always on her side and they always stay together.
  • Malice the Pegasus: The best friend of Alice, her best friend. Victria is good friends with Malice as well.


  • Krys the Alicorn: Ever since college started, Victria and Krys didn't like each other one bit. Both of them rival each other in intelligence and magic ability. However, ever since Krys was granted wings, Victria has became more and more jealous of her. The two often have magic duels to see who the top magic user is, and it usually ends up in a draw. Krys thinks that she's just impolite, clever, and just plain rotten.
  • Fright the Wolf: Once a good ally to take down Krys, now the one person she fears the most. One of the few non-unicorn magic students at MaryAllen, he was her go-to plot guy. However, one simple plan to embarrass Krys is when he turned the table upside down and stabbed her in the shoulder. She pushed him out of a window, but the one thing that scares her is that he survived the fall and is still lurking out for her.
  • Midnight the Unicorn: Her crazy ex-boyfriend. The two share a common interest in wanting to bring down Krys and her friends. They made a cute couple, but after she broke up with him, he threatened to kill her. So she resorted in working with Krys and her friends to trap him and get him sent away. She fears his return however.
  • Princess Lysandra: The mother of the one she hates the most, Victria hates Krys's mother even more. She could see through her kind and humble persona like thin air and decided to do something about it. During an assembly which the whole school had to attend, Victria secretly inflicted a curse on her to make her feel 1/20th of every one of her subjects for five years.


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