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Victor "Vic" Khangan is a former Formula 1 driver who competed in the Mobius race. Originally from Morocco, he went missing during the Water Zone when it is theorized he hydroplaned off the track while trying to pass another driver.


Vic usually wears a long-sleeved collared shirt in a variety of colors, tucked into khaki pants with black dress shoes. When racing, he wears the Team Shadow uniform.


Vic tends to be highly competitive, whether he is racing on the track or trying to get an up and coming racer as his client. He is also a very caring individual when he's not on the track, even visiting Team Sonic to make sure Tails was okay after his wreck in Sand Hill. Vic is also a minarchist, and because of that he has a disdain for politicians.


Vic was born in Casablanca, Morocco, where he still resided at the time of the Mobius Race. He began racing go karts at the age of 5, winning the Moroccan Junior Championship at age 7 and the African Continental Championship at age 8. He moved out of go karts and into Formula 3 at age 15. He proved himself worthy, being runner-up his first year and winning at 16. After three lackluster seasons in GP2, Vic headed to Japan where he raced in Formula Japan until he was 22. Then, he joined Antonio Mucciolio on the Black Onyx Racing Team, a mysterious Formula 1 that lasted only two seasons. Vic and Antonio were pay drivers, meaning they have to bring the sponsors with them to fund the team. After failing to qualify for the first 8 races of the season, he made the ninth race in Argentina, where he finished 17th out of 22 drivers and did not get any championship points. After issues with holding a sponsorship from his father's tobacco company, Black Onyx Racing founder Hugh McKnight replaced Vic with Giovanni Torrenni. As a result, Vic held a grudge against McKnight, as he felt Black Onyx destroyed the promising careers of both him and Antonio. After a brief stint racing touring cars in Europe, Vic returned to Casablanca where he began managing other race car drivers in Africa at 25.

He built himself the car Carbide. He built Carbide when he was invited to join the Mobius Race, to find the Chaos Emeralds. He joins Team Shadow after the Green Hill Zone. He is able to use the radio jammers to take out Team Knuckles and assist in disabling Team Amy, mainly because he finds Amy Rose annoying. During the time in Crisis City, he and other Team Shadow members used the invisibility functions and disguise to trick the other racers and bring Shadow his second stage victory.

Vic went missing in the Water Zone. He was last seen attempting to pass Team Knuckles member Willy, and possibly hydroplaned off the partly submerged track.


Vic has unknown powers.


Vic has unknown abilities.


Vic is noted for his management skills, and his skills at being a racer.


Vic has shown his major weakness is holding grudges, such as his grudge with Hugh McKnight that held him back when he was racing touring cars in Europe. His grudge against Knuckles for spinning him in Green Hill also held him back.

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