Modes are an exclusive ability Vexx has come up with. Allowing him to augment certain areas of his being with a mixture of Null Void, gravitational and Chronokinetic energy. The result of these mixed energies reshaping and forming new sets of clothing for the Timewalker. 


It was during his battle with Lence in the Diamond arena that Vexx found himself hard pressed against an opponent that put his whole body through a grueling test. The first instance was using his gravitational powers in hopes to fend off a powerful attack that nearly broke the hedgehog's jaw. Though it snapped his left arm's bones and put it out of commission for awhile; The Timewalker found that the near steel like feeling could be adapted into a more beneficial manner if done right. The second instance was during the end of the match, as he formed for the first time a graviational chrono caste which mended the bone at an accelerated pace. The sensation of being covered by the aura and restructuring it to be an almost armor like construct intrigued the mobian to a great extent. 

After the battle with Lence and Vexx's departure into his realm. The Timewalker began to test molding his aura into more constructs that surrounded his body. Heavy, light, slow, fast, powerful. All of these were possible with the right amount of energy. A new dawn had come to the hedgehog as the options before him opened up. Using his powers and meditation to draw in the energy from the null void to done a new suit. The first of many to come, Assault mode!

Assault Mode


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Assault mode focuses on Vexx's close combat prowess. Increasing his physical combat attributes IE his Speed,

Physical defenses and finally his physical power. All close combat abilities are enhanced but at the expense of him losing his long range abilities. However these losses are translated into the explosive power of his lost psycho bombs into his feet and left hand. Fractured time gems linger behind and around Vexx, morphing forms to add defensive values to the Timewalker. A harder shell of armor surrounds the hedgehog, further upping his physical defenses.

Equipment shifts:

Assault Gauntlet (Left hand): The bread and butter of Vexx's assault mode. His left hand becoming encoated by aura and gaining a hard Chronoshell to stimulate gravitational energy. Allowing easy releases of certain moves as well as making solid crushing punches deal little to no recoil damage on the Timewalker.

Assault Gauntlet (Right hand): The Psycho-Whip/Sword has become a fused part of the gauntlet. Said Gauntlet opening up a secret compartment to release the weapon. The weapon functions normally as if held by Vexx.

Armor of the assaulter: Focusing his power to create a armored construct. The Timewalker succeeds in armoring up his body with a mix of gravity and chrono energy. The new armor allowing for a much more durable hedgehog and having him take more physical damage. However, due to the modes close combat requirements he has lost the ability to maintain flight. However his new boots gain hidden vents to let out a massive burst of concentrated aura to rocket the hedgehog forward at high speeds and allow quick re-positioning while on the move and while in the air.

Chrono Shards: Surrounding the Timewalker are Chrono Shards whose fluid structure allows for quick form changes. Varying from ethereal wings that surround the Timewalker fully to guard him, or give him momentary flight. To sharp offensive chains that allow Vexx to grab his opponents at mid range and close in on them fast whilst they are tied down.


Chrono moves: Chrono moves are advanced versions of Vexx's close combat Psycho Moves. Enhanced by the aura seeping into his left hand so that every move packs a severe blow at little cost to his aura and stamina. Please refer to his abilities section on his main page for a more indepth look at his close range combat moves. A list of enhancements shall be touched here.

  • Psycho Cutter: (Chrono Cutter) - Enhanced slash damage and length. Aura can be diluted to allow medium range of reach.
  • Psycho Fists: (Chrono Explosion) - Enhanced damage. Added explosive on impact which is worth five Psycho Grenades worth of damage. Can be charged for additional destructive Damage.
  • Time Delayed Cutter: (Time Delayed Razor) - Enhanced slash damage and length. Aura can be diluted to allow medium range of reach. Enhances amount of delayed slashes, IE One slash feels like twenty slashes and so forth.
  • Time Palms: (Chrono Barrage.) - A move similar to Solarestro's Corrupted Barrage. The Timewalker inflicts fast paced strikes with an open palm.

True Lence: A modified ability that was learned from Lence from the Diamond Arena. Vexx embues his gravity and time energy into stone that he lifts; allowing him to modify its structure. Furthermore allowing him to expand or contract it at will as well as adding weight to it. It can feel as heavy as a truck or as light as a pillow. It all depends on how much energy he decides to put into it.

Chrono Shards (Chain Mode): Vexx morphs the Chrono Shards around his shoulders and back to form chain like constructs of pure solidified energy. The move is mainly used to ensnare and pull in mobile enemies who attempt to use distance to their advantage. Around four chains can be out at once and have high resistance to snapping. But once broken, it will take around ten minutes for the broken chain to regenerate.

Mage Mode

Coming soon!

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