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Cquote1 Time is something of a human condition. For you it flows like a river.. but for me, well.. let's just say I know things. Cquote2
-Vexx's explanation on how he can do what he does.

Vexx the Timewalker

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Vexx Assault

Vital statistics
Name Vexx the Timewalker
Full name Vexx Dullahum
Species Mobian/Hedgehog (with recessive cat genes)
Gender Male
Age 20 (Chronologically: 1,000)
Fur color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Height 4 feet, 0 inches
Weight 85 pounds
Nicknames *Timewalker
  • Memphis the Kid (Father)
  • Ruby the Cat (Mother)
Romantic Interests Nikki (Nikkel) the Hedgehog
Transformations OverDrive Nex
  • Psychonic whip and sword mastery
  • Aura Mastery
  • Null Void Mastery
  • Psychonic move-set
  • Time enhancements
  • PsychoWhip/blade
  • Chrono-Gauntlet
Powers Very strong Gyrokinesis, and an ability to add Chronokinesis.
Current Residence Null Void
Occupation Time Lord (No relations to popular series; Dr.Who)
Hometown Future Mobius, Grand Xemus
Voice Actor
Ekko Voice - League of Legends - Vexx VA

Ekko Voice - League of Legends - Vexx VA



Vexx is a male 1,000-year-old hedgehog with recessive cat genes that has the apperance of a 20-year-old Mobian. This is due to his aging freeze from the Null Void. He stands four feet high and weighs 85 pounds. His fur is a natural light grey/silver and his eyes are mostly described as "piercing neon blue". He has somewhat long hair as his regular hair reaches down to his shoulders and his ponytail reaches down to his waist/lower back. He also has notable illuminating blue sections on his hair and body that show his power. They glow whenever he uses his time traveling powers or whenever he senses a possible threat. He also has a slim muscular figure.


He is usually seen sporting an dark grey jacket with a blue collar line and two blue braces on each respective shoulder. It's usually open to show his upper body and he sometimes rolls up the sleeves for comfort. He also has pants that match with the outfit and have strange markings on them. Most people comment on them saying they look sort of tight on him, but he usually shrugs and tell them that he's fine. He also wears brass brown and dark grey boots that have glowing neon blue soles.

As for accessories, he has dark grey gloves with brass brown cuffs. He has a somewhat flimsy neon blue belt that is held together by a string, and he has an necklace with an unnamed jewel on it, supposedly something similar to a sapphire.



Vexx can be seen as someone quite stoic. He doesn't like to show people much about him, but however if he does become comfortable with you, he will be quite open and share his bright smile. This doesn't happen often since he is a young man on a mission, but when it does occur, one must cherish it. Like his father, Memphis, he likes to analyze things before taking any action.

Times of peace:

Peaceful times and a bunch of good friends around Vexx can bring about a nice time. Although he isn't to talkitive nor the center of attention, he always brings a gentle smile as he watches his friends have a good time. If meeting someone new, he may seem quite secluded and to himself. This is in fact him being shy. Even as a Timewalker and having to make new friends, he will never truly get over his shyness, thus making him seem to take it upon himself to fix the time for the better by himself. Steadily, he comes to accept the friends around him and his trust in others slowly grow.

Times of duress/battle:

Battles are something Vexx has learned that he cannot avoid, albeit he tries to avoid it. Thanks to careful studying of the timestream and his father's teachings, Vexx has learned how to be calm and calculating in a battle. Carefully dissecting one's weakness before making a move. He keeps his stoic face and talks calmly to his enemy/opponent to get their guard down. If that fails to be the case he will forcefully bring their guard down with a plethora of attacks and abilities. Like his parents before him, he is a warrior and a calculating strategist and the blood of the two show greatest when his friends are in trouble.



Born Vexx Dullahum on the fifth of January 3XXX, he was/is the child of Memphis the Kid and Ruby. He grew up in a secure environment, for his parents were great and respected fighters. He had plenty of friends and was always a bright and cheery boy. During his time growing up, it was apparent that he inherited his father's powers and his mother's love for weapons, as he casually messed around with his mother's excessive armory, playing pretend. Later on, when Vexx was old enough, his parents took it upon them to create a weapon that would harness his psychic powers and amplify it through a blade. With this his signature weapon, the Psychowhip, was born.


An old enemy had resurfaced to cause harm and it was up to Memphis and his mother to stop that person and protect the good people of that city. The unknown person later intoduced herself as Medusa as she had stumbled across a device she was aching to try. She picked it up and set her sights on the two couple, equalling them. Before she could unleash the device on Memphis and Ruby, a young Vexx stepped in, naively thinking he could save his parents and the town with the Psychowhip his parents gave him. Instead, he took the blast that was supposed to be for his parents and was blasted into what seemed nothingness.

Time is All We Have

The young boy awoke, but there was nothing around him. All was black, all was nothingness. He felt cold and as if he was adrift in a black sea. He closed his eyes and opened them up again, to his surprise he saw different periods of times flash past him. Every time he blinked, different horrible situations from the past, present and future appeared, much to this young child's dismay.

It was like a portal that he could step into if he could just find out how to. His adventure begins as he gets up and steps into his first portal. Shooting him out into the clear blue skies. Only to come crashing down, he rubs his head and slowly gets up. With a quick dust off, he sees the time rift close behind him. With a smile, he knew he has stumbled into a blessing, but was quickly pulled into the blackness of Null again.

Comission vexx by neyla the lioness-d6p2isq

Amazing work done by Neyla on DA.

The Null Void

As he sat there, pondering what just occured, the whole situation was becoming more and more clear: what was before him was times not of his own. He was gazing into times of need. Into times in flux, he would not age, nor be able to unless he finds his appropriate timeline. He was parrallel to it all and he was no longer apart of the time stream.

He was outside of it, walking around it. A touch of a portal and he could see what was to come of that time. All the potential outcomes, from dictatorships to paradise. He could see what moments would bring good or bad. But he knew that most times were set, that most times he could not save. As years went on, he studied and studied the times for it was all that kept him sane in the nothingness. His desire to see his parents was so great, that he had to master time itself.

Times in Flux

Vexx knew that he had stumbled upon a gift, a gift to save lives. He also knew that gift had to be used right and that he was no God nor deity. He was just a hero given a chance to do some good.

Through his years in solitude, he has learned that some times he can step into a time in flux; a time that has not been fully set. He could create a paradox for the better and then walk away into the nothingness that was now his Null Void. He may have mastered some aspects of his new powers and realm, but he is still learning. Now, he is a humble servant to time and the improvement he could make with it. If you see him and he calls for you, be prepared for an adventure.

Nevereverland Arc

Nevereverland Nano

Nevereverland Nano

This story arc follows Vexx's story as he first escapes the Null Zone. Being eruptly booted out of the dimension, he finds himself on the rooftops overlooking a city filled with lights. With a heavy and confused sigh of fear and disdain, he takes the plunge into the new world. His hands in his pockets as he adventures around the realm, yet he is constantly tossed around different pockets of times.

With a frustrated look, he continues to walk and wonders "Why am I here?" and "Where will these adventures take me?".

As the rain trickled down on his body he walks across a being that resonates with him: this person was the only one who made his inner body burn and itch in pain. This brought questions in his head but all he could do is turn around and run to her, hand outstretched to her. When she turns to face him, he could not help but stop. Her eyes, they were as if they were his own.

"Who is she...?" was all that echoed as his pain multiplied and blood begins to run from his head. The pain made him lose his bearing, he wakes up to feel the cold rain on his face. A surge of memory runs into his mind, the figure of that girl in her own puddle of blood. Right then and there, he knew what his purpose was, it was to create a happy ending.

This was a time in flux and he had to right it! Yet no matter what he did to avoid the incident, he was always too late. Every time he failed, he was booted back in time and all that remained in his mind was the failure he had. However, one faithful day, he used his powers to walk back to a day further back, he met the girl and befriended her. Her name was Xxeva, a quiet girl who loved happy endings. Even though if things were tough on her and she was bullied, she loved people. As the day neared her death, she bought Vexx a present; the necklace that he always wore. He couldn't help but look at this pendant and cry. It was this very moment that he willed himself with all his power to break time once and for all, to bend the time in flux into his favor. He took her hand and warped her ahead of the day she would die, but in that very act she disappeared from reality.

In shock, he went on his knees and let out a loud wail of agony. His own need to become a hero has robbed another person of their life. He knew his purpose, and he would not stop until time obeyed him for that brief moment. He was going to take this repeating Never-land and make it Ever-land, one that has Xxeva in it.

It was at this very moment that the accident was avoided and he himself was booted from the time. He knew he did something, but he would be the one broken away from the reality. So long as she lived. he was happy. He looks at the new sky with a smile on his face, but feels the presence of that familiar scent, however he ignored it and goes onto his path of a hero with a new resolve.

Xxeva has a new purpose as well, as his fellow Timewalker.


Rova the Hedgehog

Rova and vexx by kirra bluu-d7mosgc

Much love to Kirra-Bluu for this awesome and cute piece. Rova: What you thinking of cutie? *smooch* Vexx: *puffs up cheeks*

Vexx sees Rova as seductive, cunning and just an overall tease. Rova and him have crossed paths multiple times in the silver-furred hedgehog's travels. At first, she was force-bent on killing Vexx, then she slowly began to admire Vexx's resolve and overall "cuteness". She always makes the time to mention how cute the naive "little boy" is and always relishes in the chance of sneaking a quick kiss to fluster him. Though Vexx denies it, it has been known that the two of them have had an intimate fling together and Rova just won't let that go, making her flirtation much more understandable towards him.

Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog

Cm fullmoon dance by shadowhatesomochao-d8k9nxb
Vexx saw the girl as quite the interesting being, she was fun, energetic and absolutely loved to adventure. Her bubbly personality and natural charms made for someone who quite easily caught the wandering Timewalker's attention. Though their first encounter was brief. The lingering feelings the Timewalker had for the girl and the desire to see her once more grew more and more. What made it much worse was the fact that he had forgotten to leave a memento in that time period for ease of access. Dejected, Vexx could only let the feelings of loneliness grow in him; until one day by chance he saw a time in flux. Running into it (And comically running face first into a tree.) He was met by the familiar voice that belonged to Nikki. Overjoyed and clearly embarrassed from his tree face planting. The two hit it off once more and to both of their surprise expressed their desire to see each other again had grown into a loving fondness and greater desire to be in each others presence. Vexx, no longer capable of beating around the bush kissed the female hedgehog and thus solidified their status as a couple.


Vexx has two seperate sets of statistics, with the second one being a boost-up to his first one via the activation and use of his psychokinetic flight and gyrokinesis.

Base stats Aura enhanced
Strength 5 8
Speed 3 9
Intellegence 8 8
Charisma 6 6
Wisdom 7 7
Vexx's power levels



Fhbhbdcd by bunnyvirus-d7hov2z

"Guess you want a taste of my power, huh?" (Much love and cred to Bunnyvirus on DA!)

The power to manipulate gravity. Like his father, he has gained an amazing sense of using his ability to bend and warp gravity around him. This allows him to do a plethora of things.

Psychokinetic Flight

This is where Vexx shows his prowess. As soon as he takes off from the floor, even if it is an inch off it, be prepared for a battle. His speed rivals the fastest and then some. However, due to him having to use gravity manipulation on himself and use more stamina, he will not be able to sustain high speeds for long.

Adoptive Muscle Memory

When tough times came, he always had a nack for picking up tricks from others during his travels. He can use one attack from one person in a certain time and fuse it with another persons. If uses time and gravity to his advantage, he might have an upper hand.


Psycho Cutter - A heavy gravity focused blade in the palm of his hand. This blade packs a wallop and feels as if you are being smacked around with a sledge hammer. Vexx can change the amount of gravity in the attack to make it less stamina draining on him. It can range from hittting like a train or hitting like a pillow. It truly depends on how far he is willing to take it and how much he is willing to drain his stamina.

Psycho Bullets - If one were to imagine being hit with tiny gravity focused bullets, one can also imagine the pain of one. Depending on the amount of energy Vexx is prepared to consume, one bullet can feel like a BB gun bullet or a cannonball. He can fire a good amount of moderate amount of these bullets before having to rest. His cannon version can only be fired twice and his BB version can be fired for an extended period of time to pepper his opponents down.

Psycho Fists - Vexx focuses and condenses gravity around his hands, forming a thick blue aura. The less diluted the aura, the more pressure he is focusing. The rules of the energy consumption and force follows the properties of the Psychowhip's blade form as well. The higher the density and the force behind the hit drains more stamina from him.

Psycho Grenade - A move Vexx prides himself in. Through the tutoring of Solarestro the Cosmic, Vexx is able to concentrate a huge amount of gravity into a blue orb. From there, he is able to perform a wide variation of moves with them. The explosion radius and power depend on the amount of energy and stamina he uses up. They also have different variants:

  • Sticky Bomb - He adds a small coating of time to the orb to stick an opponent with the grenade.
  • Cherry Bombs - He adds a bit of time Mitosis to multiply the bombs into five of them. The strength of the bombs being divided by the original strength of the original bomb.
  • Mortar - Tossing the bomb into the air and using a time acceleration on said bomb allows it to come crashing down with a huge force and explode with the additional power of the gravity and explosive impact.

Time Enhanced Variants

Time Delayed Cutter - A time enhanced version of the Psycho Cutter. While it retains the properties of the latter ability, it also gains the ability to cause multiple delayed cuts on a person. One cut becoming ten and ten becoming one hundred and so on. This move however takes a massive toll on Vexx, forcing him to only use it when faced with a crisis. However, in his super form, this version of the blade becomes his standard version.

Time Barrage - A time enhanced version of the Psycho Bullets, he is able to condense and multiply the small orbs through time mitosis, raising his firing rate from one to five. This move, however, takes a massive toll on Vexx and thus he only uses it when faced with a crisis. However, in his super form, this version of the projectile becomes his standard version.

Time Palms - One of his uniquest moves and most used moves. He takes a certain stance, taking a deep breath and opening his fists into a palm which radiate a soft blue aura. This is his less stamina and energy consuming move from his whole moveset, for it only takes a bit of time energy and a bit of gravity condensing, to add power behind the style. Everything else is his own pure skills. However, he can add a heavy amount of time energy to barrage an opponent with a flurry of attacks. This flurry of attacks becomes his default move in super mode. This also could be a time enhanced form of Psycho Fists.

Time Wave - A high stamina and energy draining move. Vexx rarely ever uses this because one blast drains him for a good amount of time. Vexx has no need for bombs in this enhanced version, for he himself becomes the bomb. This version can be used three times in his super form, while once in his regular form.

Stamina Chart

Each move from the psychonic moveset drains a certain amount of energy from his aura. The graph and chart will attempt to show the drain each specific move does to Vexx's aura.

Please take it as if Vexx is at 100% energy. Another key thing to note is that Vexx regenerates 2% of stamina every two seconds. However while in psychokinetic flight, the regeneration time is cut to 1% every two seconds, making continued usage of his powers limited in retrospect, but possible. With the use of his Null Void meditation, he is able to triple his recovery speed while either in flight or standing. Please refer to special abilities for more information on Null Void Meditation.

Minimum Stamina Drain Maximum Stamina Drain Time enhanced Stamina Drain
Psycho Cutter 5% Drain 10% Drain 65%
Psycho Bullets 1% Drain 5% Drain 50%
Psycho Fists 5% Drain 15% Drain 65%
Psycho Grenade 10% Drain 20% Drain 75%
Stamina usage final

As you can see, all his moves require some amount of effort and energy for him to use within his finite amount of energy, but they tend to be recoverable and useable with the right moderation. However, a time-enhanced move takes a massive toll on his energy and leaves his pool of resources more limited. This will make his options more limited and he will most likely drop out of his psychokinetic flight to recover his stamina at a faster pace.


Inherited Time Abilities

Time Warping

Due to the tragedy, Vexx has gained the ability to phase in and out of different timelines. Although he is still young and learning about this new ability, he has far from mastered it. In occasion, he tends to jump in at a bad time, much to his dismay.

Time Dash

This ability allows Vexx to warp to specific times in flux when called for. This can only be done by him via leaving a momento of his appearance in that time frame or dimension. Thus, he cannot make sudden appearances to random places he has yet to visit.

Inherited Null Void Abilities

Null Void Gathering

If Vexx has deemed one a friend or ally, he can bring them to his realm with the snap of his fingers. He usually does this to either show off or just relax with his friends in that realm. For when in the Null Zone, time comes to a complete stop and he can just drop off his friends at the point of time he took them. If he needs help for a difficult mission in another time, he can take his allies along with him. Of course, he can't leave his friends there and he will do all he can to make sure they don't get lost in time.

Null Void Meditation

As a being who is lost to time and space itself, Vexx needed a way to calm himself and find a way to keep his inner sanity and peace. Through the many years in the Null Void, he has learned how to meditate and gather the energy around him to convert it into the aura that the Null Void has imbued in him.

The use of this innate skill allows Vexx's aura recovery time to become 6% per every two seconds instead of the usual 2% every two seconds. This can also be used while he is in flight but the recovery time is cut in half to 3%.

However while in this state, Vexx must close his eyes and meditate. Making this tactic more of a resting mode rather than for being used in combat. However, it is possible, with tactical retreats in order for him to use it.


Melee Weapon Proficiency

As mentioned before, Vexx's mother is a master of weaponry and has a fondness for it. She taught Vexx the basics of using a sword at a young age. He slowly started mastering how to use melee weapons and then practiced using his Psychowhip while on adventures, henceforth why he is so elegant with it and can use it with ease.



Vexx's main weapon of choice, given to him by his parents. It is made from psychonic energy and he can turn it into either it's whip form or a unique sword form.

Comm vexx sword by mangostaa-d7ffqgl

Sword form in action! Much love and credit to Mangostaa on DA!

Sword Form - This form condenses all of the psychonic energy into one dense blade. One can look at this form of the Psychowhip as a handheld Psychocutter. However due to it's focused power through the handle, it allows Vexx to focus more gravity and time power for less stamina and greater ease. 

Comm 7 memph the light by papercutvii-d6vq4l8

Psychowhip in it's whip form in action! As well as a clear showing of his time gauntlet!(Massive credit and thanks to: PapercutVII from DA!)

Whip Form - The whip form spreads out and dilutes the psychonic energy into a whip. The length of the whip varies on the amount of energy Vexx focuses into the form. This form of the weapon is made to crowd clear and takes the least amount of energy to maintain. It may not be the most damaging form but with the right moves and length Vexx can form a wall with the crack of the whip.

Time Gauntlet

After some time adventuring, Vexx was able to condense and contain his time powers into a finate gem on a specially crafted gauntlet. Through the use of the weapon, he is able to amplify many of his psychonic moves with small amounts of time. Causing his attacks to bend space and time as if a Time version of the psycho moves. However this is done to a much lesser extent and the power boost into the psuedo time version is not great nor game changing on its own. However he is capable of releasing more energy slowly if the moments needs of it. This causes a short burst of time enhanced psycho moves but after five minutes the time energy of his gem is drained and will require thirty minutes to recharge before it can cause the minor enhancements it previously provided Vexx's moves.


While Vexx may be calculating and powerful like his father, but he has developed a naive attitude when it comes to protecting his friends and strangers. This will lead him to jump into fights to defend others. He will defend friends, especially close ones, at the risk of his own life.

He also has basic hand-to-hand combat training. This will be a huge advantage toward characters who have had official or grueling training more advanced than Vexx's. He also is weak at the fact that he could over-consume his energy, reducing him to mere regular Mobian strength.

When in direct contact, Vexx cannot use his Null Void powers to escape that area, due to being solidified at that point in time. He cannot leave until he has won or loss the battle. He can try and run away from the fight, but at the amount it time it takes for him to de-solidfy (3 hrs), the opponent has a major advantage above him.

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