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"Sometimes things are just best to be done alone..."

-Vex the wolf

Vex the wolf is an anthropomorphic dire wolf that appears within the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.


Vex's appearance is rather simple. He is best defined as a grey wolf. He has a white muzzle with a long snout and a black nose. He has a small, triangular black mark under his left eye. His eyes are a deep violet and glow when he activates his powers. He has large pointed ears; one of which has a tear in it. He has long, Mohawk like mane that runs down the back of his head and partially on to his back. He has white chest fur that covers the majority of his torso. He also has visible claws on both his hands and feet.

Vex is normally seen wearing a pair of baggy black pants that have an indigo drawstring to the side. He has black finger-less gloves that have silver metal plates attached to the tops. The cuffs of the gloves are torn in some small spots. His shoes are also indigo and have grey soles. There is a purple gem that runs underneath she shoes and is visible at the toe. The gem is deep purple just like his eyes.


Vex is best described as a loner. Generally he won't be seen with many others unless they are co-workers on a mission. He can sometimes be seen as a little brash or cold with his wording although he says his words carefully but always means the best. He is often seen as a level headed figure; someone who really thinks things through with logic before proceeding.


Vex is part of the GUN special forces team. He is mostly there for special ops and usually is sent alone. He has a clean record for completing missions in the least amount of time possible.

A few years after the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Vex was hired in for training. He worked long and hard for three years, practicing tactics and spy maneuvers. He became acrobatic and very fast with his training.

(more info soon when I come up with mission ideas)


Vex is known to be psychokinetic. He has presented the ability to lift objects with his mind alone. His powers, however, are very limited. He is unable to move objects larger than himself and his powers are only limited to inanimate objects. His abilities have proven useful as it has made it easier to disarm an enemy or disable alarms or traps from a distance.

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