Vernon the Wolf is a young male Wolf Avatar who debuts in The Tale of a Wolf. He is a native of Wolfhart City, which is inhabited entirely by Wolves, who was kidnapped and held hostage by the Jackal Squad, but escaped with Ash to live with the Red Gate Refugees until the end of the Lamarkie Standoff. He is named after the city of Mount Vernon, Washington. As of Hunt for the Lost Pack, Vernon is now a Wandering Wolf alongside his fosters brother Ash, Tyler, and Arrow.


Vernon is a young male Wolf with pale yellow fur, a white flame pattern, and green eyes. He wears a brown neckerchief, blue-framed glasses, black gloves with a yellow streak on them, matching shoes, and black and orange goggles. He has been noted to greatly resemble Monty the Dog.


Vernon is shy and timid, but friendly and kind. As he grew older, he gained more confidence, especially as a warrior. He cares deeply for Ash, and looks up to him like an older brother. In his older years, he is more calm and confident, owing to having a more stable life in the Wandering Wolves, especially after he reunites with his parents, and later his old friends in Arch's gang.


Before the Series: Vernon was born and raised in Wolfhart City, but during the War of Darkness, while the warriors were occupied, the Jackal Squad raided the city and kidnapped Vernon for ransom. The city failed to pay in time, and Vernon was kept prisoner alongside Ash of the Wandering Wolf Pack. Once he met Vernon, Ash escaped with the young lad, and they found Red Gate City, where they lived until after the Lamarkie Standoff.




Ash the Wolf

Vernon met Ash in Eggman's facility in the desert after the Jackal Squad kidnapped him. They quickly became close and escaped together, finding themselves at Red Gate City.


Vernon never had the misfortune of meeting Infinite after the villain gained his new identity, but was kidnapped and held hostage by him as a pup when he was the unnamed leader of the Squad.


Vernon is named after the city of Mount Vernon in Burpy's Dream's home state of Washington.

  • Vernon's name is the second to be inspired by a location in Washington, the first being Mountain Lake, which is named after Mountlake Terrace.

Vernon is the fourth character to be named after a real life US location.

  • The first is Dallas(Dallas, Texas), the second is Dakota(North and South Dakota), and the third is Memphis the Dog(Memphis, Tennessee).
  • Austin is not counted, as though he shares a name with Austin, Texas, he was not intended to be named after the city(Austin is a common male name)
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