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 Isaac "Venom" Fontaine, more commonly known as Venom the Echidna, is a young adult umbrakinetic and toxikinetic currently residing in Knothole. He is the main character of VenomTheEchidna


Venom has a generally somewhat threatening and strange appearance due in part to being cursed while still developing in his egg. His spines and fur are jet black, with lime green markings. Like his brother, he bears a circular marking on his chest, presumably inherited from the now extinct clan his family descended from. Unlike his brother, though, his marking is lime green. Bizarrely enough, his sclerae (the whites of his eyes) are black, and his irises are green in color. His pupils are slitted and he bears white fangs. His muzzle is a very pale peach and he has a somewhat weak build. Venom is typically seen slouching; he's rarely ever seen with his back straight. 



Despite being twenty-one, Venom still seems to have the mental capacity and general behavior of a sixteen year old boy. He is an avid prankster, and hates being assisted with even the smallest of tasks. He is also very impatient and rebellious in nature. Venom is quick to the point and can be very snarky and sarcastic at times, frequently bad mouthing others and talking back. Though he may seem incredibly pushy and rude at times, he is actually genuinely nice and has mainly good intentions. Another flaw of his, though, is that he often doesn't think before he acts. He can also be really naïve and stubborn at times.


Before Venom was even conceived, he was to be cursed. As a punishment for his recklessness, the spirit of a shadow demon had placed a curse on the noble Uriah's secondborn son. The demon's soul would be sealed into the child, and he would be shunned by society. In addition to this, the demon had also placed a curse on Uriah himself. (more coming soon...)







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