Venom Breath is a Poison-element counter-attack move.


The first step of this attack is the user taking in a deep breath, in turn inhaling all ambient chemicals and toxins in the air, or as much as possible. Once the maximum amount of toxins have been taken in, the user lets the poison loose as a widespread mist, which kills any weak plant it touches and can cause chemical burns. Users of this attack don't have to be toxikinetics or venomancers, but those who are can supplement their own venom as well. Those who control multiple elements are able to mix additional elements to increase the attack's power and add additional effects; some below are;

Earth: The user sends out a big bomb of poisons and chemicals that explodes in a widespread mist. Effects remain the same.

Fire: The mist is much hotter, and the chance of causing burns is greatly increased, as is the severity of the burns.

Wind: The attack range is greatly increased. Effects remain the same.

Water: The attack is now in liquid form. Effects remain the same.




  • Due to requiring a large lung capacity and/or great control over poisons and venoms, this attack is ranked as a B-Rank attack.


  • This is one of the few, if not only technique that can be used without being a toxikinetic or venomancer.
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