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Vendeta is a Mobian Hedgehog with psychokentic powers, similar to Silver the Hedgehog. He is the last guardian of the Chronosabre, although he usually adventures outside his post, eliminating threats to the Sabre and the universe in general.


Vendeta is a white-furred Mobian hedgehog. He is rather slender for his body-type. He has two large spines at the back of his head which extend down to his lower back, and a V-shaped tuff of hair on his brow. His eyes are golden-brown in colour, and his skin is tan. He also has a red cross-shaped scar on his chest. In his classic appearance, the main focus of Vendeta's attire are his PsychGauntlets, white gloves with large, golden protrusions forming around his hand in a claw-shape, that multiple his psychokinetic energy supply 100 fold, thus giving him more options in battle. He also wears black boots with golden trim.

While his body was controlled by Nethilis, Vendeta's appearance change radically. His quills pointed upwards and the V-shaped tuff became much longer. He also wore a trenchcoat, black trousers, and an eyepatch (this being due to Nethilis' race being one-eyed). Nethilis also uses his original grey PsychGauntlets, which are much bulkier compared to Vendeta's pair. He also had surgery to mostly repair the scar on Vendeta's chest, which became much less prominent but still visible close up.

Vendeta's latest look after freeing himself of Nethilis' control combines elements of both designs. He kept the trenchcoat, although it now displays the Guardian insignia on the back and his right arm now has gold plating. He also kept the pointed quills and longer tuff of hair, which he flattened down a bit. His new Overclocked PsychGauntlets are bulky grey gloves that have a neon blue lock symbol on the back and a glowing blue square on the palm. He also has new boots that have a V-shaped crest on them. To add to his arsenal of powers, Vendeta now carriers a Guardian Ceremonial Sword: a blue and black sword with a clockface on the hilt which he keeps in a sheath on a leather belt round his waist.

While in space, he wears a black and white suit of armour that links into his boots and guantlets and covers his body. The eyes of the suit also glow blue. In his later appearances, his trenchcoat also covers the armour.


Early Life

Vendeta and his brother Glass were both orphaned from a young age after their parents died in a mysterious aviation incident, with the brothers being moved to an orphanage in Iravia. Both Vendeta and Glass hated growing up in the orphanage. They were extremely reckless, both getting into trouble at school regularly, although they had a strong bond and were popular within the school. They also constantly asked questions about their parents to the orphanage staff, although they were never given any answers, either because the staff didn't know or didn't care. At the age of 10, Glass was adopted and Vendeta left alone at the orphanage. Heartbroken that his brother and best friend had left him, Vendeta became even more reckless, to the point that by the age of 14 Vendeta ended up cornered by the police for drug running. Although the exact details are kept unknown outside of the Iravian Police Department, it's believed that Vendeta evaded capture using his psychokinetic powers. This attracted the attention of the Guardians of the Chronosabre, who has just lost their Earth operative.


At the age of 15, Vendeta was chosen as Earth's representative in the Guardians of the Chronosabre, who choose the strongest psychokinetic from each planet in the universe to guard the blade and it's home planet of Kryte, and also to act as an elite intergalactic police force of sorts. Vendeta was trained to use his psychokinesis, becoming extremely proficient in it and called a prodigy by some of his teachers, although he still struggled with moving objects. He was especially well liked by Nethilis, the Guardian's current leader, who became one of Vendeta's closest confidants. He also became friends with Grey, a rogue Black Arms Warrior who has been freed from Black Doom's control and had joined the Guardians.

10 years after his entrance to the Guardians, the Guardian Tel-Eth led a rebellion against the Guardian's commanders, stating that the Chronosabre's power should be used for the betterment of the universe. The rebellion led to a civil war that tore the Guardians apart. Vendeta chose to defend the Chronosabre out of loyalty to Nethilis, fighting against Tel-Eth and Grey. Naively thinking the war would be easy, Vendeta was unprepared for the horrific scenes of the war. 1 year into the war, he was forced to kill Grey on orders from his superiors, but not before his old friends unleashed a psychic slash that left Vendetta with the distinctive scar on his chest. Truly realising what was happening, Vendeta fought viciously, almost becoming completely emotionless as the effects of the war on his psyche began to sink in.

After 3 years of seemingly endless fighting, Tel-Eth launched a full-on attack on Kryte to win the war. The Guardians were pushed back to the chamber containing the Chronosabre, and the fight around the sabre's alter became a bloodbath, tearing through both sides. Eventually, the only Guardians left were Vendeta and Tel-Eth himself. Alone and nowhere near as strong as Tel-Eth, Vendeta was forced to use the Chronosabre, using the time manipulating powers of the blade to warp Tel-Eth 200 years into the future. Drained from using the insanely powerful sword, Vendeta put the sword back. He'd won the war, but at horrific cost. After burying the dead, Vendeta began his career as the Chronosabre's lone protector.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to his innate power gene and years of training and experience guarding the Chronosabre, Vendeta has developed into a proficient psychokinetic. He has the power to move objects with his mind, although he only really uses this ability to stop projectiles and occasionally keep people in place so he can attack them easier due to lacking proficiency with the ability.

Vendeta's main psychokinetic power comes from creating a variety of limited energy constructs, made of glowing light green energy. He is extremely skilled with this ability, even by the standards of the Guardians of the Chronosabre, having been able to develop this technique so his attacks use less psychokinetic energy. This pinpoint precision when creating objects led to Vendeta developing his signature move, the PsychDarts.

However, Vendeta only has a limited supply of psychokinetic energy. While it is large (about 100 times larger than that of Silver the Hedgehog's) it is possibly to run it down if enough pressure is put on him and his constructs. If this happens, Vendeta lacks any options in battle outside of limited combat training, leaving him extremely vulnerable to attacks. He can recharge this supply, but it takes a large amount of time, talking around an hour to recharge his full supply.

After obtaining the Guardian Ceremonial Sword, Vendeta has taken up swordplay to learn how to use the weapon in conjunction with his psychokinetic powers and Force Blades. He's not on the level of Sasha or even Natalie Walker, but he's still a decent swordfighter regardless of his psychokinetic power.

After gaining the Overclocked PsychGauntlets, Vendeta unlocked a new form called Overclock Mode. By activating triggers on the wrists of each of the gauntlets, Vendeta enters a powered up state where his powers become much stronger but in return he burns through his energy supply at least twice as fast. Vendeta only uses this power as a last resort to make the most of his own skills. While active, the blue square on the gauntlet's palm vanishes and the lock symbol on the back becomes open and Vendeta's body becomes covered in a blue psychokinetic aura, with his eyes glowing green.


Vendeta's specific moves include:

  • PsychDarts: The Guardian's signiture move, Vendeta fires a multiple needles of psychokinetic energy rapidly. Appears as one of his special moves in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip and Disaster Club
  • Force Wall: Vendeta creates a wall of psychokinetic energy. He sometimes follows up with a psychokinetic grab once the wall is broken. Appears as one of his special moves in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip and Disaster Club.
  • Teleport Dash: The same as Silver's ability. Vendeta uses his psychokinesis to move his own molecular structure, allowing him to teleport short distances.
  • Force Palm: Vendeta fires a blast of psychokinetic energy from his palm. Appears as one of his special moves in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip and as a command normal in Disaster Club.
  • Force Blade: Vendeta creates a sword out of psychokinetic energy. The blade can be directed in any direction by Vendeta when thrown, or used as a weapon in it's own right. Used in his Force Blade and Dual Force Blade specials in Disaster Club and Force Blade special and Force Barrage tempo in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
    • Force Longsword: Vendeta creates a massive sword out of psychokinetic energy. Appears as a super in Disaster Club.
  • Force Slide: Vendeta sends a thin beam of psychokinetic energy traveling along the ground, similar to Cloud Strife's Blade Beams. Used as a special in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip
  • Stratosphere Launch: Vendeta activates his flight suit and grabs his enemy before flying into orbit and dropping them from the stratosphere, leaving them to burn up on re-entry. Appears as his Finishing Strike in Disaster Club and his Level 3 Tempo in Depths of Dimensions: Cosmic Slip.
  • Psycho Stormbreaker: A last resort move. Vendeta charges his fist with any remaining psychokinetic energy, creating a gauntlet of unstable psychokinetic energy. He then dashes forward and punches the enemy, resulting in a devestating explosion and completely depleting Vendeta's energy supply. First used in The Bloodied Hands Arena/Mac vs Vendeta: Single Battle and named by Max Irvaron


Although originally highly reckless and fun-loving, Vendeta's personality changed drastically after the Guardian Civil War. Vendeta is generally cold and withdrawn and, although he does talk too people he trusts, it's usually in sarcastic remarks. He rarely talks to anyone about his past and he hardly smiles. He is grief ridden from having to kill his fellow Guardians, particularly Grey, and is almost impossible to anger in the sense of the word. Although Vendeta may be angry, he doesn't show it, as his ferocity is usually shown through the strength of his psychokinetic blasts and he either falls completely silent or changes his mid-battle jokes to jeers. However, Vendeta is a good man at heart and upholds traditional heroic values and since the Guardian Civil War has avoided killing when he can. He also usually fights on his own, not wanting to put others in harms way unless they've proven they can handle the situation.



Vendeta considers Tel-Eth his arch-rival. He led the Guardians down a path of destruction that led to the death of the entire group except for Vendeta and Tel-Eth himself. Vendeta holds a grudge against him because of this, especially since he forced him to kill Grey. Tel-Eth is the only one who can actually make Vendeta angry on the outside, and his usual attitude is too attack the alien on sight. He's also the only person Vendeta is absolutely willing too kill.

Natalie Walker

Due to Nethilis' manipulations, the memory chip in his head and the simple passing of time, Vendeta doesn't remember his daughter at all. When they initially meet in Disaster Club and Natalie revealed her identity, the memory chip malfunctioned and Vendeta attacked her. After being restrained by the Club's members and Natalie's friends, Vendeta managed to get control of himself, acting towards Natalie as he would most of his other allies.

Even after purging Nethilis from his mind, most of Vendeta's memories of her are yet to return, but he wishes to spend more time with her when he gets the chance. Whether he will depends on his workload.

Sasha Walker

Despite remembering nothing about his daughter, Vendeta does loosely remember Sasha, although remembers her more as a mission target that seduced him than a lover, even though in truth he was the first one to make move. Deep down he still has feelings for her, but until his memories of her fully return they likely won't resurface.

Glass Angel

Vendeta acts mostly apathetic towards his brother, seeing him as a drunkard who reguraly lands himself in trouble with both sides of the law. However, Vendeta still shares a bond with Glass, even if he wouldn't be the first to admit it, and helps him out when he really needs to dig himself out of a hole.


  • "I expected nothing less." -Achieving a S-Rank
  • "There were errors, but nothing I can't fix." -Achieving an A-Rank
  • "Surprising..." -Achieving a B-Rank
  • "I expected something easier." -Achieving a C-Rank
  • "That was too close." -Achieving a D-Rank
  • "Damn it...there's a lot to work on." -Achieving an E-Rank
  • I was wrong about you. I always thought what you did was for the betterment of the Guardians, to protect the universe. I was wrong. You just wanted power, plain an simple. You wanted to rule everything, manipulate everyone. You manipulated me, once. Not anymore.-VtH 32.


  • Vendeta is voiced by Matthew Mercer in Disaster Club
  • Vendeta has a crippling popcorn addiction and tries to avoid eating the stuff when he can help it.


The Story by Fivefold - Main theme/emotion theme. It fits Vendeta's determined spirit pretty well. Everyhing he ever loved has disappeared, and he's still standing and determined to carry out his cause.

Lust Sin from Bazblue: Calamity Trigger - Battle theme. This is mostly here because the vocal version nearly ended up as his main theme due to fitting Vendeta’s will to fight, although it’s chances were hampered by lyrics directly referring to events in Blazblue which obviously didn’t fit Vendeta well.

Behind the Scenes

Vendeta was created by E-113:Xi and, although he was used in a few roleplays, he was eventually put up for adoption. I (Skyblade) actually came across him by complete accident: I hit random page and Vendeta came up. I only had 1 character on the wiki at that point (Ice), so I decided to adopt Vendeta 5 years after his page was initially posted. Due to being very similar to Silver in his initial design, I decided to make a lot of his elements the direct opposite of Silver, changing the focus of his psychokinesis and making him a cold and relatively cynical character instead of Silver's plucky optimist and focusing more on energy constructs over Silver's ability to move objects. His backstory took a lot of influence from the backstory of Green Lantern, particularly Kyle Rayner.

Since adopting Vendeta, he has become one of the defining elements of the continuity, and although I wouldn't say he was the main character, he's definitely the mascot and the linchpin that holds the majority of the groups involved together. And I found him by complete luck, which is great!


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