This is an article about Vendella the Huldra Fox, a character created by SPop120 on 05/25/2013.


Vendella is a light gold fox, with her hair in one tuft, ending unevenly. It is pulled up in a pony tail, and she wears a rose crown. Her hair is sometimes let loose, into a long, wildly curly mess. She has two fox ears with fur at the tips, and she has a furry fox muzzle, and a cow tail.

She wears a nice, long sleeved shirt with a pink collar stretching up her neck, decorated in various shapes with different shades of pink, and some green. Down the chest, there are two thin green stripes, and on the outside of the stripes, a green vine design with pink flowers. On the collars of the sleeves, there is the same design as the neck.

There is also a grey thin line stretching from the design on the collar, in between the green lines, and ending at the end of the shirt, and the rest of the color is a cream-white color. She wears a cream-white long skirt, stretching down, ending about 2 inches below the knee. At the bottom of the skirt, there is a pink flowered desing like on her shirt. She wears pink fingerless gloves. She has violet-blue eyes.

She wears a blue shawl with a flower design, and has tassles on the bottom. She also has an open, hollow back, that is uncovered. Her hollow back looks like a rotting tree inside. She also wears clear, red beads cascading down her waist, and each bead is seperated by crimson colored string. She wears no shoes. She also wears clear, red beads around her neck as a necklace, seperated by strands of crimson thread. She also has a white, furry muzzle.


Vendella is rather serious, taking no nonsense. She is very polite and kind to those who are the same back to her. For those who treat her rudely, her malicious temper lashes out and she curses the person who was rude. For the ones who are kind, she rewards them with a spell of their choice or her knowledge of herbs and animals.

She is very flirty towards men she deems "worthy", and will not hesitate to kidnap them and make them become her forever lover. She will release them if she is treated kindly enough, but with a curse to make them always tempted to return to her. Vendella dislikes people looking and staring at her hollow back, as it makes her very angry and she lashes out. Vendella also never wishes to get married, as when she is blessed by a priest at marriage, she loses all of her powers, her tail falls off, and she turns into an ugly, deformed creature. Vendella also can be hurt easily, and she is shy around new people, keeping her hollow, open back covered, and running away if people ask what she is.


Vendella was born to an unmarried Huldra mother. As Vendella grew older, she was taught magic and the ways of the Huldra. She was later taken into a family, replacing their child who looked similar to her. Vendella didn't know what to think about her new parents, but constantly tortured them when they treated her badly, next to her foster siblings. Vendella would always cover her hollow back, being self concious about it. Vendella soon killed her foster father from beating her, and she felt no regrets.

She was banished from the household, and she ran away, confused and hurt, as she thought they were Huldras as well. Vendella soon retraced her life back to the old cottage she was raised in by her biological mother. There, her mother, as well as ten other siblings lived there, soon to experience the same childhood as she did, replacing a family's child. Ven was about seventeen then. She soon met her father, a Huldre, a male Huldra. She soon uncovered her back after that. She would sometimes uncover her back, but with new people, she will keep it covered. She then moved to a cave near Station Square, in the forest, where she now lives.






Vendella has an odd phobia of salt and iron, as it also drains her magic abilities. She stays away from these as much as possible, as she cannot be near them or she doesn't have her power. Her temper can also be used against her, and she can be outwitted very easily.

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