What Are Vemons

Purple Vemon

Purple Vemon

Vemons are strange demon like creatures found only on an island called Vemoria. It is said that an entity from a different world leaked into the current world, then that entity developed into the first Vemon.

Varieties of Vemons

Vemons come in several different colors. Some are kind and friendly, some are violent and evil.

Violet/Purple Vemons

Violet Vemons are known to be a very evil kind of Vemons. They love to cause destruction, and invade other Vemon territories. The rulers of these sinister Vemons is Nemesis (Emperor), Casanova (Empress), Haos Prove (King), and Sellew Crove (Queen).

Red Vemons

Red Vemons are the most noble of Vemons. They often love to fight, and test their skills in battle. The rulers are Leara (Empress), Zoge (King), and Nerge (Queen).

White Vemons

White Vemons are the magic Vemons. They cast magic to help defend, or heal up others in war. The rulers are Xexal (Emperor), Olgen (King),  and Plelpa (Queen).

Blue Vemons

Blue Vemons are experts at underwater combat. They most spend time underwater than on land. The rulers are Aqindos (Emperor), Queltalia (Empress), Nepto (King), and Medu (Queen).

Black Vemons

Black Vemons are the most violent of the Vemons. They love to fight, even if it means teaming up with Purple Vemons. The rulers are Gore (Emperor), Cru (Empress), Viol (King), and Lox (Queen).

Green Vemons

Green Vemons are the most tranquil of Vemons. They never seem to want to get into fights or cause destruction. Instead, they more relaxed and frivolous. The rulers are Trane (Emperor), Callem (Empress), Rendess (King), and Wenty (Queen).

Vemon Types

There are specific types of Vemons that Haos Prove, or Nemesis have in their armies. Normal Vemons are the known to be the weakest of the types due to them not having any special enhancements.

Macho Vemons

Macho Vemons are big, burly Vemons that are primarily used for muscle. Their physical attacks deal heavy damage and their charging attack can wreck an entire building, however, Macho Vemons are very slow and dumb making countering their assaults much easier than countering a standard Vemons attacks.

Tinny Vemons

Tinny Vemons are small Vemons used for scouting out areas for the Vemons to invade. Tinny Vemons are not as strong as regular Vemons, and their health is very low, but they're speed makes up for those factors.

Nega Vemons

Nega Vemons are Vemons that were enhanced from the use of dark power. Nega Vemons are the second strongest of Vemon types. They're similar to Macho and Tinny Vemons in terms of stats, and are some of the most useful in the army and they are used for backup. Some like to theorize that Nega Vemons are enhanced with some of the symptoms of the Vile Virus.

Vemon Drones

Vemon Drones are Vemons that have been converted into robotic battlers. These robots were created by Nemesis mechanic, Clankrob. Vemon Drones are the range fighters armed with lasers, machine guns, tracking devices, and Chaos Drive that work as their energy supply.

Grand Vemons

Grand Vemons are the strongest of the Vemon types. They are the highest class in Vemoria society. These Vemons are tough to fight. They love to fight alone, which is the most recommended way of fighting them, but in groups it is a challenge to defeat them all without taking any damage.



  • The name "Vemon" is the word "demon" but with a "V" oppose to a "D" due to the fact that they are the 5th of the unknown species.
  • Female Vemons seem to be wearing clothing oppose to males only wears footwear.
  • Male Grand Vemons have tales and hind legs oppose to female Grand Vemons.
  • In beta drawings, Macho Vemons were known as Mega Vemons and Tinny Vemons where know as Mini Vemons.


JakeSake Tunes~ Vemon Castle

JakeSake Tunes~ Vemon Castle

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