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'''<strike>[[File:Velocity_Card.png|frame|a little card I made]]Velocity the hedgehog</strike>''' was created from the DNA [[File:Velocity_the_Hedgehog.png|thumb|Sorry it doesn't fit the descpition.Velocity sprite ]]of Shadow and Amy and his purpose is to save the world when Sonic and his friends can't no more or when is needed.With an the eighth emerald in his heart he has the abilities that it shares.
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|Velocity The Hedgehhog([[Special:Contributions/|]] 18:22, April 27, 2010 (UTC)''Velocity)''
|Black fur With pink on his stripes
Black hoodie(sometimes)
Dragon Wear pants(I made it up)
Black and red shadow shoes
Shade The hedgehog-Brother
Exstrusion the dragon hedgehog-Brother
Spike The hedgehog-Brother
N.O.O.B the fox-Adopted Brother
Black the hedgehog-Brother
Amy Rose-Mother
Shadow the hedgehog-Father
Mako the fox
Fist The enchidna
Maria The Hedgehog
''Add if you consider my fursona as a friend''
Nitro the Hedgehog
Black Doom
''Add if you consider me an enemy''
'''A neutral guy has the style of Sonic and yet the enigma of Shadow but a mix of his own style. '''
Runnin' by Lil Wayne feat.Shanell
Video Games
Saving People
Meeting new people to race
Chilling with the crew
Chaos Wave
Chaos Wave x 5
Chaos Wave x 10
Chaos Kick
Chaos Punch
Chaos Ball
Chaos Barrage-Upgraded Chaos Spear
Silent Tornado-Stealth
Chaos Destoryer-Dark Power
Chaos Blast
Chaos Blitz-barrage of chaos punches
Chaos Speed-Underpowered chaos control
Super mode
Green Lightining
Dark Velocity
Werehog Velocity
Demon Velocity
He was created by Halo the Hedgehog(Mine) with the help of Dr.eggman.With a neutral emerald covering his heart He doesn't decide if he's evil or not it depends on the Emerald he holding.His original birthplace was Eggman's base,White Acropolis,where he was created.In the process of his creation a blood sample from Amy spilled and fused with the vile of blood from Shadow.Thus the Velocity Gene was born.As Halo looked on Eggman transfused the blood into the synthetic body known as The Velocity project.About 5 years later the White Acropolis suffer a severe Winter storm which included lightening.The base was being struck by lightening constantly.Project Velocity was unconcious during the storm and at the height of storm,a powerful bolt of green lightening shot down on the base,hit the satilite on top of the base.It hit Project Velocity directly.

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