Velocity Card

a little card I made

Velocity the hedgehog
was created from the DNA
Velocity the Hedgehog

Sorry it doesn't fit the descpition.Velocity sprite

of Shadow and Amy and his purpose is to save the world when Sonic and his friends can't no more or when is needed.With an the eighth emerald in his heart he has the abilities that it shares.


Name Velocity The Hedgehhog( 18:22, April 27, 2010 (UTC)Velocity)
Age 13
Apperance Black fur With pink on his stripes

Black hoodie(sometimes)

Dragon Wear pants(I made it up)

Black and red shadow shoes


Shade the shadow hedgehog-Brother

Exstrusion the dragon hedgehog-Brother

Spike the Reaper hedgehog-Brother

N.O.O.B the fox-Adopted Brother

Black the hedgehog-Brother

Amy Rose-Mother

Shadow the hedgehog-Father


Mako the fox

Fist The enchidna

Maria The Hedgehog

Jesse the Echidna

Shadow the Wolf (has a slight crush on him)

Jovan the Wolf (Sometimes rival)

Add if you consider my fursona as a friend


Nitro the Hedgehog

Black Doom


Add if you consider me an enemy


Velocity acts very care-free even through the toughest times.He always looks to the gray side of everything.He does act cocky and somewhat arrogant towards his opponents but he does underestimate them or let his guard down. at all.

Theme Song

Lil Wayne ft

Lil Wayne ft. Shanell Runnin' Lyrics


Video Games


Saving People

Meeting new people to race

Chilling with the crew


Chaos Wave

A chargeable powerful wave of pure energy.Velocity's ranges from 1-10.

Chaos Kick

A chaos powered kick

Chaos Punch

A chaos powered punch

Chaos Ball

A ball of chaos energy that can be bounced off of mirror-like surfaces

Chaos Barrage

It is similar to Shadow's Chaos spear but has more power behind it

Silent Tornado

This move is used for stealth...More will be added

Chaos Destoryer

This move is activated,when Velocity is under dark influence.Its basically chaos blast but it covers a city wide range.

Chaos Blast Burst

Its a smaller ranged chaos blast

Chaos Blitz

A heavy hitting barrage of chaos punches


Homing Attack

The basic attack that every hedgehog knows

Near Light Speed Running

It comes with the cost of being burned alive,so he does not use it at all

Chaos Manipulation

He's a chaos energy wielder.His skills are average,having not fully mastering the power of Chaos

Lili-like Fighting style(Tekken)

His style of fighting consists of mutiple powerful kicks and flips,barely depending on his fists.


High Velocity

Its a basic super mode that makes Velo's speed and strength by 10.It requires no emeralds since it only lasts for only 20 seconds.

Super Mode

Velocity's least favorite tranformation,since it makes him feel very much like Sonic.

Dark Velocity

A super mode when he's under the dark influence of any high dark energy.

Green Lightening

This Was Velocity's first mode.As implied by the name,his main fur color turns while the pink on his spines turn black.This form allows him to control the Electric element and as long as this mode is fueled my electricity he can stay this way for a while.

Light Speed

This Transformation allows him to move at the speed of Light,but he will be missing all of his fur when he comes out of it.So this mode is unused sadly.

Black Lightening

This was Velocity second form.Inlike Green Lightening,this Counter-Part takes electrical energy,and converts it into dark matter.


He was created by Halo the Hedgehog(Mine) with the help of Dr.eggman.With a neutral emerald covering his heart He doesn't decide if he's evil or not it depends on the Emerald he holding.His original birthplace was Eggman's base,White Acropolis,where he was created.In the process of his creation a blood sample from Amy spilled and fused with the vile of blood from Shadow.Thus the Velocity Gene was born.As Halo looked on Eggman transfused the blood into the synthetic body known as The Velocity project.About 5 years later the White Acropolis suffer a severe Winter storm which included lightening.The base was being struck by lightening constantly.Project Velocity was unconcious during the storm and at the height of storm,a powerful bolt of green lightening shot down on the base,hit the satilite on top of the base.It hit Project Velocity directly.This caused him to awaken in a serious state of shock.Other than his fur being the original black it flared up and turned green with static flowing through his fur.


"Show me ya moves...crap I'm sued...." --- Before Battle Phrase 1

"I'm pretty sure you should of quit by now." ---Before Battle phrase 2

"Sorry Father your days are numbered by uhh...12?"--- Vs. Shadow

"Really? You Blue idiot..."--- Vs.Sonic

"I have no quarrel with you....Now leave before I kill you..." --- When he doesn't want to fight.

"I am your Black and Pink nightmare!" --- Intimidation

"I am the black enigma.I am the Dark Hero.I am the ULTIMATE chaos.I am Velocity Rose...and you're going down!" --- His Hakumen Phrase

"Don't call me fast....unless you want me to hurt you." ---Random Phrase

"Oh yeah the Black and Pink nightmare strikes again!" ---Random Winning Phrase

"Let me show you my ultimate move...CHAOS!WAVE!---When executing the Chaos Wave

"Damn...heh...well all knew it could happen..."---When Defeated

" me...ha..."Defeated by Exstrution

"You honestly think you can beat,the pride of darkness..." ---Dark Velocity Phrase 1

"My power is mightier than whatever you got...mortal.." Dark Velocity Phrase 2


Velocity was gonna be Shadow and Rouge's son,but I changed it,for actually no specific reason.

Velocity's former past was,he was born from Amy,but then was abandoned by her and he was given to a dragon named Ashley.

Interesting enough since Velocity is Amy Rose's son...his name is actually Velocity Rose...crazy...

I believe I got the name Velocity from when I was doing some math homework and I saw the unit and I just had to like it.


Velocity full Art


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