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The Velmoris Island Chain is a previously G.U.N undiscovered chain of islands with very traditional lifestyles. The chain is the main setting for the Darkness Rising franchise, featuring in 11 out of 30 games.


Northern Island: Northern Island is the main and largest island in the Velmoris Island Chain. it is the home of Bolt the Hedgehog, Blade the Shark, and Claw the Thylacine.

The Mystical Floating Islands: The Mystical Floating Islands are thousands of small floating islands that are too small for anyone to inhabit, with the biggest islands able to hold one inhabitant at the most. Dawn the Wyvern has made herself at home in these islands.

Evergreen Archipelago: This Archipelago of 67 islands is under dispute by pirates and it's inhabitants. Lorane the Ferret put together a crew and now sails on a captured pirate ship and fools pirates into thinking they are other pirates, and when they approach to steal treasure that isn't really there, Lorane sinks their ship, in hopes of saving the islands.

Arthropod Island: Arthropod Island is the home of most of the anthropomorphic bugs that live in the Velmoris Island Chain. It is the home of Scythe the Mantis.