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Velkorah is a fictional character created by Nitrogen218. Velkorah is gender less creature of unclear origin that has a knack with psychological manipulation and Illusion. Bearing an insatiable luster for power and, Velkorah often looks for victims to spread it's influence, and build an army big enough to claim the multiverse.


Velkorah stands at a looming 7' 10" and weights approximately 35lbs. With such a lightweight body frame, it is very thin. So much to the point it is unhealthily thin. The external designs of the bones are physically present in the arms, legs, and torso as well. The bones that are exposed are showing evidence of age, having turned a yellowish brown and withering with age, even more so with them cracking and and breaking. The majority of the bones are covered up in a purple biofluid-esqe outer shell that prevents the bones from breaking completely. The bones that are exposed are sharpened to a point.

The bones are found on the fingertips, knuckles, toes, knees, back of the shins, joints in the wings, the top of the head, elbows, teeth, and dreadlock-like structures around its head. The creature also bares two wings which are without membranes, and are minorly covered in biofluid-esqe shell. The eye area is black with red specks and slits on the top and bottom of the specks. There are four bony horns on top of his head, with the tallest one on top of its head which also houses its third eye, two medium sized on the sides, and the smallest one in the back.


'Origins'- While their anything concrete about the the origins of the creature, there are a few unconfirmed theories to explain the possible starting point for the creature. One theory is that Velkorah is essentially the spawned creation of a godlike entity named, Khan the Destroyer.

The mythos surrounding this theory with support is that Khan, at Za Nakrota's request, created Velkorah, and discharged it to Mobius Prime in its early stages of development. The mythos also state that Velkorah may have poisoned their water supply not to kill them, but make them sick. Velkorah allegedly goes so far as to contaminate the very air they breathed, causing to have bizarre, and often horrific hallucinations.

Another popular theory is that Velkorah may have been resurrected and be on the prowl as a result of an occult ritual gone wrong. The theory also address the possibility that shortly after this, Velkorah starting killing off the members within a rather minute time frame, and is still searching for those that fled, all while killing innocent victims in the process.

The last possible theory is that Velkorah nay be a broken father/mother that killed it's family as a result of some sort of stress, a severe mental problem, or has a history of violence. The primary reasons for believing so is that Velkorah hints at this, but claims to not be sure of itself, after looking a picture of its supposed family. Possible Amnesia aside, Velkorah also addresses it's followers as its children, the same way a parent addresses it's offspring or a god to its followers.

'Into the Wild'-

Setting the unclear origin aside, what is clear is that Velkorah managed to come into the mobian world and proceed to go on a killing spree. It got its start with the power supply from Raven's house, presumably after Michael Warrens' strange change of behavior.

The Rituals managed to give Velkorah enough power to do some damage, but not enough to move freely as it sees fit. Following this, Velkorah managed to talk with "Micheal" after the alleged divorce, which was soon unveiled to be a prototype shifter drone for Za Nakrota's Comet Battalion. Apparently, a deal had been reached earlier between them that if Velkorah can gain access to the house through the rituals, Velkorah would be able to make the shifter indestructible. Yet, this proved to be a lie as Velkorah took the Shifter back to Infraspace and presumably killed it.

This would be the first of Velkorah's victim in a long time. During the shifter's course of being within the household and beyond, Velkorah would proceed with tormenting and scarring the Warrens family for months, building up more and more energy as the Warrens grow weary from sleepless nights and recurring nightmares.

Velkorah managed to hit Raven the hardest as the nightmares were at their darkest, and the stress was at its highest. Imposing as Mephiles the Dark and Iblis, Velkorah haunted Raven during one night while Raven was in a deep sleep. During this nightmare, "Mephiles" gives Raven a pentagram necklace that supposedly kept the evil dreams away, when its actual purpose was that, by wearing the necklace, it grants Velkorah access to his energy signature, and plant a "seed" that grows with him.

Velkorah would preform similar tactics on the others, but a new level of pain when Velkorah took on the role of Mirabelle's murderer under the guise of Sub-Zero. Velkorah would go on to replicate this with several other people, including Simon, Nicole, Shelby, T, and Kylie. Within there months, Velkorah abducted at least 30 people, murdered 50 more, and made hundreds go crazy, some being locked into mental institutions.

'Mind Games'- At this time sixteen years have passed and people that have been institutionalized or have gone missing were being researched to get some clues as to what was going on with them. During that said time frame, Velkorah was reveling in the spoils over the years. It had made a new residence in the realm of Infraspace, and utilized the remains of its victims to create a new grotesque form of soldier.

With Nicole being a late teenager at this point, and being accompanied by a newly developed Raven, Velkorah decided to relieve some special scares by disguising itself by the name of Travis and follow them. Velkorah then bumps into them in a crowded parking lot. Velkorah would then lie about being a fan toward them in this disguise. Eventually, they leave Travis alone, with s





Possession- This powere is often reserved as a failsafe in the event of failing to shapeshift, or if the outer shell is completely burnt up. With partial aid of physical manipulation, Velkorah must be able to attain a gaseous or liquidous form in order to access the intended host through either inhalation, or consumption. Once Inside Velkorah will slowly take control of the intended target, and override the free will until eventually controlling the victim completely. Sometimes, Velkorah often tries to make sure to retrieve a sample of the vocal tones and pitch from the victim prior to leaving.

Physical Manipulation- Another key power that Velkorah uses on a common basis despite being a possibly old creature. There are 3 separate forms Velkorah can assume: Solid-Liquidous, Liquidous, and Gaseous Forms respectively.

Solid-Liquidous Form- While it isn't a completely new form, considering it's the creature's more basic state. The Liquidous state would be referring to the biofluid that is continuously moving on Velkorah's skeleton with the solid portion being the skeleton itself.

Liquidous Form- Much like the Gaseous and SL forms, this one comes with an array of advantages. Velkorah can still create hallucinations if in close proximity, or if swallowed in this form. Possession also works in this form, as it can enable easy access to the victim's brain.

Gaseous Form- An alternate form that can be utilized in many different scenarios. Able to turn into misty grey fog, it helps elude capture and detection, and can even possess other targets by being inhaled by unsuspecting victims.Also, Velkorah can create hallucinations if an unsuspecting victim inhales a large enough amount of Its gas, or if the victim is caught within the fog itself.


Shapeshifting- Velkorah's trademark ability. This ability is preformed with the assistance of the biofluid covering the outside of the creature's skeleton. The fluid has both nutritional and corrosive properties to help break down or repair bone matter during the process of Shapeshifting. Velkorah must be able to know what it is changing into before it uses this ability.

Vocal Tuning- An ability that goes hand and hand with the Shapeshifting. Along with Shapeshifting, it helps out with the concept of disguise by trying to replicate the intended targets voice. If it can't create holes in its body to perfectly replicate the voice, it must retrieve a sample from the victim's memory.

Flying Quiet-This puts Velkorah's bony wings to good use. The bones embedded with the wings are just about as withered as the rest of them on the body. Even so, the isn't a lot of matter inside the bones or even have membranes, but it can still maintain flight because of the lightweight nature of the bones.


Escaping Skills- While Velkorah has a number of use full attacks, its innate abilities play a crucial role in escaping troublesome situations, such as being captured by native officials and incarcerated in a prison where mind control could be used to free itself, or torment the individual with ghastly hallucinations.This particular skill was gained from having spent years and years of experience, since it's unclear origins.

Shapeshifting Skills- Another Skill Velkorah developed along with the prowess of escaping. Much like that of escaping, this one came from years and years of experience of failure and some incarceration time. In order to stay one step ahead of the officials and avoid detection by native population, Velkorah will often manipulate its physical appearanceto blend in with the aid of its fluid exterior. It can into anyone or anything regardless of species, gender, age, texture, the works.

Close Quarters Skills- While fingertips and knuckles feature withering, aging bones, they are still fed supplementive age counteracting elements. This helps make the claws and knuckles suited for combat, often scratching and I'm paling the target with relative ease.


Susceptibility to Fire and Ice-While Velkorah does have a suitable exterior to help out in regards to shapeshifting, it is harboring great flaws. One such flaw is the weakness toward fire. When it makes contact with fire, it will proceed to start evaporating and drying up. However, the rate of speed of it going through the process depends on how hot the fire is. The result is crusty, flaking appearance and leaves the skeletal system exposed to both the environment and near-future attacks.

This outer shell is also affected by ice-related attacks such as cryokinesis. Much like fire the ice will affect the fluid, but harden and solidify it, freezing Velkorah in place. The rate of the freezing process depends on the temperature of the Ice.

Strong-Willed individuals- A weakness that puts a limit on the creature's mental practices. As a creature that can bend or even break the minds of weak-minded individuals such as the elderly and young children. Yet, for strong-willed individuals, Velkorah faces hardships with those who maintain themselves much more than others. As such, the creature's ability is often pushed away, leading up to the creature pushing back at the cost of consuming power, and leading to exhaustion, both physically and mentally.

Greediness- While Velkorah is for mind games and ruining lives, that same level of ambition is also implied toward building a twisted army composed of holographic Cyberspations and the spirits of dead mobians into rusted, war-torn robotic shells to claim the known and unknown multiverses. With such inflated desires comes reckless actions, as Velkorah often makes good work out of its targets, often causing it to not only claim one individual, but every nearby individual and resources, claiming it all for itself with an undoubted display of ignorance. With such ignorance, comes rash decisions without considering the drawbacks of the action or event.

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