Veil is a formerly mutated Seedrian. She doesn't know who her family is or what happened to them (if she had one). She considers Erica her closest friend and hypothetical sister.


It is unknown where Veil came from. She seems to be depressed most of the time, but is actually quite upbeat underneath her dark exterior.

Despite not knowing where she was born, the members of Team Sweet do know that she was homeless since birth. When she was 4, she came across an empty house with an abandoned Pokemon collection, where she lived for a few weeks. The house was eventually sold, and the collection was sold off to a pawn shop. She couldn't find a better home until she met Team Sweet.

It has recently been revealed that Veil is a Seedrian; her signature plants are black and blue roses. She was a form of mutated Seedrian for most of her life, but Erica and company have recently found a cure for her mutations.


Veil is voiced by Candi Milo in English and Rica Matsumoto in Japanese. These are some things she would say:

"Oh, hello. Am I interrupting something?"

"I sometimes wonder what happened to my parents...if I even had parents in the first place..."

"I wonder what would happen if I were in Smash Bros."

"Erica, you are one of the nicest people I've ever met."

"You know, I know quite a bit about viruses. The most important fact to know about viruses is that most of them disguise themselves as more common beings like humans or Pokemon. A virus in its purest form has never been seen by public eyes, but I have my theories on what it looks like. Heck, a virus could be standing in front of you and you're not even aware of it..."

"I just LOVE roses! My favorites are the black and blue ones!"

"I' longer a mutant? HECK YEAH!!"



  • Veil's body shape was based on Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (before her mutations were reversed).
    • The design of her gloves were based on Meta Knight from the Kirby series.
    • The fact that she didn't have arms at the time was based off of Rayman.
  • Veil was originally going to be the member of a species of monster in a fan-made franchise called Heroes Among Monsters, but the game was scrapped. However, not wanting to let the idea of the character go, YoungOtakuNerd decide to keep the character (but with a different concept).
  • Veil's voice sounds very similar to Astro from Astro Boy in English, due to being voiced by Candi Milo.
    • In Japanese, Veil sounds almost identical to Ryou Bakura of Yu-Gi-Oh!, due to being voiced by Rica Matsumoto.
  • It has been revealed that Veil was mutated Seedrian the whole time; Erica and friends eventually did find a cure for her mutations, though.
    • This makes Veil the first Seedrian of YoungOtakuNerd's to not have a surname (whether original or simply "the Seedrian"); Veil's name is currently just "Veil".
    • This also makes her the first Seedrian of YoungOtakuNerd's to have an abnormal skintone.
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