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Vecher the Pika/Spells (Veh-ker) is a male Pika, and a wizard who specializes in the use of dark spells.

Vecher the Pika/Spells

Biographical Information
Relatives N/A
  • Nightmancer
  • Deceptive Deathmaster
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species American Pika
Gender Male
  • Rusty brown fur
  • Amber eyes
  • Tan muzzle
  • Purple headress with skull decoration
  • Elbow-length purple fingerless gloves with skull decorations and blue trim
  • Black gloves
  • Purple vest with blue trim
  • Purple belt with blue trim, skull buckle, and flaps on the side
  • Black pants
  • Purple boots with blue trims and decals, and skull decoration
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Wizard staff
  • High-level Spectramancy
  • Necromancy
  • Teleportation
  • Mid-level Pyromancy, Cryomancy, and Fulguramancy
  • See here for spells
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu



Vecher is an overall calm and rather serious individual. However, the wizard is not without his own dry wit, sometimes making sarcastic or snide remarks during battle. Vecher is not especially sociable when it comes to others, and will often only do the business he needs to do with that person, then be on his way. However despite this cold demeanor, Vecher can't ignore a person in need of assistance of some kind, and will offer his services if need be. While nonetheless generous in this aspect, Vecher isn't necessarily enthusiastic when it comes down to hunting an item down, preferring to involve himself in "clean-cut" missions, such as deliveries and hunting down monsters and people.

In terms of ability, Vecher has no illusions about his ability, regardless of magical or physical. Vecher freely admits that his ability in hand-to-hand combat is minimal, and that it is far from his speciality. In contrast, Vecher will gloat about his magical prowess with equal ease. He is also more than willing to back up his boasts with a display of his skills in magic. In combat, Vecher prefers to conceal his specialty in the "Dark Arts" with his moderate capabilities in the elements of fire, ice, and electricity. One of Vecher's reasons for doing this is to preserve his mana (magic energy) by using lower-level spells. However, his other reason for this is because magic involved in darkness and death is not usually accepted among most people, often seen as magic used only by those with evil intentions. Despite this, Vecher rarely seems to let it get to him.

An unusual aspect of Vecher's personality is that he is extremely specific about his money, keeping very close track of it and whatever amount he spends. He even goes so far as to think of whatever he may need to buy and whatever he can sell in the long-term. He does this to make sure he always has whatever amount of money he may need, regardless of when or where.


Vecher is a male Mobian with rusty brown fur covering the majority of his body. His furless muzzle is tan in coloration with a small black nose, while his sharp eyes are amber colored with white sclera. Vecher's physical build is lean and thin, as he rarely takes part in excessive physical activity. While typically hidden by his headress, Vecher has round ears that are somewhat on the large side.

On his head, Vecher wears a headress that consists of a thick purple headband that is topped with a skull decoration, the pointed teeth extending down slightly to Vecher's face. Extending from the headband are numerous feathers that drape backwards somewhat. For clothing Vecher wears a purple vest that has blue trim around the collar, arm openings, zipper, and waist. The front half of the vest cuts off just above Vecher's waist, showing his midsection. However, the back half of the vest extends farther down to Vecher's heels, forming a cape/cloak-like draping that also has blue trim. On the back of Vecher's vest is the image of a white skull.

On his arms Vecher wears purple elbow-length fingerless gloves with purple trim around the cuffs and wrist. On the back of these gloves are skull decals. The pointed teeth of these skulls extend down to form four claw-like spikes over the back of Vecher's knuckles. Under these fingerless gloves Vecher wears basic black gloves.

For pants Vecher wears basic black pants with a thick blue belt that has a skull decal for a buckle. On the sides of the belt are armored flaps that extend down to Vecher's knees. In addition to this Vecher wears knee-length purple boots with blue soles. Again, the cuffs of the boots have blue trim, as do the ankles. The front half of the boots are formed by skull decorations. The upper half of the skulls form the front part, while the teeth extend back towards the other half of the feet.

Vecher's staff reaches up to his abdomen in height and is made of a silvery metallic material. The staff is tipped with a skull of draconic design roughly the size of a fist with large curled ram horns.


Vecher is a very powerful and talented wizard, using spells that focus on long-range combat. As a wizard, Vecher specializes in the use of the "Dark Arts"; spells that involve manipulating darkness' shape and form depending on the situation. Vecher is a natural user of these powerful spells, and can use many of them with great skill and in rapid succession. In addition to the offensive power of his wide variety of dark spells, Vecher wields a number of spells and incantations that can have a wide spectrum of adverse effects on the enemy.

In addition to his spectramancy, Vecher wields another "dark art": necromancy. Vecher's necromancy requires him to concentrate his magical power and use it to call upon deceased souls from the depths of Hell. He must then barter with these souls so that they will be willing to serve him; in Vecher's case, he offers them redemption by serving him against evil forces for nothing but his word. Finally, Vecher uses his magic to create physical mediums for the souls to inhabit. The more magical power Vecher puts into these bodies, the less bodies he can make and less souls he can summon. However, the more magic used to create the physical mediums, the more physically durable and capable these bodies are.

While specializing in the arts of spectramancy and necromancy, Vecher is capable of using spells from the elements of fire, ice, and electricity. While effective, Vecher only has moderate capability in the use of these three elements, and as such only uses them against weaker opponents so as to preserve his magical power and conceal his true specialties.

In addition to his elemental and offensive magics, Vecher has several miscellaneous magical powers, such as teleportation, fortune-telling, and communication through mediums.

Vecher also wields immense stores of mana, allowing him to use many powerful spells without tiring, and engage in long-term, drawn-out magical battles without tiring. This also allows Vecher to carry out grueling magic rituals without passing out.

For a full list of Vecher's spells, look here.


Despite his great magical ability, Vecher is highly reliant on his staff, which is the medium for his magical power. Without his staff, the power of Vecher's spells are virtually halved.

In terms of physical prowess, Vecher is extremely weak, having physical ability below the average capabilities of a Mobian his age. However, Vecher has fast reflexes and is capable of moderate high-speed movement, though both of these are strictly for "maintaining distance from [his] opponent".


  • "Vecher" means "night" in Russian.
  • The nickname "Deceptive Deathmaster" refers to the supposedly harmless nature of the Pika species, Vecher's high-powered and deadly spells, and his high capability with necromancy.
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