Vay the Bat

Name Vay
Age 19
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unknown Father
Romantic Interests No one
  • No one
  • Bat
  • Warlock
Gender Male
  • Fur:Brown
  • Eyes: Green
Weaponry Witch's Staff
  • casting spells
  • Stories about good vs evil
  • Cute girls
  • Water


Vay is a redish-brown male bat. He has short spiky hair with green highlights. his eyes are green, with a lightning blot in his right eye. Three fangs can be seen when his mouth is closed, two on the left one on the right. He is most often seen wearing a small dark blue jacket, a sleeveless light blue shirt and dark pants. He also has both of his arms bandaged up, to cover his curse burns.


Though Vay is of 19 years, he is still childish in many ways. In most situations he will act on impulse, causing himself and other more trouble. Vay also tries to keep to himself as he claims that building relationships with others is a waste of time, this is the cause of his lack of friends when growing up.


Vay was born a flightless bat and also suffered from an injury to his right eye, caused by one of his mother's potions going wrong. This did not stop Vay from living what he thought was a normal life. As a child, Vay had always shown an interest in his mother's work and being the son of a witch had it's perks. This gave Vay many chances to toy around with magic, however at a young age he learned that not everything is a toy. One day Vay stole his mother's staff and swung it around trying to cast the spells he had watched his mother perform over the years. Instead he had cursed himself burning strange symbols into his arms.

After seeking help from his mother, Vay was directed to seek out a dragon who goes by the name Gem the Pure. Reluctantly Vay set out in search for this dragon, unfortunately each time he was on the dragons trail he kept losing him. After chasing this dragon around the world for almost a year, Vay had given up and instead searched for things that entertained him.

Vay later began to take up odd jobs, so that he could find things to do. During on of his job hunts he stubbled into Purna. After talking to Purna, Vay realized that not everyone would believe him about being a warlock. So instead of arguing over if magic was real or not he instead invited Purna to accompany him with his job hunt. Thus making his first friend in his life.


Unlike his mother, Vay is unable to preform any type of spell, other than the curse that he had placed on himself. However this curse has granted Vay the ability to summon spirits that grant him their abilities.

Vay also seems to have a little bit of knowledge about magical potions and stones. Most of which he has learned from watching his mother for many years.


While the curse has granted Vay an ability to control powers of spirits, this also does a great deal of internal and mental damage to him each time he uses the ability. If Vay fails to connect properly or loses a connection with a spirit it will temporally set Vay in a sleep-like state, often leaving him vulnerable to many things. Vay also stuggles with his sight, due to the accident from when he was little. Fast moving obejects and brightly colored things give Vay a hard time with his sight. Vay has a strange fear of water, possible from the stories he heard when he was little about water killing witches. This also means he does not know how to swim. 


Vay shows some potential to be a gifted warlock, however his inability to cast spells has minimized any chances he has. Though Vay has developed a strange knowledge of magical stones and potions, thuse giving him skills in creating healing items for others.

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