Cquote1 I am offering to be your eyes, your ears, your hands, and your shadow. When you need me to kill, I will strike swiftly and leave no body or witness. When you need me to support your men, I will guide them from a distance. You will never see me, you will never meet me, and you will never find me. Cquote2
Varris as the Flytrap, offering to be Vlad's new assassin and communications officer.

Varris Vinsovitch, or the Flytrap as she is commonly known as, is a twenty-four year old assassin and communications expert for the Nazar. No one in the group has seen or heard in person, making her a mysterious asset who is not personally interested in the goals of the group. Also, she's a waitress at a restaurant.


Joining the Nazar

It was on one fateful day when Varris first became involved with the notorious group known as the Nazar. She was in a cafe, contemplating how she was going to pay for her coffee, when she overheard a fly sitting at the table behind her. The fly, who was named Wickson, was an assassin sent by the Nazar to kill Hornette, a high ranking member of a rival organization. Wickson spoke loudly about his mission on an earpiece and caught the attention of Varris when he mentioned his payment for the task.

Desperate enough for money, Varris waited for Wickson to leave and followed him outside without paying for her coffee. She continued to stealthily stalk behind until they reached Hornette's hideout. Wickson quickly infiltrated the stronghold, completely unaware that he had been followed.

After waiting several minutes, Varris went inside and found Wickson and Hornette in battle, surrounded by the body parts of dead mooks. Noticing that both of them were exhausted, Varris decided to it was time to strike. Using one of her roots, Varris snapped Wickson's neck from behind. Thinking that Varris had been sent to save her skin, Hornette let her guard down and began to show her gratitude when Varris wrapped her neck as well and strangled the life out of the poor wasp. Afterwards, Varris looked on at her kills, realizing that she felt no remorse for her actions.

Later that day, Vlad, the leader of the Nazar, was informed that a package had arrived for him. The package turned out to be the heads of both Wickson and Hornette, along with a lengthy letter signed by "the Flytrap". The letter stated that Wickson was an amateur who compromised the mission, and so the Flytrap saw fit to complete the mission for him while taking care of the loose end. The letter further included instructions for Vlad to deliver payment for Hornette's death, along with a threat that if he did not pay within the week then "you will find another delivery on your desk".

Although he was quick to raise his security out of concern, Vlad did indeed follow the instructions, sending one of his men to a remote location to deliver payment. When the lackey arrived, he found a new note and Wickson's earpiece. The note instructed him to leave the money and bring the earpiece back to Vlad. The lackey did so, and when he returned and delivered the earpiece, Vlad was greeted by a distorted, but vaguely masculine voice. The voice claimed to belong to the Flytrap and offered to be Vlad's new assassin, as well as his communications expert.


Root Generation

Varris is able to sprout roots from her legs that can extend up to fifty feet. These roots can serve a variety of utility purposes such as easing underground travel, keeping Varris locked in place, and allowing her to sense her where her allies and targets are. On the offensive side, Varris can use her roots to strangle and bind enemies or, as she prefers to do to avoid detection, drag them underground so that she can stealthily eliminate them.


The Reevolt

A mortar cannon that originally belonged to the late Wickson, Varris now uses it as an alternate means of pulling off assassinations when the target is too heavily secured to be approached.


On the job, Varris is very impersonal and detached from emotion. She shows no sympathy for her targets or anyone who ends up being collateral damage, and her allies are considered just a means to a paycheck. She rarely gives her opinion on the given situation, instead simply relaying facts to her teammates. 

The one exception in which Varris will show emotion is when one of her allies (usually a new recruit) is emotionally unable to finish the current mission and she is not in a position to complete it herself. In this case, she will act however she feels is the best way to encourage her teammate to keep going whether it be to act sympathetic and motherly (or fatherly, as most members of the Nazar believe the Varris is a guy due to how her voice modifier makes her sound) or aggressive and threatening. The majority of the more senior members have never seen this side of her.

When she isn't doing work for the Nazar, Varris comes across to others as very intimidating without trying to be. Although she isn't a woman of many words, much of what she does say can be interpreted as a threat of violence. Even when she is trying to be friendly, Varris ends up sounding menacing. In situations where she gets nervous, she tends to talk much more slowly.


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