Vanity the Ocelot

Biographical Information
  • バニティ·ザ·オセロット
  • Baniti za Oserotto
Age 14
Alias None for now
Physical Description
  • Solian Ocelot
Gender Female
  • 76 lbs.
  • 4' 2"
  • Pale dark purple jacket (w/ lime green t-shirt)
  • Dark navy blue jeans
  • Dark magenta sneakers
  • Red earrings on her left ear
  • Fur: Steel grey fur w/ white-tipped tail (as Violetta)/Deep orchid fur w/ dark grey-tipped tail (as Vanity)
  • Hair: White, messy hair (as Violetta)/Luminous, vivid sap green hair (as Vanity)
  • Eyes: Burgundy red (as Violetta)/Strong red w/ dark green lens (as Vanity)
Romantic Interest None
Political Alignment and Abilities
Team Alignment Speed
Alignment Good
American V.A. Adelaide Kane
Japanese V.A. Ayame Koike

Vanity the Ocelot (originally known as Violetta the Ocelot) is the Sol Dimension counterpart of Johnny D. the Fox. She appears in the Hedgehog's Guide to the Multiverse RP.


Originally known as Violetta during her past years, she was born by her unnamed parents along with her younger sister, Mariella, but during her exam in a chemistry class, one of the students spilled some chemicals onto Violetta, causing her to be slipped into a coma, also dramatically changing her appearance, much to Mariella's dismay. After months in a hospital, Violetta looked very different in terms of personality, not remembering everything, including her own name, except her parents and her younger sister. However, she is also granted with Venomancy, and now mentions by her new name, Vanity; although her younger sister still calls her Violetta, she has eventually gotten used to her new name nowadays.


Prior to becoming Vanity, she was a cheerful and friendly ocelot, also having a side of playfulness around her younger sister, but after the accident, she became quiet, laid-back and anti-social. Despite this, however, Vanity, now her as new name, is always willing to help others out, along with her younger sister by her side. Vanity can easily lose her temper, or ends up having a cold emotion, if Mariella was harmed and will not hesitate to attack those who harm her younger sister, even lash out at enemies who would laugh at her. Being close to Mariella, she'll always stay close to her and if separated a few meters, Vanity will search for her, but will become filled with worry if her younger sister is not found.


Stats Level
Stamina 10
Attack 8
Defense 7
Speed 9
Reflexes 4
Magic 10
Psyche 0
Intellect 6
Total 54/80

Despite her young age, Vanity is greatly skilled with the use of Venomancy, with most of poisonous gas emitting from her mouth and nose, which can be proven deadly among enemies within their radius. If they attempt to breathe through, the results can be proven fatal if trying to approach her. If encountering with heroes, she can easily mask her poisonous breath as to not cause accidental harm to others, including her younger sister. One of her unusual traits is when she is cut open, she would bleed poisonous blood, and the open wound can emit poisionous gas, designed to paralyze foes from within her range. If no enemies are in range, her wounds will gradually heal over time.


Although she is fairly stong, her traits are offset by her inability to climb and dodge unexpected attacks. She also tends to forget things at times, not being able to know what she needs to do. Furthermore, she is easily worried if her younger sister isn't with her, unless her sister is accompanied by other heroes who are willing to protect her.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Her younger sister


  • Enemies who try to harm her sister

Biggest Fears

  • Her sister gone missing

Friends and Foes


  • Mariella the Ocelot - The two always have an inseparable sibling relationship. Even after her dramatic changes in appearance, Vanity still cares for her younger sister.


  • Mariella the Ocelot - As Mariella do not posess any types of kinetic-related abilities, Vanity always does her best to protect her from harm.




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