Vanille (Pronounced VA-NEIL) the Mongoose is an Australian based character with a love for adventure. She lives with just her father in the jungle where they explore wildlife to pay for their home. After Vanille's mother passed,she shut herself out, but she has began to recover from the wounds, and is showing signs of growing up. Vanille has a love for all animals big or small, anthropomorphic or not. She loves all animals. She has a pet tiger cub she named Fang. Together the two have many adventures throughout the jungle.


Vanille the Mongoose

Current Years and Days
Name Vanille the Mongoose
Kana N/A
Weapons Magic
Profession(s), Occupation(s) N/A
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 14
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: (Pending)
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: (Pending)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday:April 12th
Description Vanille (Pronounced VA-NEIL) the Mongoose is an Australian based character with a love for adventure. She lives with just her father in the jungle where they explore wildlife to pay for their home.
Attire [Clothing] (Pending)
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Magic
  • Herbal Concuctions
  • Healing
  • Exploring
  • Rock/Tree Climbing
  • Ferra Mongoose~ Mother (Deceased)
  • Cid Mongoose~ Father
Likes Animals, Nature, Her Home, Family, Dreams, The Sky
Dislikes Being bored, Being Afraid, Losing Family
  • Unamed Jungle
Current Residence
  • Unamed Jungle
Alternative Names
  • Vanilla (By Father)
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • Georgia van Cuylenburg
Theme Song(s) thumb|200px|right

As a young child Vanille would help her mother tend to her garden, and record documents of wildlife. At ten years old, Vanille snuck out with her dad to watch him video-tape and observe the animals. When she was caught, her father expressed his happiness in her interest. Unfortunately, while the daughter and father were out, Vanille's mother was taken. When they returned the mother was nowhere to be found. Vanille and her father, went to try, and find her. They were successful in the endeavor, however she had passed away. Vanille and her father brought her home, and had a small ceremony. They buried her in the backyard, with her tombstone. They forged on the best way they could.

At age 13 Vanille was out looking for some herbs. She found a small cub all alone. Knowing if the mother had smelt the scent of another animal on her cub that she would kill it, Vanille brought the small non-anthro cub home. There they name it Fang, after her mother's trusty Survival Blade. The cub is still very small as it appears to grow very slowly almost at the rate of a human. Vanille would soon discover she had control of magical elements, and that she could further advance them.


Vanille has control over many elements. Vanille also knows herbal plants including poisons and medicines. She knows the terrains of jungle, and all of it's fauna and flora.


Vanille is very inexperienced with her magic abilities, often causing humorous mishaps with allies. She also can tense up or doubt herself in stressful situations.


Vanille is a kind-hearted girl with a love for nature, and adventure. She loves to explore, but can also be quite timid or modest. Contradictory to this she can be quite brave, even when she isn't sure what will happen. Vanille often keeps a cheery disposition, and is not a weak person. However, the death of her mother has left her a little shaken, and she is still recovering. She often ponders, and thinks about her mother, usually loosing thought of what people say, and just daydreaming.



"Hey, there. I'm Vanille"

"I'm Vanille, glad to make your acquaintance."

"'Ello there"


Battle Start

"Get Ready"

"I don't plan on losing"

"You gonna stand there, and do bugger all, let's get started"

"Hope your ready for me."

Battle Over

"Hehehe...Told ya' I'd win"

"How'd ya like that?"

"That was close"

"And that's how it's done"

"Ow that hurt"


"Sorry mother"

"I...need your help mum."


"Mum always said that a rainbow was a gift of god. She'd say that it reflects our lives, in that we all try to shine so bright, but eventually just slip into eternity to forever be forgotten"

"Mum, I miss you"

"I got it!"

"I'm so so sorry!"

"Watch y'all buggerin' 'bout for?"

"Sometimes, I look up to the sky, and wonder why I can't see heaven, and why I can't see my mum. Mum always said, that it used to be that way. So many people would try to fly up there, and steal back a loved one *chuckle* so God just sealed off the entrance so only the dead could reach it."

"I wonder where stars come from, is there like a ginormous little kid in the sky with the universe as his Light Brite?"


  • Vanille is named after a Final Fantasy 13 character, as well as Fang the Cub, being named after her friend from the same Series.
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