Vaniion Noroeth is the apprentice of Drathradien and half-brother/former friend of Adriano del' Fiore.


Early Life

As a child he got into a lot of mischief and was always being brought to authorities. He was never quiet and couldn't sit still. As he reached the age of 8, his mother died. He was left scarred, keeping to himself then after. Then at home with a servant, they received info the that his dad died in a war two years later. Unable to sustain a job because of his age, he was cast to the streets. For 3 years he scavenged the streets, barely surviving on the food he found. It was then he met his half-brother Adriano. For half of the time on the street Adriano taught him how to fight and survive on the street. Shortly after, Adriano disappeared and as a result, Vaniion grew to hate him. At the age of 14, Drathradien happened to be in his area and was begged by him for food. Instead Drath gave him a home [his garage] and food. And was kept in secret.


Vaniion is being trained by Drathradien in how to wield a rifle and how to be a mercenary. His combat skills are being tested in technology that is to be classified above top secret, this is meant to give him the ability to be better than Drathradien ever is or will be. His current training is to wield a sword and use his spectrakinetic abilities to create a dark illusion and fool his enemies, much to Drathradiens dismay, his cryokinetic abilities seem to interfere. Now Drath contemplates killing Vaniion.

Appearance & Armor


He used to be very skinny due to his lack of food. His fur color is a dark purple and has alien markings in an icy blue color. His hair consists of multiple quills jutting down in an almost dual mohawk fashion and a smaller one in between them. His body is now very normal but he is considered weak, but he uses this to fool enemies as he is actually quite strong. His eyes have a black outline around them and his pupils are icy blue with black irises that are slit like a snake.


His armor is hoody-like in appearance and is a dark grey, as Drathradien says it helps blend easier then black in the shadows. He also wears a silver chest plate over this and metal boots, which he says are "Surprisingly slim and easy to run in. His arms are covered with an unknown metal, used to absorb the blows and convert them to energy, but to a certain point. In stealth missions he wears a mask that only covers his mouth.

Weapons & Combat Abilities


Due to being a trainee, his weapons are limited. He usually uses a Sicilian Rapier as his close range weapon, a mini uzi and a M4A1 SOPMOD for ranged weapons, and for last resort a shrunken. Due to the lightness of the weapons he is very deadly and his accuracy adds to this. He is said to use an axe in practice, but is not allowed to use it in real combat.

Combat Abilities

He is obviously a spectrakinetic and cryokinetic, his hand-to-hand combat is described by Drathradien as "fighting very fluidly and almost as if he's dancing, he's light on his feet and heavy enough that he can take a punch. He looks like a worthy adversary, I'm even scared for my life." He uses martial arts and a few boxing tactics instead of relying on brute strength like his mentor. With his abilies, Drathradien feels his first true task will be put forward.


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  • Drathradien the Darkhog-Master and father figure, Drathradien teaches Vaniion how to be a killer and remain untainted by its perks as well as how to get what he needs. He is also the person that Vaniion refers to for guidance and advice. Their relationship also seems to be more of a tough love senario, scolding him jokingly often, but more seriously when he



  • Adriano del' Fiore-Half-brother and Former friend is hated by Vaniion due to his abandonment to him at 13. He is supposed to be Vaniion's first kill and is being stalked by him as well.

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