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"I will never understand organics, even with the 10 terabytes of data I have on them."



Vanguard is, as his name suggests, a robotic hedgehog. His primary color is a sleek silver accompanied with glowing red streaks going through his quills. His eyes are a bright yellow with a lack of pupils. His "gloves" are black with spiked knuckes. His boots are also black with thrusters on the heels.


He is very static in everything that he does. He follows Dr. Tangent's orders without question. He has shown some signs of mercy, though, such as injuring (as opposed to killing) those who get in the way of his objectives. Some argue there is a soul inside that cold steel. Though it has not made itself known yet.


Before the War

Doctor Tangent created Vanguard before Solomon The Bobcat started his fight against Tangent's armies. His purpose was to find anything that can aid Tangent's cause when supplies were low. He did that and more. Vanguard unknowingly found his way into another doctor's base a hundred miles from the island of his birth and discovered blueprints to a machine that would increase Tangent's armies tenfold: a Roboticizer, a machine that can turn flesh and bone into metal and steel. Tangent gave Vanguard upgrades as a reward when he returned. These upgrades turned vanguard from a generic robot soldier into the very first V-series mech, a robot with the shape of a Mobian.

War on Jericho

After that, Vanguard's role in Tangent's plans changed from a delivery bot into a war machine, the second in command of the robot armies, whose numbers were blossoming. Vanguard led several small attacks on the Ctiy's human districts. This got the attention of the city's mayor, who sent Solomon to deal with the situation. This was when Vanguard finally found his equal. The two have faced off, with each fight ending with either Vanguard's call home or the completion of Vanguard's objective. These objectives involved fighting Solomon to download his combat techniques to use against him, making Vanguard stronger with each duel.

Fall of Jericho

After his master's suicide, Vanguard followed his programming and went to Solomon and his group. He led them to a bunker under the city made by Tangent. When Vanguard activated a terminal inside, it was discovered that Tangent made a copy of his subconscious and put it into the computer, which was downloaded by Vanguard. It is unknown what became of Vanguard's AI after Tangent took the body.


No powers of supernatural nature.

Special Abilities

  • Can shoot pure energy out of his eyes
  • Can launch rocket proppelled fists at his targets
  • Flight via thrusters on his feet
  • Photographic memory. Can "download" an enemy's fighting styles.


From the information extracted from his skirmishes with Solomon and others, he has been given combat skills that rival most others.


Like any computer, he gets slower and weaker slightly with every bit of downloaded information. He sometimes has traumatic experiences whenever he goes into deep thought, questioning his existence.


  • a vanguard is the foremost part of an army, describing Vanguard's position in Tangent's ranks.
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