Cquote1 Quit it with ze stalking already! You won't make any friends! Cquote2

Vanessa the cat is Knight's love intrest and a secret agent spy.Vanessa the cat has a fake french accent.


Vanessa is a combat specailist


Vanessa is a black cat with dark red lipstick that she likes to call "dieing cherry flavour".Her attire is a T-shirt and pants with long gloves.Black hair with goggles are included and she wears a cape like cardigan.She has blue eyes and blue eye shadow.


Vanessa is very serious and snappy.Don't let her looks fool you she is easily angered.She isn't very princessy but is always cruel especially when it comes to boys.She is very prissy and is very good at giving death glares that practically scare the living daylights out of everyone.She also uses duck and fish lips.


Vanessa was created by Lord so she would become a brave warrior. She was meant to be a machine which would obey Lord at all costs but this fails and she becomes a normal being with feelings and dreams.Lord sends Vanessa to a strange village,where she was adopted by a family.She grew up happily until Lord got his army to beat her father to death.With her father killed,Vanessa became angry with herself and lost all of her kindness.Vanessa spent 9 nine years punching a tree and made her hands invincable.Vanessa grew on a fake french accent that she got used to and was a thieve and criminal in her teens.Escaping the police a secret society was very interested in her. Vanessa joined the society called TEAR.Vanessa became an elite agent and became their top agent. Vanessa was vile and cruel ever since.Vanessa and her brother,Edward were retrieved by Lord and his team at the age of eighteen as planned.Edward abandonned Vanessa and she was forced to work for Lord.Once Vanessa was sent to kidnap Cassie,Knight helped her and she betrayed Knight.Vanessa joined Knight and his resistance team called WOLF PACK and Knight fell instantly in love with her.The only problem was she didn't return the love and the worst part was Vanessa's cruel personality made her scrictly decline all of his offers to help,do anything with her and even talk to her.She has grown obsessed with dark colored lipstic now and is currently in the WOLF PACK and TEARDROP.


Sonic Chronicles Sequel

Vanessa the cat appeared in Sonic Chronicles:Secrets galore as a bonus character which is optional.She is a character who gives a mission you have to do and once you do it you return and have the option to add her onto your team.She cracks codes to get bonus items but because she is optional she wouldn't continue the storyline in anyway.

Teaming up with Chaotix

Vanessa helped team Chaotix protect and save a buneary in Becky generations.This appearance is a little bit of a minigame since in certain parts of the story the storyline is switched to a quick mini cutscene with Vanessa and Chaotix protecting a buneary pokemon.The 4 friends take turns in minigames and unlock cutscenes.Her appearance is a little bit of a mini story since the chaotix scenes are her only apperances in the entire game.

Cyclone's game

Vanessa is an ally in Cyclone the hedgehog(Game) and is good at attacking.She is in the final cutscenes and gives optional missions to Cyclone the hedgehog.

Switch it all

Vanessa was in Switcheroo as a character that seemed to have appeared a lot.

Party pooper

Vanessa is unlockable in Mariala Party.If she is selected she put her hand over her face,sighs and shakes her head.

Other appearances in media

Vanessa starred first in WOLF PACK as an Anti-heroe who played the role as Knight's love intrest(As usual).

Vanessa was in Sonic X season 5 as a reappearing role.

Vanessa was in Blaze the cat the movie as a character who was told she would be handsomly rewarded if she brought Blaze the cat to Dr.Eggman but kept on failing due to be taken down by surprise by Blaze's friends. Once she discovered her deal was a scam she sided with Blaze and her friends and was there to see the final boss fight occur.

Roleplay appearances

Vanessa appears in Roleplay:Summer Camp where she was forced to go to summer camp along with Cassie. Vanessa got lost and found Cassie later on.She didn't like summer camp but played along when she found out Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog was there.

It is said that Vanessa will be in the roleplay called High School Never Ends.


Vanessa was found bothersome by the fans.Some thought Vanessa might have been Homosexual and bratty.The fans also didn't like how she had a tough-as-nails attitude but is a huge fan of Nikki.Vanessa was on the Top 10 B***hes in Gaming ranked at Number 10.She was also on the Top 10 worst Cyclonetar characters.Despite the hate,Vanessa has been liked for her gameplay and is a favorite among the fans in Japan.

Special Abilities

Vanessa's hands are invincable and feel like iron spikes due to punching a tree technically all her childhood.
Vanessa in charrie

Vanessa's charrie outfit


Vanessa is a trained combat specailist.


It is unknown yet but it looks like she is weak in the stomach.

Theme song

Vanessa's theme song used to be Battle scars by Guy Sebastion but it was changed to Stand in the rain by Superchick.Either way each song explains the pain she has gone through.

Venessa's weaponry

Vanessa has a variety of weapons and transportations.She has a normal blade,two hand blades built in her
Vanessa and Knight

The first drawaing of Vanessa's motorbike

gloves,a simple small GUN gun,an ice sword and Nun chucks given to her by her brother Edward.Her transportations include built in rollerskates on her shoes,a cherry red ferrari and a motorbike just like Shadow's motorbike though it looks more like an electric scooter.

Voice actors

English voice actor

Vanessa's current English voice actor is Penelope Cruz.

In Becky generations and Cyclone the hedgehog she was voiced by Bella Hudsen because her accent didn't exist yet.

Japanese voice actor

Mikoi Sasaki is Vanessa's japanese voice actor(Fanmade)


"Let's see!You destroyed my ferrari,it took weeks to repair and my gingerbread house I took 12 hours to make has gone missing!Well,what do you have to say for yourself!"-Vanessa


"Will I forgive that?Of course I won't!I'm Vanessa and your Knight!What would you expect!?"-Vanessa

"Now hold on,let's ride!"-Vanessa

"Too fast!"-Knight

"Do you want to save Cassie?"-Vanessa

"No-I MEAN YES!"-Knight


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