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Vallum the Margay

Biographical Information
  • Durable Blade
  • Fanged Paladin
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Brown-gold fur w/ black stripes & rosettes
  • White muzzle & underbelly
  • Gold eyes
AttireLight blue full-body armor
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Swordsmanship
  • High physical endurance
  • High stamina
  • Above-average agility
  • Climbing capabilities
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Vallum the Margay is a male Mobian Margay and trained paladin.



Vallum can be described as a kind and chivalrous soul, fitting with his status as a Paladin. Upbeat and jovial, Vallum has a very warm personality, both charismatic and easy to get along with. Generous beyond belief, Vallum is more than willing to lend a hand or an ear to those who need such. Unfortunately, this often has the backlash of stretching Vallum rather thin and pushing his physical limitations, not to mention burdening him with the mental toll and stress of peoples' secrets and problems. Despite this, Vallum will rarely complain or say a cross word about anyone. In fact, it is only the foulest, cruelest, most heartless beings that will bring a foul word from Vallum's mouth.

Despite his positive nature, Vallum is quite serious in battle. Focused and calm, Vallum doesn't taunt his opponents or engage in banter. Despite this, Vallum can become quite passionate during battle, putting everything he's got into a fight. This is especially true when Vallum has something to protect, or when a certain "Code of Arms" comes into play. Vallum holds this Code as sacred, due to his status as a Paladin. As stated by Vallum, Knights from his region hold this Code of Arms as sacred, and for Paladins it is the same tenfold. Vallum follows this Code of Arms with upmost loyalty and passion, to the point that it is literally ingrained in his muscle memory; regardless of his will, Vallum will never break any of these rules.

Vallum is especially passionate when it comes to the protection of allies and innocents. A personal belief of Vallum is that "A knight's shield is strongest when weighed down by the lives of the people who depend on it". It is this belief that brings out the true limits of Vallum's skill and power when it comes to protecting others.

Code of Arms

This Code of Arms is as follows:

  • A knight will never attack from behind.
  • A knight will never attack first; they will only strike in the defense of themseleves, others, or their honor.
  • A knight will never strike an ill or defenseless opponent.
  • A knight shall never abandon their comrades.
  • A knight will put their life on the line to protect innocents.
  • A knight shall never abandon a person in need.
  • A knight will face their opponent with bravery and honor.
  • A knight will never drop their weapons under the instruction of an enemy, lest the life of another is on the line.
  • A knight will foresake their life before forsaking their honor.


Vallum's fur is a deep, rich brownish-gold color, covered in black rosettes and streaks that go along his body. The underside of his body and his muzzle are covered in pure white fur, while his nose is pink. His tail is covered in dark bands, and is tipped with black fur. Similar to his tail, his ears are black with white rimming the peach insides. His round eyes have yellow irises and white sclera, while his eyes are rimmed by black markings. Two black stripes extend from his muzzle in between his eyes up along his head. Both his feet and fingers are tipped with black fur.

However, almost the entirety of Vallum's body is covered by his sky blue metallic armor. The chestpiece is a plain sky blue, reaching down to his midriff. From his midriff down to his waist Vallum is covered by light grey under-armor. Vallum's shoulders are covered by pauldrons, which instead have thick sky blue along the bottom part, while the top part of the pauldrons are green. His biceps down to his elbows are covered by the same light grey under-armor. His forearms are covered by sky blue armor, with two indented lines going parallel down along his arm. These indents are colored green as well. The gloves on Vallum's hands are metallic as well. They are largely sky blue in coloration. The backs of the hands have addition light grey armor. The finger tips on the other hand end with a unique design. The finger tips end in points, but the bottom half of the finger-tips are left bare, allowing Vallum's claws to unsheathe if need be.

Around his waist Vallum wears a sky blue belt with a circular buckle, which is sky blue in color with a green center. From this belt extend four sky blue metallic plates; one on each side, one in the front, and one on the back. The sheath for his sword, which is sky blue with gold decorative designs on the tip, is attached to the left side of his belt. His thighs are covered by the light grey under-armor down to just above his knees. His entire lower legs are covered by the familiar sky blue armor. Like the armor on his forearms, this leg armor has two parallel indents going down along the front of his leg, with the indents also being colored green. The armor covering his feet is also customized like his hand armor; the armor covers each individual toe, and has an opening at the very end, which allows Vallum to unsheathe his claws.

On his head Vallum wears a relatively basic skye blue helmet, with little in terms of decoration. The helmet doesn't conceal his face, rather having it in full view. However, the helmet comes with a full-view triangular visor that covers his face in its entirety. This visor has a T-shaped opening in it to allow Vallum to see. Going vertically along his helmet are two parallel green stripes that head all the way to the back of his helmet. These two stripes coincide with black markings on Vallum's face and head. Around his waist Vallum has a brown belt with a satchel on his right side. This bag seemingly has a hammerspace, allowing Vallum to hold a large amount of items and equipment within it. Vallum keeps this on the side of his sword hand, due to the fact that "if [his] sword hand is preoccupied, [he] can't attack. If [his] shield hand his preoccupied, [he] can't espect to survive."


Vallum is a trained knight, skilled in the use of the sword and shield combination, capable of in using them for great offense and defense. Vallum's skill with a sword great enough that his strikes are consistent, each having close to the same amount of power behind each strike. By channeling his energy into his sword, Vallum is able to unleash powerful and deadly special techniques on his opponents. However, while his skill is great, Vallum's raw power is overall mediocre without the power granted by using his special techniques.

However, where Vallum's ability lies is not in his offensive prowess, but in reality it is in his defensive capabilities. Vallum's physical endurance is incredible, allowing him to take vicious and powerful blows, then deflect of brush them off and continue fighting. Vallum's physical defense and endurance is so high that when a normal person would have been long killed from injuries sustained, Vallum not only remains standing, but also fighting strong. In addition to his incredible endurance, Vallum has equally incredible stamina, capable of continuing to fight non-stop for several days before he begins to noticeably fatigue. The combined defense and stamina makes Vallum a very persistent opponent, difficult to defeat.

Vallum's defensive abilities are further amplified by his armor and shield. Vallum's armor is incredibly high-spec, capable of taking cannonfire without serious injury to the wearer, yet lightweight enough for Vallum to successfully and adeptly climb trees as his species is known for. In addition to this is Vallum's shield, which is quite powerful. With Vallum's power behind it, his shield is capable of protecting Vallum from the most destructive and devastating of blows. The heavy shield is also capable of being a dangerous weapon in Vallum's hands, able to use the shield and its weight as a powerful blunt weapon against enemies.

Due to his species, Vallum has incredible agility and reflexes. As a Margay, Vallum is also known as a "tree ocelot". This is due to the fact that his species has incredible capability in climbing and mobility in trees, capable of living their entire lives up in trees. This extends to Vallum, and as such he is quite comfortable climbing and traveling among the tree branches. Because of this, forest combat is by far Vallum's specialty, and he is unrivaled when it comes to fighting among the treetops.

Despite Vallum's incredibly powerful defense, Vallum does have his own set of drawbacks as well. While incredibly powerful in taking and deflecting blows, Vallum is not capable of unleashing blows of the same calibur. Because of this, Vallum relies on his special techniques to deal adequete damage to more powerful enemies. However, these special techniques require mana, which Vallum only has a relatively average amount of. Additionally, while Vallum can shrug off physical blows from people, weapons and even projectiles, attacks from a magical source are more effective against him, because his magic resistence is not as high as his physical resistence.

Special Techniques

  • Upper Flash

The most basic technique in Vallum's arsenal, the first technique a Paladin learns as a mere Swordsman. Channeling a small amount of energy into his sword, Vallum swings his sword upward in a swift motion. Not only does this slash the opponent, but the additional energy added gives the attack the effect of knocking the opponent up into the air, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. While this attack is relatively weak in comparison to his other techniques, Upper Flash is nonetheless a reliable technique that requires minimal energy to use.

  • Flame Break

A more power-oriented technique that Paladins such as Vallum don't typically learn, but which Vallum nonetheless makes use of. Focusing his energy through his sword, he converts the energy into a flame that coats the tip of his blade. Giving the blade a powerful swing, he releases an explosion of fire on impact. This attack is powerful enough to knock back most average enemies, making it useful for crowd-control.

  • Sphere Guard

Vallum focuses energy into his shield and holds it up in defense, activating this technique. Vallum generates a sphere of energy around his body, which mitigates damage taken from incoming attacks. At its peak, this technique can completely nullify damage taken from attacks. As the energy is put into the form of a sphere, this technique blocks attacks from all sides. The amount of damage metigated depends on the amount of energy used.

Note: In WonderKing the original name of the attack was simply "Guard".
  • Shock Stinger

One of Vallum's most reliable attacks. A large amount of energy is focused into the blade and converted into electricity. The sheer amount of energy completely covers the blade in energy and extends beyond the original blades length. Vallum spins the blade rapidly in his hand to build up speed, power, and energy in the blade. This spinning motion can also deal numerous strikes to opponents who are too close. Upon building up the necessary speed and power, Vallum dashes foward with the blade thrust out, stabbing the opponent with the full brunt of the garnered electrical energy. This attack can outright impale the enemy, or blast them away with the energy. Either way, the technique is capable of momentarily paralyzing the opponent, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. This technique is one of Vallum's personal favorites, due to its reliability and its combination of defense and offense.

  • Cross Cutter

One of Vallum's swiftest attacks. Focusing energy into his sword to sharpen its edge, Vallum makes two incredibly fast slashes in a criss-cross fashion, hence the name of the attack. This attack is capable of dealing a large amount of damage very quickly, and if used skillfully can even strike multiple enemies at once. Despite it's simplicity, this attack is both swift and deadly.

  • Shield Rush

The fastest attack Vallum has in terms of sheer movement speed. Concentrating energy into his feet and his shield, Vallum dashes straight at the opponent with his shield held out, the sudden burst of speed surprises the opponent. With this straightfoward rush, Vallum slams his opponent with his shield, the combined speed of the attack, weight of the shield, and the energy imbued in it all culminating into a brutal blunt force hit. Following up on that hit, Vallum uses the same culminated force to knock the opponent away a good several feet. The force of the attack and the knock-back can potentially stun the enemy, leaving them open to follow up attacks. This attack, with its raw power and speed, is capable of barreling through multiple enemies. However, the attack is a completely straightfoward dash, and if the enemy has knowledge of the speed and power involved, the enemy could very well dodge the attack. In addition, this attack takes a fair amount of energy to use.

  • Divine Spear

One of Vallum's most devastating attacks, and his only attack with long-range capabilities. Focusing a large amount of energy, the blade is transformed into an ornate spear made up of solidified light and electrical energy. Just coming into contact with this spear can cause the enemy to suffer damage. However, after creating the spear, Vallum thrusts it foward, launching it at the enemy with devastating results. The spear can strike through a horde of enemies with terrible damage dealt, or pierce through one enemy with debilitating injuries suffered. An advanced variant created from the Shock Stinger, this attack is also capable of paralyzing the opponent and leaving them suceptible to additional attacks. The sheer power and paralyzation effect make this a terrifying attack. However, it nonetheless takes up a very large amount of energy to use.

  • Energy Conversion

A technique that takes advantage of Vallum's great stamina, and covers his average mana reserves. By clasping his hands together, Vallum concentrates and converts some of his own physical energy into mana to use for his other special techniques. This technique however, is potentially Vallum's greatest weakness; while capable of taking incredible punishment in battle, this technique drains Vallum's stamina with each use, and can potentially lead to Vallum wearing himself out. Because of this, the attack is possibly one of Vallum's riskiest techniques.

Note: In WonderKing this technique was originally named "Confession", but was changed to be less overtly religious.
  • Electroblade

The strongest technique available to those of the Knight rank. Like Shock Stinger, Vallum focuses so much energy into his blade that it becomes consumed by the energy, and converts the energy into electricity. Vallum then strikes the opponent with a rapid barrage of electricity-imbued slashes, much faster than Cross Cutter in terms of attack speed. Each strike has incredible force behind it, allowing it to tear through enemies with its incredible speed and power. This attack is incredibly dangerous to both a single enemy and numerous ones.

  • Auto Guard

Vallum's best defensive technique and one of his greatest techniques in general. Vallum focuses his energy, and covers himself in a coating of said energy. This energy coating increases Vallum's already powerful defensive abilities for a certain amount of time. Unlike Sphere Guard, however, Vallum retains full movement capabilities, including the ability to attack. Depending on the amount of energy put into the technique, Vallum can be rendered temporarily invulnerable. However, the technique only lasts for a few minutes, and takes a great amount of energy to use each time.

  • Guarding Light

Using a large amount of his own energy, Vallum focuses it into the tip of his sword and thrusts it up into the air. The energy then splits off into several lights that head towards Vallum's allies. These lights imbue Vallum and his allies with increased physical defense. The fortification granted is dependant on the amount of energy Vallum expends in using this technique. However, while this technique can increase the physical endurance of multiple people at one time, it isn't capable of the same degree of protection as techniques like Sphere Guard and Auto Guard.

Note: In WonderKing this technique was originally named "Holy Guard", but was changed to a more dynamic and less religious name.
  • Blessing

Clasping his hands together as he does in Energy Conversion, Vallum focuses a large amount of his own energy, then seperates his palms, releasing the energy in a wave of light. This results in both Vallum and his allies are given a temporary boost in their stamina. Like Guarding Light, the amount of energy used is directly relevant to the boost given to Vallum and his allies; the more energy, the stronger the boost. However while the boost in stamina can be great, the amount of energy used can inhibit Vallum's other techniques.

Note: In WonderKing this technique was originally named "God's Blessing", but was changed to be less overtly religious.
  • Light Bringer

Very well one of Vallum's best techniques overall, and the set-up for his strongest attack of all. Vallum begins the technique by focusing an incredible amount of raw energy into both his body and blade. The resulting reaction covers Vallum's sword in a blade of light, increasing its length and its power, and his attacks become light-aligned. The technique also affects his own body; not only does it increase his physical defense, but also his speed, allowing him to make strikes twice as fast as before, with no sacrifice in terms of base power. In addition, this technique drastically increases the power of his other special attacks, making even the basic Upper Flash technique a devastating strike against powerful enemies. As such, this attack is an invaluable technique in Vallum's arsenal, and one of his most-used techniques.

Note: In WonderKing this technique was originally named "Holy Light Bringer", but was changed to a less religious name.
  • Soul Driver

Vallum focuses a large amount of energy into his blade, sharpening its blade to the maximum level and giving it electric attributes. Vallum then launches his attack, striking in a slow combo of attacks that pierce through defensive measures with the sword's sharpened edge, making the attack all the more devastating. Upon finishing the series of strikes, Vallum releases a final, devastating blow with great force. Due to the electric attributes given to Vallum's sword by this technique, there's a chance the enemy will be paralyzed after the attack, leaving the enemy vulnerable to further attacks.

  • Illumination Hero

The strongest and most destructive technique in Vallum's entire arsenal. This technique follows up on and uses the culminated energy from Vallum's Light Bringer attack in a final, devastating strike. Taking the energy from his Light Bringer attack, Vallum adds even more energy to his sword. Upon amassing the energy, Vallum gives a final strike of his blade, releasing all the energy in a powerful and destructive explosion that's a mixture of both light and electricity energies. This explosion is truly devastating, capable of leveling a small house completely. This explosion can be increased in lethallity by stabbing the opponent directly before the explosion is released; this all but guarantees the attack with obliterate the target. If necessary, the explosion can be somewhat concentrated or focused. As with most of his other electric attacks, this attack is capable of paralyzing the opponent. This and the sheer power of the attack makes it truly devastating. However, the attack requires that Light Bringer be used prior, which can tip opponents off if they know of this technique. In addition, the two techniques combined can sacrifice a very large amount of Vallum's energy.


In addition to his abilities, Vallum wields Eir, one of The Twelve Demon Weapons. He keeps Eir in her weapon form, and stores the hilt in his bag. Vallum prefers to use Eir's powers as a strict last resort, because having to use her power- which is also the power of a demon- takes a serious stab at his pride as a Paladin. However, Vallum is quick to throw away his pride when it comes to the life of another, or when it comes to protecting his honor. When wielding Eir, her blade becomes a broadsword of light. However, it is noticeably longer and thinner than the blade of Vallum's normal sword. However, being made of solidified light makes the sword virtually weightless, while the blade is much sharper. Because of this, Vallum is capable of performing much faster strikes while wielding Eir, which are also far more dangerous for the enemy. The blade can also extend at Vallum's will, drastically increasing his range.

While Eir uses her light powers for more defensive means, Vallum uses them for offense as well. He does this by summoning balls of light to fire at the enemy, solid beams of light to pierce through enemies, or by firing off waves of solidified light with a swing of his sword to strike numerous enemies with. However, Vallum makes good use of Eir's defensive capabilities as well, summoning powerful barriers of light to block attacks. However, he will typically imbue his original shield with light powers to increase its already high defensive power.

Because of his incredible stamina and defensive prowess, Vallum rarely calls upon Eir's healing powers for himself, but will use it in order to heal himself of serious damage, poisons, or other afflictions. He will also use this power on the rare occasion that his stamina is running low, either from an arduous battle, or from overuse of his Energy Conversion technique. This makes Vallum an opponent that is virtually impossible to outlast.


  • Vallum's name means "wall" in Latin.
  • All of Vallum's techniques are taken from the Swordsman->Knight->Paladin advancement tree in the online game "WonderKing".
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