This is an article about Valkiryon: Protector of Life, a character created by Dark Malevolence on 09/18/2015.

"The Universe is a truly beautiful place, to create beings such as you and form majestic planets, stars, galaxies and so much more"

- Valkiryon commenting on the Universe Valkiryon is a ancient being and the supreme deity of light, hope and life. She is one of the two primordial deities of reality created by Dark Malevolence.


Valkiryon is presented as a big woman in gold and silver armour with white and gold robes as well which are spiritual in design. She also wears a large golden head dress which covers up most of her head except for her face which his pale white with a smooth complexion, she has shining blue eyes and wears gold lipstick.

Her robes and armour have smooth wavy markings in gold on her white robes and silver on her gold armour. Valkiryon also has a white aura around her showing her divinity and omnipresence.


Very much an opposite to The Dark Master's malevolent personality, Valkiryon is extremely benevolent and has a pure heart to match. She enjoys seeing other people having fun, seeing life flourish in all it's forms, looking upon the majestic Universe and very much appreciates peace. She values everything equally, no matter if they're big or small, beautiful or ugly, in her eyes everything has a place in the Universe and has every opportunity to be spectacular.

Valkiryon despises violence and evil, she refuses to use violence to solve problems and will always try to find a peaceful solution but if necessary she will fight no matter how much she's against it. She is also very pure and incorruptible, she will never fall to darkness and she fights against it and she constantly resents darkness as the "dominant" force in the Universe.


Early Life

It is unknown where Valkiyon first came from but she has been around for billions of years protecting the Universe and all of it's life, nurturing it, guiding it for a long time but she has been at odds with The Dark Master and his evil plans for the Universe, though they have had only few encounters in person because The Dark master keeps to the shadows.

Sonic: Dawn of Darkness


Sonic: Age of Apocalypse 


Powers and Abilities

Valkiryon is very powerful but she refrains from using offensive powers and abilities due to her rejection of violence.

Valkiryon's powers are Chaos Energy based and she can any technique and ability based off Chaos Energy but the strength of the technique/ability is determined by how much belief in hope and abundance of life and light there is. Valkiryon has masterful Chaos Control abilities and she has been able to move entire worlds (but this has only been to protect them from danger). Among her various Chaos powers she also has the ability to bring out the good and light within people, she can enhance even the tinniest spot of good within people and can increase it that it can defeat their darkness (The Dark Master is the only being in existence where this cannot be used due to him not having any good within him)


Valkiryon is quite powerful but she does have weaknesses that can greatly damage her. Valkiryon, like The Dark Master lives of an idea but Valkiryon lives off hope and life but should there be an absence of hope and increase of death, she becomes weakened but since she is the embodiment of light, hope and life, when her powers and existence fades so does these ideas.

Valkiryon tries to make the best decisions based on what would help sustain life and hope in the Universe, this can influence her judgement and can misguide her sometimes which can depend who she helps and who she's against but this can make her gullible and impartial in her actions.


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Arclight Maurice Hedgehog (Scythe)


The Dark Master






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