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Valgus is a fusion karti master, who got summoned by the combination of two karti emeralds.


Valgus is an orange mouse, who has large mouse ears and hair. She has orange hat, which has thunder signs. Her attire includes yellow shirt and orange gloves. Both of the clothes has thunder signs. Valgus also has yellow pants and orange shoes. Her other attire includes an orange dress.


Valgus is bright and optimistic mouse. She is also really patient and stands all mockings targeted on her. Valgus is gentle and polite for everyone. It's said that almost anything can't make her mad.


Valgus is a mythical Karti master, who is said to appear to Mobius if two chosen Karti masters combines their emeralds. By doing this, these two can unleash Valgus, the master of light.

One day, Varglikkus and Pimedus met each other. Pimedus was investigating the myth of fusion Karti masters and decided to try to unleash one of them with Varglikkus. The two karti emeralds combined and there came an orange beam. From beam, there fell a girl and a new emerald. Thus Valgus got borned. Pimedus realized that Valgus is actually his opposite. Where Pimedus can use darkness, Valgus can use light.


Valgus is a master of light, who can bring light to dark places. She can also control lightings and everything else which uses light. Valgus can even turn to light or electricity.


Valgus is weak for darkness and so Pimedus is her rival. In electricity mode, her weakness is water, naturally. As others, Valgus can't stand pollution and sludges.

Fun Facts

Valgus is Estonia and means "light"