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Valentina the Husky is a character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a Fashion Model part of Project Maserati in Eifflyn.

General Info

Valentina Sofia DiPalermo is a twenty-one-year-old Zuelian Husky from East Celba. She was born and raised to compete in several pageants and was a well-known model. She started her own cosmetic line known as Valé™.



In her high-school years, Valentina was timid and closed-in. Not much of a people-person, she only had a few friends in her high school years and didn't really go out a lot. Despite her beauty and attractiveness, she doesn't really make an effort to talk to people. Despite this timidness, she does tend to talk a lot when she's with her select few friends. Girls find her to be very strange, and boys just can't seem to get past her attractiveness. She never wanted to go to parties because she was afraid of people asking her to drink.

However, as she started to go to college, she made more of an effort to be a social butterfly. Now more open and determined, she made many more friends than she did in high school. She went under a huge change in confidence and wasn't afraid to go to parties anymore. She had a lot of friends and had plans almost every weekend.

Physical Appearance

Valentina stands at 3'8 and weighs about 92 lbs. She is husky with a pink fur and a white smooth muzzle, and large ears. Her hair is also pink, but it's a darker different shade, going down to about her mid-back.

Powers and Abilities

Injury Transferrence

An extremely rare, and highly dangerous power to have, Valentina looks upon this gift as both a blessing and a curse. This ability makes her completely immune to all pain and suffering. Whenever she is attacked, the pain, scars, bruises, blood, etc. all end up afflicting the attacker, leaving Valentina harmless. She can inflict pain on the toughest of enemies with ease and no pain at all.

Though she is more than capable of causing severe injuries and even death, she chooses not to use her power in hopes of keeping her job and friends. So far, only one person knows about this power. She uses this power as an absolute last resort.



  • Christina the HedgeCat- The fashion icon known globally, Valentina was shocked to hear that Christina moved to Eifflyn. She was the first friend she made when she started Project Masarati in Eifflyn, Valentina was a huge fan of Christina. She was surprised that she would be so easy to talk to and such a good friend. The two usually hang out with each other even when they aren't modeling for this fashion line.
  • Bryce the Wolf- Valentina met Bryce when he first moved to Eifflyn to work at Project Maserati with her. The two became good friends, but she started to feel sparks between them. However, those sparks immediately died out after she kissed him and finding out he was gay. The two still talk to each other and share a close bond.


  • Valentina's page was coincidentially created on Valentine's Day 2017
    • Her name was inspried by the holiday.
  • Valentina flies down to Zuela at least once a year annually.
  • Valentina's power or injury transference was inspired by Queenie from American Horror Story: Coven
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