"I'm the beauty, and the beast"


Valdora the Vampirebat, a demon, a bueatiful cruse, the queen of the demonic. This temptress is the leader of an undead army. Falling in love with her is a fatal mistake. Your life can be taken by one kiss.


This beauty looks a lot like Rouge and acts like her,too. There are some features that set them apart.Valdora i has black fur and grey shin. Because of her royal statue, she wears a slive tiara imbeaded with sapphires that macth her eye color. Valdora is 4'6 in height and no one really knows what's her weight. She usually keeps that a secret. She wears a midnight blue tank with a bat pattern on it. Along with that she wears black shorts. When she appears in Zyro's Adenture Days, she has a grey shoulder bag.


Valdora can be classified as a diva. She like jewels, treasure, but most of all POWER. She likes taking treasure kingdoms and really likes taking over the kingdom herself. Some would say that's she's evil, but she has a soft spot for cute things.


Valdora's only weakness are her wings. If you attack her in the back or grab her wings, Valdora's entire body will become temporarily paralzed. That's why she lost to a lot of her enemies and opponents.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities


  • None


  • Sky Kick
  • Lovely Kiss
  • Pin Needle


  • Flight


Valdora was raised to be the Vampire Bat that she is today by her father, Draclord. When her father was defeated by the Royal Knights of Delgaia, she took over as the Queen of the Vampire Bats. As she ruled, the power went to her head. When she was little (about 5 or 6) and she first meet Zyro ( he was 9 or 10), she wanted him to join her army. After his refusal, she had a tantrum and attacked him and named him public enemy no. 1 in her kingdom. This didn't last long though (More exactly, only 2 years out of 4year time period). Valdora (Now 10 or 11) continued ruling and became even more power hungery than before. Zyro reappeared in her kingdom later only to get someting for a friend and ran in to Valdora again. The two fought, Zyro beat her easlily. She later wanted Zyro as her personal bodyguard. Valdora says it's because he's an impressive fighter, but she might like him.

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