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Cquote1 Midnight...... doesn't this feel strange, like you're... locked away? Well guess what. You are. It was a plan that took two weeks for Krys, Wendy and I to plan, and you fell for our bait. And trust me, we're not alone. Don't you realize that all of your dirty little secrets and lies have been exposed to the whole school? We all found out long before you thought we did, and we teamed up to do something about it. Midnight, I'm sick and tired of the bullshit that you've been putting me and my friends through. We are never getting back together, and I will make sure that Bipress will lock you up for YEARS. Cquote2
Valarie breaking up and threatening Midnight

Valarie the Unicorn is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a unicorn from Paliside Town, who happens to have a beautiful singing voice. She currently attends the MaryAllen Magic Branch of Gaudia University.

General Info

Valarie Cecile Lexington is a nineteen year old unicorn living in Room 2014 in the Gaudia University. Her dorm room is bigger than it usually would be. She has enough room for her bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a television, a desk with her laptop and writing bins, a couch, two chairs, a love seat, a table, and a coffee table. Most of the time during college, she resides there.

Before college, Valarie resided in Alskora City. She was known best for being a friendly babysitter to all sorts of children. The little ones called her the Sun Maiden, because of her outfit and power. When she is around children, she gives a warm and loving vibe like she's their big sister.

For a hobby, Valarie likes to sing. However, she's not like a pop star. Her voice is soft and gentle, like a choral voice. She always participated in her state and regional choirs as a veteran member. She only sings when she's alone, with her friends or at a concert.


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Valarie is a sweet, quiet young lady with a very innocent nature. Most people find Valarie to a very kind woman with a sense of happiness always inside her. She remains quiet most of the time as she speaks in a somewhat soft tone, and can even stay that way during extreme violence. Along with this, she's also very friendly and likable. She's able to deal with whatever kind of person she ever meets and talks to, no matter what kind of person they are.

Valarie also is very gentle and caring for others. It is said by many of her friends and people that she is going to be a wonderful person to children. This is mainly why she occupied babysitting. She loves being around younger children as their little sister because she wants to show what it's like to have a protector.

Physical Appearance

Valarie stands currently at 3 feet and 8 inches tall, and has an unknown weight. Her fur color is a very pale and light blue color, and her horn is about average sized. Her hair is a darker, yet still very light shade of blue. She has a big bang in the middle, and two side bangs. Her hair goes down past her waist. Her tail is big, bushy and points upwards. She has fur covering her arms and tummy. Her skin, muzzle and inner ears are peach. Her eyes are separated and her eye color is a pale yellow. Her horn aura is a pale yellow color, just like her eyes.

Currently, Valarie wears a purple three piece dress. The top part is a blue violet sleeveless top that goes down below her waist. On her waistline over the top, she has a pale golden belt on it with two diamonds on each side and a cresent moon in the middle. The bottom part is a two piece dress. The first part is a long skirt that goes a little past her knees which is colored heliotrope, then pink, a rose red and then a pale yellow. The second part is a dress that is cut with v-shaped trims, and is colored a pale yellow, lavender, and blue-violet color. The blue-violet of her dress also has a starry pattern on it. For footwear she wears dark violet low heels with golden soles and heels. Around her neck is a purple handkerchief-like scarf with a starry pattern on it. As an accessory, she wears dark violet long fingerless gloves with yellow cuffs on top. On her left arm, she wears a pale golden ring on her upper arm with a star design on it.


Valarie is a very gifted singer. Her voice is said to be beautiful and pleasing to hear. However, Valarie doesn't like to sing in front of crowds. She usually sings with her friends, or to a small, friendly group of people. Sometimes, when she takes care of smaller ones, she sings a very sweet and soothing lullaby.

Abilities and Powers

Magic Beams-Like all unicorns during combat, Valarie can shoot magical yellow beams through her horn. These magical beams inflict major damage. After she shoots them for a while, her horn may either spark or have a little bit of yellow on the tip which can go away if she blows on it.

Light Manipulation/Photokinesis- Even without using her unicorn magic, Valarie also happens to possess a powerful photokinesis ability. She is able to manipulate light, or holy element. Sometimes it helps during fights. She can even make a "ball of light" appear from her hand, and throw it at the enemy, in turn hurting their vision or sometimes even burning them. When used in non-combat, it can be used for a friend to open up a rain cloud to let sunshine shine on them.

Sunlight Manipulation/Novakinesis- Her favorite power to use, she happens to have a skill that not even Krys has mastered. She has the ability to control the sunlight. She hasn't fully mastered her new power, but she loves to use it. She usually uses it to make the sunlight a little less harsh. Like her photokinesis, she doesn't use her horn for this.

Moonlight Manipulation/Lunakinesis- She recently learned to manipulate aspects of the moon. She can use it to make the moonlight brighter or dimmer. She is a beginner at this power, but she is slowly starting to learn how to control it.

Darkness Manipulation/Umbrakinesis- Along with her lunakinesis, she discovered that she can control darkness. This is much easier than controlling even light according to her. She can make a ball of darkness from her hand, just like she does with light. She can also use it to make a bright place darker.



Krys the Alicorn- Krys is Valarie's best friend, who she can always depend on. They met as sophomores when Valarie moved to Mariala High School. From that point on, both got into the Mariala County Academy as Juniors and then still attend Gaudia University together. According to Valarie, Krys is dependable, strong, caring, highly intelligent and trustworthy. The two stand side by side during almost every fight. Even when school is out for a winter break or summer vacation, Valarie would spend most of her time with Krys.

As sophomores, Krys and Valarie had history, creative writing, and algebra together. They had occasionally talked back then. One day, Krys found Valarie using her magic to practice a few spells. She became very interested and started to watch her. She then started to develop a deeper friendship, as she started to perform some magic with her. Then, the two started to have hangouts and learn a lot about each other.

When the two got accepted into the Mariala County Academy as juniors. The dorm advisor paired Krys and Valarie in a room so they can actually share a room together. This was perfect for the two of them to hang out. They started to become best friends to the point they were practically like sisters. This kind of friendship stayed that way even through the senior year. Valarie also witnessed Krys's transformation from a unicorn to an alicorn.

One day, she found out Krys got accepted into the Gaudia University, and already applied. Valarie was said to get one soon, and about 5 months later, they accepted her into the university. She was so excited not only because she got into one of the top schools in the country, but she got in with her best friend, Krys.

However, at very rare points, Krys and Valarie could be rivals in a competition. Despite their friendship, neither of them would back down and they would be forced to fight each other. To make up for a good friendship during these, she helps Valarie out with some techniques and sometimes teaches her a few new spells.


  • Valarie's dress and picture was designed by Kira.
  • Although her clothes resemble darkness, moon, and night, her abilities are the complete opposite.
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