"You do that while I go get some ice cream."

Valarie Fox(ヴァレリー·フォックス Vu~arerī· Fokkusu) or Val is a 7 year old, anthropomorphic purple fox from Crisis City, a destroyed town 200+ years in the future.

Name Valarie Fox


Also Known As Val
Species Mobian/Fox


Birthplace Crisis City(200+ years in the future)
Age 7
Fur Purple(main), white(cheek fur and tail tip), Red(bangs)
Eyes Chrystal blue
Height 2'7"
Attire Blue T-shirt, black pants with a blue stripe down the sides, white gloves, blue bracelets, black/blue/white shoes
Alignment Good/Hero
Favorite Food Chocolate ice-cream
Likes Tails, Sonic, Silver, Blaze, her friends, running, acrobatics, her Chaos Emerald, chocolate ice cream, bothering Knuckles, messing with Eggman, sports, skateboarding, video games, music, animals, flowers, trees, warm/nice weather, the outdoors, making people happy, sleeping
Dislikes Surprises, loud noises, fire alarms, Eggman, Shadow, Shadow's personality, Rouge, E-123 Omega, Iblis, losing a competition, running away from a fight, standing still for too long, cars, boats, being cooped up for too long, Crisis City, losing her friends, seeing people sad/crying, cold/bad weather, being bothered(at times), being alone(at times)
Skills Super speed, enhanced hearing, acrobatics, Chaos Snap, basic combat,
Ability Type Speed


Valarie hails from Crisis City, an obliterated town 200 years in the future. She lived there with her mother and other inhabitants. Her father disappeared before she was born, so she never knew him, but has a synthetic Chaos Emerald that her mother claims was given to her by him. When she was around the age of four her mother died, leaving her alone to live with her friend Silver the Hedgehog. She learned a lot on how to survive in the time's harsh condidtions with time, as well as finding a deep dilike for the city. One day when she was around the age of seven a mysterious portal opened up in front of her that teleported her 200 years back in time to where she is now.


For her age, Val is more on the mature side, but she's still just an innocent, fun-loving little kid. Generally, she's cocky, sarcasitc, and a rather impatient yet bubbly spirit. But at times, she can be a bit mean and tends to get irritated easily at times.



  • Super Speed: Ability to run faster than the speed of sound, top speed marked at 400 mph
  • Enhanced Hearing: Has more sensitive ears than a usual mobian, allowing her to hear things father away than normal.
  • Acrobatics: Is a skilled acrobat from living in the future
  • Chaos Snap: With assistance from her Chaos Emerald, she can warp to a different area
  • Basic Combat: geneal defense skills learned in the future

Game Play

Valarie game play is similar to a mixture to Amy's and Sonic's. She cannot do a spin dash, but she can do a spin jump, though she cannot attack enemies with it. Instead she either sweep-kicks the enemy or does a front flip and drives her foot on top of it. If she is about to fall in a bottom-less pit and has at least 10 rings, she can do a Chaos Snap and warp back to the last checkpoint, but looses all her rings as if she died, but does not lose a life.

Basic Stat Summary

Stat Level (out of 10)
Acceleration 8.5
Max Speed 9
Stamina 7.5
Skill 10
Technique 8
Jumping 10
Defense 8
Offense 3
Attack 7.5
Power 7.5


Stat Type All-Around


  • Due to her hearing being above-average, she has a much higher sensitivity to high pitch sounds
  • Though she is relatively good at dodging attacks, she's not the best at delivering them
  • She can be too overconfident and make bets she can't win
  • She tends to get bored and distracted easily
  • Being from a time where tempteratures are extremely high, she doesn't have much tolerance for anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit





  • "The name's Valarie. But you can just call me Val." - Introduction
  • "Yeah... sure..."
  • "...Challenge accepted..."
  • "You do that while I go get some ice cream."

Theme Songs

SuperGirl by Saving Jane


Saving Jane- SuperGirl (Itunes Version)



  • Valarie's original concept was a purple Echidna named "Ivy Diamond".
  • She never talks about her life in the future or Silver. It maybe because it brings back memories she doen't want to remember.
  • Valarie is technically -193 years old if you take her home time into account.
  • Valarie's eyelashes are a little bit longer and thicker than a typical mobian girl's
  • No matter what her bangs always cover most of her right eye and her eyelashes are rarely visible.
  • Valarie has ears that are slightly bigger tham typical foxes. It may be because of her enhanced hearing.
    • She shows most of her emotions through her ears
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