Vajra "Marty" Asollo
Marty Asollo
Endurance, agility, strength, access to Rage Gene, chrono powers
Deity, demons
Hachi (ancestor) Kenpachi (ancestor), Kaede (ancestor), Hincho (ancestor)
Chrono powers, Shocker Sword
"I have the power of time in my very hands!"
"My goal is to take down Deity!"

Vajra Asollo, the descendant of Hachi in 2112. He is a member of the rebel group known as the LifeEnders, who oppose the tyrannical rule of a corrupt organization, called Deity, who have been making usage of the constant demonic threat as an excuse to have countries bow down to them and work as slaves in trade for their protection from demons. Vajra hated the fact that Deity would probably stomp out the LifeEnders in several years as their technology becomes more advanced, and so decides to send himself back in time 100 years to help his ancestor, Hachiman Shin-Ha, to defeat the demonic legions faster to prevent the rise of Deity, and also stop a devious and unique demon with chronological powers. While in the present day, he takes up the name "Marty".


Vajra Asollo stands at 6'7ft and has long, light blue hair, light blue fur on his chest, and a light blue end on his long, fox-like tail, as well as his paws. He is almost completely snow white in colour, aside from his light blue spots. Vajra has a long, diagonal scar reaching down his stomach, gained from a run-in with Deity special forces when he was younger. He has blue eyes and a pinkish nose.

Vajra wears a pair of black trousers and a black coat, with red trims. He wears a grey belt with a blood red buckle, and his trousers have four straps connected to them, with three on the left leg and one on the right leg. At the bottom of his trouser legs, he has red trims. He also has a sheath for his Shocker Sword on his back.


Early Life

Vajra was born in the slums outside of Deity's capital city, to parents of whose names he doesn't remember, or supposedly doesn't. Vajra was raised by the local scumbags of the slums, taught how to fight through heated battles with gangsters and learning how to take punishment from battles he had lost. He was but a child when he made his first kill against a gangster who tried to come at him with a knife, breaking his arm and then slamming the knife into his back. Vajra was called a murderer by the group whom the victim had belonged to, ironic as Vajra would've been the victim if he was not trained.

Vajra would wake up one day to find his parents hiding in his room, breathing heavily as if in panic. He was confused, and then heard the sound of gunshots from outside. He too was scared, and decided to hide under his bed while his father grabbed his weapon; a Shocker Sword. Vajra watched as armed soldiers, under the orders of the Deity organization, stormed the house and fought with his father. Despite his father putting up a good fight, he was finished by heavy soldiers carrying miniguns. Vajra's mother showed Vajra an escape route under his bed, which Vajra went through and was about to be joined by his mother, until she was suddenly captured by Deity soldiers. He was forced to travel alone, knowing he won't ever see his parents again.

He spent the first few days without his parents living in what remained of the slums, while avoiding Deity soldiers who patrolled the area, as well as the surviving scumbags. It was then that he came across the girl known as Mantra Tekuni, who would take him to her makeshift home where he would be introduced to her little brother, Naga Tekuni, who was always interested in playing and controlling puppets.


Vajra grew into a rather handsome figure after his teen years. After hearing of countless villages being destroyed and wrecked by Deity's military, he decided with Mantra and Naga to form the LifeEnders, a group dedicated to stopping Deity's corrupt activities and fighting the constant demonic plagues at the same time. During a fight with Deity forces, Vajra was stabbed through his torso by an elite soldier, although afterwards he wrenched the sword out of his torso and killed many soldiers with it. This was the same Shocker Sword that he carries now, and he still bears the scar that was given to him by it. He claims that sometimes when he rubs his hand over it, he can feel the electricity shocking him.

Vajra soon gave up hope it was useless to fight Deity in their present time, and he planned to go back in time to defeat them early on by never even actually fighting them, instead planning to help their ancestor, Hachi, with his goal of destroying all demons. He accomplished this through both willingly torturing himself, and concentrating as much as he could on his Chrono powers. He managed to teleport him, Mantra and Naga back into the past, while one their older recruits, Sanguine, stayed behind to lead the future group.


Vajra now spends his time with Mantra and Naga travelling the world, destroying demons and artefacts in hopes of preventing Deity's uprising. He, as well as the other two, have met Hachi in this time and they have all on at least one occasion assisted each other in destroying a large horde of demons as well as vanquishing several demonic warlords.


Vajra is a rather serious individual, hardened from his experiences in battle and war, inherited from his ancestor, Hincho, whom he shares many traits with. Vajra dislikes the idea of pointless conversation but he enjoys hanging around with his close friends, discussing what they will do after they take down Deity and what their hopes are for the future, although secretly inside he believes there is no future for him, which often leaves him with suicidal thoughts, as he is part of a cursed bloodline, as is his close friend Mantra Tekuni, although she is noticeable more positive than him.

In battle, Vajra would rather fight than trade verbal blows, and he relies on his power to temporarily freeze and slow time to his willing, though he knows how to fight without his powers. His fight style is rather aggressive, using heavy fists and merciless tactics to try and down his opponent, although he is also a thinker, using the environment to his advantage.

Powers and Abilities


Vajra has the power to control Chrono, an energy that allows Vajra to distort the field of time around him and, when accessing the Rage Gene, the local area. Chrono distorts the field of time around Vajra, so when he uses it, it often appearas like he is going faster than usual, although in reality his target is within the distortion and has slowed down. Chrono can also be used to open portals to other time periods and eras, giving Vajra the opportunity to escape if he needed.

Shocker Sword

The Shocker Sword is Vajra's main weapon of choice. Despite Vajra controlling time distortions, he needs a weapon by his side in case he needs to fight properly. The Shocker Sword emits a high voltage of electricity that can either send waves of electricity at targets through simple slashes, or emit a higher voltage when in close combat with a target who is holding another weapon. It is light and is designed to only recognize Vajra's hand, thus the electricity will not activate unless Vajra commands it.


  • His name comes from the word Vajra, which is a ritual tool or spiritual implement in East Asia that can also be used as a weapon, and from the Greek/Roman deity Apollo, god of music, poetry, plague, oracles, sun, medicine, light and knowledge.
  • He was born on Hincho's side of the family tree.
  • The name he takes in the present day, Marty, is a reference to the time travelling protagonist of the Back to the Future series, Marty McFly.
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