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Vahvuus the Gorilla is a knight that serves the Earth Clan of Temblor. While once owned by JohnnyD-the-VGNerd (Talk), he was given to Ryushusupercat (Talk) after the former left SFW.

Physical Description

A brawny gorilla who stands at nearly 6 feet tall, Vahvuus has a short, almost human-like muzzle with a strong lower jaw that has two short, sharp fangs jutting out from it, and small, rounded ears that sit at the sides of his head, with somewhat longer, spiky fur directly below his ears and behind his jawline.

His short fur is primarily seal brown in color, with a furless chest, hands and muzzle that are earth yellow in color. He has no hair on his head, and his eyes are bronze in color.

Vahvuus' attire consists of leather and iron-plated gloves beneath a pair of spiked cestus, a red scarf around his neck, and thick leather boots. He also wears thick leather pauldrons, and a thick leather belt around his waist.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Other Stats

Being a gorilla, Vahvuus has great physical strength, able to lift heavy objects that most of his smaller companions could not. His strength makes him a formidable force on the battlefield, and he is also quite durable, able to shrug off weak attacks with ease and plow right through groups of frailer foes. His admirable defensive capabilities also allow him to protect frail and weakened allies by body-blocking attacks for them until they can recover or get to safety.

His weapon of choice is a pair of spiked cestus, which are fitted over his leather and iron-plated gloves. The sharp, inch-long spikes give Vahvuus frightening power on his punches, as he can now potentially puncture vital organs and major arteries with a precise-enough strike. He also has strong, muscular legs that can deliver punishing kicks.

He is an adept geomancer, and wields powerful physical attacks of the Earth Element; however, he has virtually no way to attack from range, save for picking up heavy objects and hurling them at foes, but it requires there to actually be something to use as a throwing weapon. He is also quite slow, and has poor reflexes and agility. His somewhat larger size also makes him an easier-to-hit target.


Vahvuus is relatively resistant to Earth and Electricity (his Earth resistance is somewhat higher, however). As a knight, he is immensely durable, and can easily shrug off minor to moderate blows.


Vahvuus is weak to Wind and Water. He isn't very fast at all, and has no reliable way to attack from range; faster foes can easily outpace him, and ranged foes can wear him down without having to get close.






A loyal and protective sort, Vahvuus cares deeply for the Earth Clan and its people, and will defend them with his life. While generally an easy-going and relaxed individual, he is easily roused into irritation, and often uses an "attack on sight" policy when it comes to potential intruders. He generally tries to give them the chance to leave peacefully, however; if they refuse to comply, he is not above literally picking them up and hurling them away.

He also cares deeply for children, and will become furious if he sees one be harmed, flying into a terrifying rampage against the aggressor. All of the children of the Earth Clan tend to call Vahvuus 'uncle'.



Biggest Fears



His name is the Finnish word for "strength".

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