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Vacine the Seedrian

Vacine the Seedrain.jpg

Biographical Information
Age 28
Relatives Mortask, Lima, Rainba
Alias none yet
Romantic Interests Mortask
Physical Description
Species Seedrian
Gender Female
Description A kind and nurtering mother devastated by war.
Attire Orange Shirt, Blue pants, light blue shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Good
Weaponry Her hands
Abilities Super strength from demon blood being infused with her and her children
Super Forms none
Other Information
American V.A. none
Japanese V.A. none
Theme Song(s) none
Appearances none
Original Creator EAJ


Name: Vacine Vek Niso

Age: 28

Hight: 6ft

Weight: refuses to let me tell.


A Normal Seedrian living in Green Glade until it was attacked, and then she fled into space to try and survive where she built a robot with helped and named him Shane who helped keep everything in check while they remained trying to runaway and stay alive. One day she and her family were attacked and she passed away with a final goodbye to Shane and her twins Lima the Seedrian and Rainba the Seedrian who were sent onto a luxuary escape pod and never saw them again.

When she met Darkness and he told her he could have her live again she was over thrilled because she knew she would see her beloved daughters again, and Darkness kept his promise by making her into a living hologram as a first. Shortly after that he was able to make her fully revived and he did it because of his story for that night.


Mortask the Galvortano (husband up until he bacame a galvortano)

Rainba the Seedrian (daughter) (twins)

Lima the Seedrian (daughter) (twins)


Besides superhuman strength and other Seedrian abilities she has none.

Weapon of choice

Her fists


Vacine the Seedrain.jpg

This is her look