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An antagonist shrouded in mystery

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V (real name Velious) is a mysterious villain, whose goals are as equally mysterious. He is an extremely powerful being, and is known to have conquered countless dimensions with his vast army of cybernetic minions.


V is a very foreboding individual, his mere presence usually striking fear and uncertainty into others. He is cold, sadistic, and somewhat playful, prefering to toy with his enemies than outright eliminate them. He relishes in death and destruction, such as enjoying the destruction/fall of dimensions to his rule. Like many other villains, he has a massive ego to mach his abundance of power, and enjoys flaunting his power over others. He also has complete confidence in his abilities, believing the defeat of his enemies to be something 'natural' and meant to happen. In a nutshell, he is a cold-hearted ruler whose main desire is to achieve power.

In addition to his overwhelming strength, V is higly intelligent and analytical, able to come up with effective plans and strategies even in the heat of battle. By observing someone fight, he can determine their strength, possible abilities and weaknesses, possible limits and how they may react to situations, and form strategies based on those assumptions, which more often that not are usually correct.


The Dimension Traveller

V was born from an accident during an experiment performed by his original self, splitting him into two different entities: Wes and V. V first awakens in a completely barren world, almost completely devoid of memory of the past. He didn't even remember his own name, knowing only that it started with 'V'. Because he couldn't remember his full name, he dubbed himself by the single letter. He still remembered how to use his powers, and used them to remodel the world, using his neon green and blue psychokinetic energy to create matter out of nothing, constructing a large citadel, resting ever so often to allow his powers to recharge. When his massive lair was complete, he thought the landscape boring, and redecorated to suit: he created neon green trees, hills, art and other decorations to make his new world more appealing. In the end he had created for himself a neon green and blue castle, with a huge garden of green trees, hills, fountains, streams and other decorations. For what felt like a week, he lived in his fortress, always finding something to occupy his time. However, one day, a green-haired fox girl suddenly appeared inside of his castle. He was shocked to find her, and asked how she arrived in this world. She replied that her name was Ciel, and that she had the power to travel through dimensions, but couldn't control it, and she ended up here by accident. V used his telepathic abilities to access her mind, and helped her to master her power. They then travelled to other dimensions, gathering souvenir's, food, appliances and other technology for V's castle, and they lived together for a long time. However, while dimension-hopping, the inhabitants of the different worlds were frightened of their powers, and rejected them, no matter how friendly they were, re-kindling V's hatred for others. V could tell that Ciel was aslo upset about it, so he asked her if she would like to conquer those worlds, force them to respect them, but Ciel was against it. V was outraged, so he built a machine, which he called the D-Traveller, and trapped Ciel inside of it, in an unconcious state. With the D-Traveller, he had the ability to traverse the cosmos, to whichever dimension he wanted, and conquer it. And so began his world-conquering spree, gaining many followers along the way, either out of admiration or fear.

Present Day

After conquering dozens of worlds, he wonders if he'll ever be able to rule all of them, and fears that taking them over one-by-one will take too much time. He notices a trend while visiting dimensions: Many of them a remarkably similar, while others are radically different, but all of them share similar characteristics. based on this information, he hypothesizes the existence of an 'original world', where all other worlds are simply variations of this prime dimension, and believes that if he conqueres that dimension, he can affect the existance of ever other world in existence. But finding D' (D prime), as he calls it, proved to be no simple task, so he dedicated his life to seeking out D' using the D-Traveller, conquering as many worlds as possible along the way. However, Ciel's mysterious escape from his fortress has put a huge dent in his plans, as well as the sudden appearence of several heroes.


Odyssey: V appears as the main antagonist of the story. The plot revolves around V's conquest to rule over all existence, and the seemingly suicidal mission several heroes take to stop him.


Due to his many experiences, V's psychonetic abilities are almost god-like. He can create objects out his neon blue and green psychokinetic enegry, such as weapons or barriers. His telekinetic abilities are immense, able to manipulate object easily, and can tear objects apart, atom by atom. He can also control and disperse energy, such as fire and electricity. He can also fire powerful blasts of pure psychokinetic energy. His telepathic powers are also extreme, able to read a person thoughts from a short distance, as well as access their entire mind through touch.

  • PSI Blast: A powerful energy wave of pure psychokinetic energy. Capable of penetrating almost anything.
  • Weapon Master: He can form various weapons from psychic energy, such as swords, lances, staffs, axes etc. He can use these weapons with incredible skill
  • Telekinesis: Can manipulate objects with his mind
  • Telepath: Can access the minds of others
  • PSI Crush: V applies his telekinesis on an object from two separate directions, crushing them between the two opposing forces.
  • PSI Shredder: Tears objects apart by the atom, and can also disperse energy blasts
  • Circuit Wall: Can create a barrier made of intertwining, neon green circuits
  • Circuit Grid: Covers a landscape with green circuitry, allowing him to easily manipulate it, such as creating massive fissures in the ground, raising or destroying hills or creating spikes from the ground
  • Phantasm: Can cause his opponents to suffer horrible illusions in their mind that appear real enough to cause them pain. He can only activate this ability by touching their heads.
  • Repel: Can repel people and objects away from himself, blasting them away with great force.
  • Attract: The opposite of Repel, bringing objects toward himself with great force.
  • Flight: He can levitate himself in the air.
  • Teleportation: Can warp through space to travel great distances.


"Why fight something that's inevitable?"

"My reign is absolute."

"Defeat me? Get over yourself."

"The power to rule is something you must be born with."

"What a pathetic existence."

"This is evolution. All worlds are bound to fall to me."

"The first world. D'. Where are you? What are you like? If I conquer you, what will happen to everything else?"

SS Rank: "Expected no less."

S Rank: "Naturally."

A Rank: "Was there ever any doubt?"

B Rank: "That went well."

C Rank: "Hm? What happened there?"

D Rank: "Where did I go wrong?"

E Rank: "No. I won't admit it."

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