It's funny, but I have been keeping track of this from the start. Cosenza, you had weeks in advance to make known your situation, you had weeks in advance to finish your votes, you had weeks in advance to get something done. But instead you took the route of not finishing your votes, blatently skipping them all and then calling up a loop hole. 

These awards are based on trust and good judgement, nothing you have done here follows that sort. Instead you call up on a loophole and use it. You put up a shield when called out on facts and you constantly argue your point when the person in charge of his position made his choice. You fell short, there is no question about it.

What is entertaining to me is the fact that you have all this time to argue, all this time to fight your case. When instead you could have said, "Hey, if you give me that extra time, I could do the same myself and make educated votes." But instead you argued with the person hosting the event and have gone out of your way to NOT find a compromise and work together.

Let me make it clear, that three skipped catergories are alright. But nine skipped categories (Blatent skips at that.) is a no. You made the knowing effort to skip all those categories, you made the fact quite clear on your blog. Do you think that exploiting a loophole to satisfy laziness on your end is fun? No it is idiocy and I know your history.

"That page gave me herpes,"

"Sorry, sorry don't ban me I have a family."

"nope. THIS pic gives me even more herpes than the last one... Even my family got a little bit. brb gonna puke some more"

In all honesty you should be banned. Blatently you talk down on pages. You use derogative terms as if a simple joke. 

You claim that you want your voice to be heard, yet you spew such toxic nonsence. If that is what you are offering, then we have no need for you and your trash talk.

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