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Ruby the Hedgehog is a princess of a lost world; She found Mobius and decided to visit there, but now she has got a new identity and lives in a peaceful city.

Description: Ruby is a shy, yet kind and smart hedgehog, she has pink fur and light blue eyes. To hide her
File:Ruby the Hedgehog Version 2.jpg
true identity, she wears gloves to hide a symbol on her hand. She has long hair. thumb|left|192px|Kelly Clarkson - Because of YouShe has actually known to be lively and energetic, and with her fierce personality, she can be harsh to those she hates.

Abilities: Ruby's main element is light, but she can use lightning, fire and ice; she can use these elements to make light, lightning, fire and ice arrows. She holds two swords, which she can channel energy into them, turning them into swords of elements, e.g Light Swords, Ice Swords etc. She can shape-shift, from birds to wolves. If nessicary, she can use her wand, which is Elder Wood and Phoenix Feather. She has a ability to calm down and befriend animals, espically mythical ones. She is also good at making potions.

Pets/Companions: A white horse, snowy owl called Yuki and a cat.

Theme: Because of You by Kelly Clarkson.


Ruby was a princess of a lost world, it was attacked and destroyed by shadow creatures of the Twilight Realm. One of her faithful servants took her to Mobius to Professor Gerald Robotnik. Barely alive, Ruby was looked after by Gerald, he gave her powers like his other projects, and he wiped her memory of her being a princess. When she woke up, Ruby made friends with Destiney and Shadow the Hedgehog on the Space Colony ARK.


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