I had an idea for a show called Calavera Kalo, and I'm sure I've mentioned it before. Well, I've had a few ideas for the show; I've come up with some more characters (you can find them on my DA), and I've merged the show with Kuma the Beast Witch, so Kuma and the gang are now CK characters.

But enough about that; this post is regarding the cast. I already have the cast ready for the series:


  • Calavera Kalo-Alanna Ubach/Candi Milo (alternate)
  • Verona Harp-Grey DeLisle
  • Heather Hysteria-Jennifer Hale
  • Berry Bonsai-Matthew Lillard
  • Scarlet Stella Mortimer-Cree Summer
  • Imogen Luna Mortimer-Cree Summer
  • Miyu Mokujin-Todd Haberkorn
  • Kuma the Beast Witch-Myself/Tara Strong (alternate)
  • Ryan the Fairy-Vanessa Marshall/Myself (alternate)
  • Maggie-Grey DeLisle
  • Stan-Dee Bradley Baker
  • Principal Ringo-Kristen Wiig
  • Mr. Ricky-Jim Gaffigan
  • Professor Oliver-John Oliver
  • Calevera's Father (Jason Kalo)-Vanessa Marshall/Jennifer Hale (alternate)
  • Calavera's Mother (Gabriela Kalo)-Gabriel Iglesias
  • Penny "Tux" Harp-Hynden Walch
  • Pierrot-Nancy Cartwright


  • Calavera Kalo-Motoko Kumai
  • Verona Harp-Toshimi Kanno
  • Heather Hysteria-Romi Park
  • Berry Bonsai-Chika Sakamoto
  • Scarlet Stella Mortimer-Mayumi Tanaka
  • Imogen Luna Mortimer-Mayumi Tanaka
  • Miyu Mokujin-Miyu Irino
  • Kuma the Beast Witch-Urara Takano
  • Ryan the Fairy-Hikari Yono/Motoko Kumai (alternate)
  • Maggie-Romi Park
  • Stan-Kappei Yamaguchi
  • Principal Ringo-Hikari Yono
  • Mr. Ricky-Masashi Ebara
  • Professor Oliver-Junichi Kanemaru/Miyano Mamoru (alternate)
  • Calavera's Father (Jason Kalo)-Urara Takano
  • Calavera's Mother (Gabriela Kalo)-Kujira
  • Penny "Tux" Harp-Rica Matsumoto
  • Pierrot-Toshimi Kanno

Extra Info


A few of the characters I've credited are characters I haven't described or depicted yet, so I'll explain them here.

Principal Ringo is the outlandish principal of the school. She loves her job and considers herself young at heart, but is a bit too wacky for her own good.

Mr. Ricky is a simple guy; he always wanted to be an educator, but he was hoping to teach English at a normal school, so he's not the most jolly soul.

Professor Oliver is a somewhat eccentric Physics teacher. He's got a bit of an ego, is a bit of a coward, and is also the substitute Home Ec teacher when available.

Calavera's parents are an odd couple; Jason Kalo is a lot like his son, and is a stay-at-home father. Meanwhile, Gabriela is a protective career woman, as well as a bit crazy. (She's also a lot like her VA, Gabriel Iglesias.)

Penny Harp-a.k.a. "Tux"-is Verona's jazz singer cousin. She's a penguin harpy.

Alternate VAs

Some characters have an alternate VA. That's 'cuz I'm a bit indecisive.


I'd like to do some of the voices, so I've credited myself a couple of times.

Additionally, there are some allusions based on the characters and their VAs. They should be easy to spot.

This is Erica Sakura, signing off.

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