So, I've been wanting to practice at more western-style cartoons, so I came up with an idea.

I call it Kuma the Beast Witch.

It's about monster, the titular Kuma, who lives in the "monster-ridden" town of Medusa, Texas. She's a beast witch (an animal-based sorcerer/sorceress) who, along with her fairy friend Ryan, are trying to fit in at Edgar Allen Poe High, a school for humans. So far, they've made two human friends: Maggie and Stan, the only two kids in school who never had a mentality that all monsters are bad.

Kuma and Ryan also tend to summon monsters to help with their problems. It usually doesn't work.

Also, eventually, there will be a villain named Victoria Van Hexsing, a monster hunter/wanted criminal with an exceptional prejudice toward our main protagonists. (Also, yes, she's based on Van Helsing.) I might also draw the characters in my usual animesque style at some point.

I can't upload the pics I've made at the moment, but I might post them eventually. Until then, you'll be able to find them at my DA.

This is Erica Sakura, signing off.

Edit: I know the "fish out of water" plot has been done, but come on, is there really such a thing as an original plot?

Edit Again: Here are the pics, finally.

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