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  • I live in Michigan
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Male
  • XophPsycho


    As the title states, I'm considering starting over. What this means is retconning, rebooting, and overhauling all my stuff into a new, single, centralized universe. The benefit to this is that it would make one main, more original, and hopefully better story for me to focus on that I could post in more places. The downside, however, is that community projects like rps would no longer be canon, and I fear some old and ongoing ones that are important to other people's continuities may become destabilized.

    I'm probably not in the right mindset right now to be making extreme decisions like this, so I thought it’d be worth asking for opinions on the matter.

    Feel free to discuss this and any potential workarounds for the issue. Feedback is alwa…

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  • XophPsycho

    yay i'm 16 now or something.

    i don't know.

    Reens leaving has killed my mood, so i'm just not feeling up to anything right now. 

    Back again a year later

    I've been awake since yesterday and am extremely tired

    Reens has managed to kinda disappear again, though this time because she has a job. So yay Reens!

    anyway i'm probably just gonna sleep through half the day soon

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    Monster Hunting

    January 27, 2017 by XophPsycho


    Okay, so I know this has nothing to do with this wiki, but this is really the only place I have to put this.

    So, my friend just told me of his encounters with a local monster.

    And oh boy do I want to see this thing.

    So, I'm gonna see if we can coordinate a camping trip in the woods where this thing resides.

    I'll update this once we figure out a good day.

    See you then.


    Alright, on second thought, camping is a terrible idea (especially with the current weather).

    We're still going to look for this thing, though.

    Don't have a day yet, but hopefully we will soon.


    We have a day now!

    If everything goes according to plan, then this Saturday, the fourth.

    I'll update then.


    Alright, about to head out. I'll hopefully be back later…

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    It's me, Xoph.

    So, the 2016-17 Winter Awards are here, and as an active member of the community I shall make it my duty to deem who is worthy... and who is not.

    I will also be critical over the page itself, IE the grammar, descriptions, structure, etc.

    As per standard votes will be cast using +1 (for), +0 (neutral), and -1 (against). I will also provide a quick summary of my reasonings, which will be in bold.

    Let the voting commense!

    • Chloe-Su the Echidna | Other than the amount of redundancy with names, her page is great. It's very detailed and descriptive, and paints an impressive picture of what she's like and what she's been through. As for the category, I'd say she's a definite yes. She displays many heroic tendencies, and has plenty of fa…

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