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  • I live in the U.S.
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is writing.
  • I am female.
  • VenomTheEchidna


    April 15, 2016 by VenomTheEchidna


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  • VenomTheEchidna

    Birthday Today

    April 6, 2016 by VenomTheEchidna

    Happy Birthday to me, I guess.

    (I'm sorry for the inactivity and whatnot. I've been too occupied with other things. I've also grown less interested in Sonic as a whole, so that's that.)

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  • VenomTheEchidna

    Now, I don't usually go around advertising my roleplays, but this one I felt I needed to. It's an old roleplay of mine named "The Way Past Cool Party" (a homage to Sonic himself in a way). It was getting kind of long, plus, it was on hiatus recently. Newcomers should join immediately, and everyone should read the rules prior to entering characters or roleplaying. Anyway, feel free to join, if you want!

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  • VenomTheEchidna

    It's VERY off-topic, but whatever... 

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  • VenomTheEchidna

    So, this is VenomTheEchidna, AKA Scroundernuts. As you can see, i've changed my username. But why? Well, two reasons, one - my old Username sucked and two - i'm rebooting. Yup, my new main character is Venom, who is no longer a troll and a Knuckles recolor. Anyways, i'm putting up most of my characters up for adoption.

    Tora the Foxmonkey

    Hotaru Aimi

    Yani the Dragon

    Jewel the Bat

    Ice "Frost" the Cat

    Jim the Dog

    Demon the Hellhog

    Jake the Echidna

    Issac "Venom" Johnson

    Kaa the Hyena

    CJ the Hedgecat

    Shemesh the Fox

    Ichik "Blast" the Wolf

    Shot the Echidna

    Lucas the Echidna

    Lily the Echidna

    Gregory "Razor" Hedge

    Buck the Beaver

    Miki the Unknown

    Yuki the Wolf

    Heather "Sweet" the Panda

    Sky Heather

    Wind the Hedgecat

    Syndey the Echidna


    Sapphire the Dog

    Scar the Dog


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