After seeing much complaint and problems as far as Fan Character pairings with Official Characters here, I've decided to make a quick helping guide so that you can at least get a little less hate and have a sucsessful and interesting relationship in your story.

This is also out to those of you absolutely hate FC X OC for whatever reason. Tell me if you see anything here that irks you and I will consider it as a change to the guide.

To start off...

  • When creating an FC X OC DO NOT use a base as a picture.

Well, not only am I against bases in general, but most bases were created from Fan character pairings of other artists. It doesn't look good or appealing. Especially when you have the characters out-of-character (Such as Shadow nose-bleeding, Sonic with hearts in his eyes, Tails being a ladies man, and Shadow being shy/ a flirt. That's not how they act and no one likes it when you remove their personlity to fit YOUR pairing.)

  • Please, PLEASE keep the official characters IN CHARACTER.

I cannot stress this enough, as I mentioned above you NEED to keep the official characters in character. Do NOT change them. Basically meaning, for example, Sonic is NOT a romance kind of character, do not make him a huge romancy goo-goo lovey dovey shy flirt. Not only is that irriatating to look at and read, but it completely destroies his character for YOUR benefit. Shadow shouldn't be shy and relunctant to talk to your character as if she was his biggest crush. Shadow is a solo person, do NOT mess up their character.

  • Whatever character you use, try to be DIFFERENT.

Don't use a character that's been used countless times before. Now as hypocritical that is of me considering my pairing is with Sonic who is used A LOT. Trust me, before Sonic, I was thinking Geoferry St. John, Manic, Ray, just a lot of different under used characters, but I chose Sonic for my own reasons that are hard to explain. :U But really, my point is to be elaborate, I honestly don't care who you use, but at least try to be different.

  • Your one character should not love MORE THAN ONE canon.

No. Nope. Not at all. Choose ONE. It's even worse if more than one canon loves YOUR character. And don't even THINK about making more characters for each canon character. And this may or may not be hypocritcial of me and also considering I may have another fan character made for this guy later. But a lot of you can't handle it correctly and get overboard. Unless you have an idea on how to write FC X OC don't bother. And if you do have more than one FC X OC do not put them in the same storyline or universe, it's awkward and weird.

  • Make the stories behind the relationship REASONABLE and ORIGINAL.

Example of a bad one: Sonic saved my chara from Eggman and the min. they looked into each other's eyes they fell in love. Ignoring Amy forever and calling ehr names, my chara and Sonci became boyfriend and girlfriend and married in the future and had 4 babies named Emerald, Shadow (because liek Shadow is my fav, :D), Speedy, and Quickster.

.....:U No. I have read something along the lines of that before. Problems?

Okay, Sonic saving your character from Eggman is relatively used and protrayed in the strangest ways. YES, in my pairing Sonic DOES technically "save her from Eggman" but it's not like it had any signifigance to the relationship. It was sort of a foreshadowing, Sonic was honestly out to save everyone on that planet, not JUST my characater, so it didn't matter as much as some people make it out to be for THEIR FC X OC.

Secondly, I don't care how much you hate a pairing with another character you do NOT bash the character. First of all, I'm not a full SonAmy supporter myself so this may sound biased. Sonic obviously, (currently) has not shown ANY TRUE romantic feelings towards Amy (I don't want hints don't even mention that now I know all of them I don't care for them.) So using YOUR pairing to purposely hurt and bash Amy is just horrible and cruel. Have some sympathy.

Same goes for characters like Sally, Mina, heck even Blaze.

Next off, Fankids. I personally don't care for fan kids, and I have some. But Im ONLY going to agree to use them in a story (as a sequel) if my fans and friends agree to them. Only because Fankids can not only be unoriginal but they can be annoying when you decide to come up with random bad names and have the Father/Mother canon become a sit-still parent. This is an adventure game not a romance story, if you're going to make Fankids at least have the decency to have them included in fights and STILL keep the canon characters in character.

How do I come up with an original story? They've all been taken and I can't think of anything.... Nope! Don't even say that. They HAVE NOT all been taken and trust me, you ARE going to run into people with similar storylines to yours. That doesn't mean your stealing. Be DIFFERENT and ELABORATE. I can't even give a proper explanation, because it is up to the WRITER what they do. I can only share what I suggest not doing.

Too long; Didn't read?

Long story short. FC X OC is for the fun, let it be for the fun, it shouldn't be taken too seriously but at the same time don't be absolutely loose about it to where you just make anything up and show it off to the public. When you do that you set yourself up for criticsum and arguments. Be creative, have fun, but be smart, and attempt to make a good writing.

  • To those of you who have/support FC X OC

I hope this made any sense and at least gave you some ideas to reconsider. But also you have to note, not everyone is going to like your pairing. You can't force them, but that doesn't mean you can't enforce the hate. There is a limit to hate behavior and you have the right to say something about it. But you cannot label everyone's negative opinion as a hate attempt.

Have fun, and do what YOU want, but at least make it decent so that you won't stress yourself out over dislikes.

  • To those of you who dislike FC X OC

Whatever reasons you have for disliking FC X OC is for you and only you. But that doesn't give you a reason to purposely hurt people who DO like it's feelings. No one is forcing you to like it, but if you don't like it you shouldn't comment if your only going to comment rudely. Give tips, help out, it's not like the world's going to end because of FC X OC, lighten up a bit :D Like I said, no one is FORCING you to like anything but you some of you should lighten up a bit about it and understand that it's all for the fun, it's not like anyone is trying to kill anything y'know?

I am actually very open to any opinions and thoughts.

I am also willing to help some of you create storylines if you are really having that hard of a time. I can also come and tell you where things needs to be fixed, etc. etc.

Hope this assisted any of you in any way thank you for reading,

VegasFox 00:06, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

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