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Hi there welcome to my world.Where backstorys are crazy!Well i'm here to fix that.Lets start

Crazy backstorys

Now first let's show you some crazy back storys

Long Lost Brother/Sister

This is the one I see the most around these days.


Rainbow is the long lost sister of Blaze.Blaze is worried about Rainbow.


Ex. 2

Winter is the long lost sister of Sonic.Winter's parents threw her away.When she came back.No one knew her.


Ex. 3 

Blood is the long lost brother of Shadow.Shadow hated him so Blood ran away.Blood was only a kid when he ran away.

That's just a big NO!The first one was not so bad.Then it got worse.When you see these,your like why?Just thinking about it is bad.Now why well because this world we live in is crazy and people will get mad when they see your character.The worest part is that people are making long lost because of the canon characters not talking about them.That`s what makes it a problum.So the creater wants there fan character in the games.If you still don`t get it well in there minds there fan character is in the games so it`s there own way.Also in role playing on the website im on I see this.So I go on a Role Play and BOOM!( I like saying boom ).People are fighting over who`s Sonic sister/brother.Now alot of people have talked about this but im just giving you a review.Other people explan it to you more because im bad at doing this.As the fight goes on the Role Play is dead and no one is Role Playing.Also it`s way to comen and that`s boring.Now there is way more so get some candy and join me on the train of backstories.

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