The Thanksgiving Explorer

aka Leonelle

  • I live in the middle of nowhere, Massachusetts
  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is writing horrible Style fanfictions.
  • I am a god of Roleplay, apparently.
  • The Thanksgiving Explorer

    I was dragged along to join this Wikia when I was about fourteen years old. Currently, I am eighteen years old and I will be turning nineteen in less than a year. I admit that I have never once completed a Sonic game and only stayed here for the social aspect. There was lots of tears, laughter, drama, and much else that I experienced with friends, enemies, and acquaintances on the Sonic Fanon Wikia Chat. But that will be ending today. . at least for me.

    With the Wikia declining, I find that the Wikia is intolerably boring to remain on. There's nobody to talk to and when we discuss changes, there's some Stone Age idiot still advocating for previous methods. I'm not saying -- well, okay, I am going to say it: a lot of this Wikia is a trainwre…

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  • The Thanksgiving Explorer

    June 22nd, 12:58 AM

    Alas, after hours of countless searching for information and exchanging information with my two sidekicks, it seems that this mystery has been solved!

    We shall call the perpetrator Tom. Tom is a large black spider that is presumably venomous and has taken up residence in my bathroom as of 11:30 PM Tuesday night. It seems that Tom had appeared after the heavy rainstorm that hit the area early that morning. Tom is likely connected to the massive web I found on the deck Friday afternoon. Perhaps, with the high humidity and the fact that the heating is off, the spider is funneling itself through the heating vents? There is no way to know for sure, but I've come to a simple conclusion. . . Seeing that Tom was hiding under the…

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