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  • TheDarkMantis15

    Late Official Hiatus

    September 21, 2017 by TheDarkMantis15

    I'll keep this short.

    Over the past few months I've been absent, and I haven't been able to check in as much as I liked due to being slammed with college work and stuff with my dad's business. For that I apologize, especially considering my responsibilities here.

    I request that Skull demote me for now, and let someone else handle the Featureds and such.

    I don't know when I'll be back, unfortunately. This is just so you guys know what's up.

    I'll be seeing y'all around.

    Gamer, Writer, Roleplayer: TheDarkMantis15 02:17, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

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  • TheDarkMantis15

    Hey dudes and dudettes.

    Yes, I have been missing for a while. Again. Naturally, it's been a busy time at college, as I've had to put my focus into finishing some rather difficult assignments and couldn't put much time towards socialization and stuff. For the most part I think I'm doing okay, and I have been able to lurk a bit to see what's going on while I'm busy. My apologies if I've been worrying people, I wasn't meaning to. ;w; Thankfully, with Spring Break finally here, I think I might be able to spare some time here.

    On that note, in between assignments I've been binging on games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Addiction? What? Nooo, that ain't true... >3>; Other games I've been indulging myself in are Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario.…

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  • TheDarkMantis15

    Y'all know the drill folks, let's do this shiz.


    • Chloe-Su the Echidna - I'll be honest, I'm... not too big on this character. She seems to be going for that "small fry who saves the world" shtick... but it kinda falls flat when you consider her bad traits like that aggression and bluntness. [-1]
    • Princess Penelope the Puppy -
    • Isaac the Hedgehog - He sounds fairly bland. Plus, lack of history? That makes it worse. [-1]
    • Rik the Spider Monkey -
    • Arinku the Doberman -
    • Raven the Cyberhog (Nexus Ultimatum) -
    • Blitz the Wolf - Hey, it's my main man! ...why hasn't he won this yet? /shot
    • Alfred the Ancient - I can honestly say this guy may qualify as one of the "SFW Clas…

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  • TheDarkMantis15

    If I were Torgue from Borderlands 2, I could spruce this place up with badass explosions. And cookies. o3o

    I think I'll have to go with Fei on this one. I honestly really like him, in both design and backstory :D [+1]

    you better win this knockout round Knockout /shot

    Ahem, yes. Ah, since rules forbid me from voting on my own stuff, I'll have to hand my vote to Maxwell. [+1]

    Ooh, tough decision... in the end, I'm gonna go with Borealis. Sideswipe's always been good with designs, and Bory (yes I'm calling him that hush /shot) is no exception! [+1]

    I'll give one to Checkers too. I feel like she's more unique and stuff .3. [+1]

    Hmm, another toughie... I feel like Hordaiquan will get my vote, however! [+1]


    Ahem, in all seriousness…

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  • TheDarkMantis15

    Wow, what a ride huh? Today I turn nineteen years old, I'm nearly a legal adult now! (I think /bricked)

    It's been quite a ride, folks. There's been ups, downs, and all arounds while I've been here, and I want to say: thank you. Without this place, I dunno where I'd be! Meeting tons of people here exposed me to a ton of creativity and folks who are just like me - storytellers and great people! :D

    I have quite a few people to thank:

    • Smash - For being an inspiration and person to look up to while I was still a normal user, and for being a level-headed guy!
    • Sideswipe - For being a great bestie and sharing all sorts of things between us, hope the friendship keeps going strong!
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