aka Waka A Daemon

  • I live in USVI
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Game ceator, writer,series ceator,actor,voice actor,singer,drawer,comic, detective
  • I am Tian(?), gender:Male
  • Tailsman67


    June 18, 2014 by Tailsman67

    Did you guys see this?*/

    Pretty interesting, right?

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  • Tailsman67

    No this isn't a rant you goof, I just needed your attention...

    Good day to you, a thought just popped up in my head, do you guys hate me? Now this is just a thought, if you do, I know part...MOST of it is my fault..and I just wanna say...sorry to those I offended. I know I've acted foolish in the past(still do now),I've bashed,been banned,bash again...ban again,but can you really hate me up to this DAY? I mean, I have let go of most of these bad thoughts...just to make this clear, this apology goes to the older user,not the...well um...newer users.

    But anyways....hate is a strong word, there is HATING me is different form HATING WHAT I DO,I mean, I love this place, sure it has gone done in quality in the last 4 years, and I can understand wh…

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  • Tailsman67

    This is the election process for Tailsman67 as an administrator.

    You're probably wondering,"Oh it's that guy again,automatic no.",wow, just like that right,I truly don't know what to say,but I promise you that I will do my best. I mean,like,I understand people,I know I can make fare judgment. So just please,you know the wiki needs this,someone who can take charge!Not just ban and delete!

    I know I'm rude,I know I mess up(I cleaned that up)....A LOT, but the past is the past,and I know I can carve a better future.

    All voting will be conducted on this blog.

    Type if you believe that Tailsman67 should become a administrator.

    Type if you don't believe that Tailsman67 should become an administrator.

    Status of Recommendation:

    Approval of Three Non-…

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  • Tailsman67

    Hello I'm Tailsman67,I'm here to show of my art from DA here

    All pics here are copyrighted,and it wasn't cheap.So ask me before use.

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  • Tailsman67

    Bye,see ya...later

    March 31, 2013 by Tailsman67

    As of tomorrow,my internet will be cut of because their a bunch of money sucking,bad service giving people,but you know what they put up with me for 10 years so... Well that's besides the point,anyway I wanted to say pre-bye cause when midnite hits this is it for me,plus my bro and I will be moving into a bigger place,far away :(. I'm not very good at goodbyes maybe that's why I always leave a place without saying good bye,but,bye...when tomorrow arises.

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