It's hard to believe it's been a full year since I made this thing. Well I'm pretty sure you all know the rules. This is just the nomination round nominate an article or articles you fel could or should win an award. This is the final round of voting. You may NOT nominate nad you can only vote for one article in the remaining categories.

Best Hero


Ono The Wolf (1 for/ 1 against)

Duan the Hedgehog (0 for/ 0 against)

Best Villain


Suprano (1 for/ 0 against)

Best New Character


Tana the Rabbit (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Anti-Hero


Shousenka the Echidna (3 for/ 0 against)

Gideon the Moose (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Female


Best Male


Speedy The Hedgehog (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Fursona


Temporal Kitsempt- (2 for/ 0 against)

Dalton the Cat (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Fanfic


Book Four: Insanity (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Roleplay


Roleplay:Natural Enemies (2 for/ 0 against)

Strongest Character


Solarestro the Cosmic (4 for/ 0 against)

Best Leader


Smash The Echidna (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Mother


Rapa the Hedgehog (0 for/ 0 against)

Best Father


Angeloz the Light (2 for/ 0 against)

Speeder The Hedgehog (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Husband


David The Echidna (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Wife


Sarah The Echidna (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Item


Witherleaf (1 for/ 0 against)

Chaos Amulets (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Couple


Memphia (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Fan game (Please go better than last time -_-)


Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame) (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Rivalry/Conflict


Kotuumath-Tonic Conflict (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Crossover


Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Defenders of the Core (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Group


Universal Quartet (1 for/ 0 against)

M.S.M (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Scene

Odyssey - Chapter 7 End ~ Inverse Portal

Levi quickly pulled out his handheld decive and checked its readings. He nearly dropped the machine out of shock. "This isn't good," he said, trying to keep his footing. V, on the other hand, was doing just fine avoiding Ciel. "I always knew you'd be trouble," he said as he raised his hand towards her. "Disappear." Then, out of nowhere, Wes teleported right above V, and sent a powerful kick towards V's head. V, surprised by his 'twin's' sudden appearance, was absolutely dumbfounded when his telekinesis couldn't stop the attack. For the first time in years, he took the hit directly, sending him flying for a few seconds before righting himself in the air and landing on his feet. He absently rubbed the area where he was hit and, although it didn't hurt due to his power, was still completely taken aback. "How..." was all he managed to get out before chaos unfolded.

For a while, everyone's attention had turned to V, taking a direct blow for the first time. Everyone in Smash's group stared, their eyes nearly bulging out of their heads. Within the Airship, though, Gizmo was more concerned with the readings he was getting from Ciel. " god..." He turned to Kleft and Kitty, along with 4 other hedgehogs who had come aboard. "The readings are so far off the chart...I-I don't even..." Their attention turned back to Ciel herself, and they all gasped in shock when they saw what happened next.

Ciel exploded in a blinding flash of light, a massive tear in space appeared in her place. A swirling blue/green/black vortex of colour could be seen inside the tear, pulling in everything in the vicinity, heroes and sand included.

"AHHHH!! HOLY CRAP!!" Splice screamed at the top of his lungs. "MOVE! MOVEMOVEMOVEMOVEMOVEMOVE!!!" Splice yelled, frantically flailing around while Panzyr still held him and Tab. Startled, the Fallen started to fly away from the rift, but he was hardly going anywhere. Eventually, he was going backwards, getting closer and closer to the rift. Then, with a yell, he was pulled inside, along with Splice and Tab. Gideon, who had been trying to run away from the rift, soon followed inside.

Smash felt his heart sink when he saw what looked like impending doom. "Oh, noo...." He said, quietly. "She tore a hole in the time space continuum!" His attention turned to V, now giving him a sharp glare. "Dang it, man! You see, THIS is why you don't go on interdimensional conquests!"

V simply turned his head down, and showed a sly smile. Even with his powers, the growing force of the rip in space continued to pull him in. Accepting this fate, he crossed his arms and said to Smash, "This is far from over, boy." With that, he allowed himself to be taken into the rift. (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Damsel in Distress


James the Blue Jay (0 for/ 1 against)

Best Sidekick


Roller the fox (1 for/ 1 against)

Creepiest Character


Rachel the Goat (2 for/ 0 against)

Ursula the Cat (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Name


Twerunka Jungle (1 for/ 0 against)

Solar (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Picture


Miasnewoutfit (3 for/ 0 against)

Dusk-kalos the Universal (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Quote


Lightning "Selenia: Blisslight: We all lost a very valuable friend....As his light never fades, two new heroes stand in his place....The world still has the lost hero, but in these two....Please be careful...And We all will help these two over tragic events, and in needy times...As they did for me and the others....I welcome Angeloz and Andelaz the Light...And farewell to Memphis the Light...We will always love you... "from Roleplay:The Angels Wing (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Group Quote


Krinkinko stood next to Smash with his scythe pointed to Frederick. "Good going genius." he remarked sarcastically. "Now how do we beat him?"

"Awww your little fanboy came to help! Soo cuuute!"

Krinkinko blushed then growled. "S-SHUT UP!" (0 for/ 0 against)

Medusa: (smirks)

James: Aw, crap.

Medusa: (struts to them)

James: *freaking screams as loud as he can*

Sparks: ._. (0 for/ 0 against)

???: "Which is why we need your information to help us."

Solar: "Alright I'll help....we informants work differently than cops...we type differently too.."

[The unknown people nod and walk off.]

Solar: "Aren't I the lucky one?"

Rose: "Well don't you think they have a gimick?"

Solar: "You're quite the..." [Solar looks around, unable to think of something.] "Prebleh-bleh-bleh...lucky me, who doesn't believe in a heaven, little less a virtuous life, yet I still find an angel of death at my doorstep."

Violet: "Whatever (Solar: "SHADDUP!") we still don't know if this theory of heaven of your's is true..."

Solar: "With the aggression running out through Orihara, and the concept gang clashes, I think we'll find out if it's Valhalla or if there's actually a 'God' out there."

Lunar: "Why don't you try to go there and see for yourself?"

Solar: "Sure, I will..."

Rose: "N-no don't die..!"

Solar: "I meant I'm going to fight people and see who'll go to Valhalla and who won't..."

Rose: "Oh. Well, have fun, sweetheart!" (0 for/ 0 against)

Most Handsome Male


Cervantes The Speck (2 for/ 0 against)

Saddest Backstory

Krinkinko the Hedgehog and Rapid the Hedgehog (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Blog


Get To Know Them (2 for/ 0 against)

Most Ordinary Character

Aurora the Cat (3 for/ 0 against)

Most Beautiful Female

Anne Taeking (3 for/ 0 against)

Best Attack

Black Burn (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Genius

Smash The Echidna (3 for/ 0 against)

Best User

User:Gamedezyner (4 for/ 0 against)

Best Artist

Worst Recolor

Shadow Clone (1 for/ 0 against)

Best Admin

User:Smash The Echidna (4 for/ 0 against)

Most Missed User

User:Artemiscat55 (2 for/ 0 against)

Best Crat

User:Flashfire212 (3 for/ 0 against)

User:Ryushusupercat (4 for/ 1 against)

User:Memphis the light (3 for/ 0 against)

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