• SnowlessWinter

    Yo, whaddup, its ya boi. Cold Season.

    I didn't plan on voting but I've got nothing better to do so let's do it.

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    • Clock-Watch The Clockwork Mobian - I love the characteristics of his design but the colors don't match up the best. Blue stands out a bit too much against all the oranges and brown, but besides that, he's looking good. +1
    • Link Prower - His design is quite simple, but I think it fits nicely. The glove and boot color seems a little odd but I can let that slide. +1
    • Rik the Spider Monkey - I honestly adore his design. It's weirdly cute to me but I can't really explain why it is. His colors fit nicely together and balance each other out. +1
    • Tesla The Hedgehog - I like this design, it doesn't…

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  • SnowlessWinter

    i doubt anyone even cares but

    If I were to write a short story about one of my characters, which would you all rather see have a story about em?

    Feel free to look in here for characters WITH pages:

    Or here for characters WITHOUT pages:

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  • SnowlessWinter

    Ghey RP Information

    January 18, 2018 by SnowlessWinter

    I'm not one to really RP on the wiki so if anyone is interested in RPing with me, feel free to message me on the following platforms:

    • Discord - @"Winter"#7305
    • Deviantart - SnowlessWinter
    • Skype - winterthecat1
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  • SnowlessWinter

    Test Blog

    November 16, 2017 by SnowlessWinter

    Just testing if this works.

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  • SnowlessWinter

    Requests, Maybe?

    October 21, 2017 by SnowlessWinter

    I'm really fuckin bored and all I've been drawing lately are my own characters so I wanna step away from that. Here are some examples of my art:

    I'm not the best at doing backgrounds but I can attempt to if anyone wants that on a request.

    • Xoph | Cassandra: Finished
    • Blades | Oka: Finished
    • Lee | Lee & Amber: Not started
    • Reens | Reens & Leonidas: Not started
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