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  • Smash The Echidna

    "We've got quite a number of heroes participating this time around."

    Keela Tyris The Hedgehog: I was really hoping to get her backstory (and her page in general) all straightened out before the awards, but I overwhelmed myself and only got as far as removing Kyle's backstory, which her page linked to. Dernit. >:/

    Blitz the Wolf: I'm really surprised he hasn't won this already. This guy's definitely come a long way, in only half the time Smash's been on here, no less! +1

    Clock-Watch The Clockwork Hedgehog: I'm very iffy about this guy, to be perfectly honest. I know he's Phoenix Wright inspired, but I feel he and his series takes a little too much from Ace Attorney. I mean, a girl sidekick, a magatama, complete with Psych Locks (Struggling to u…

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  • Smash The Echidna

    Welcome, one and all, to the SFW 2015 Summer Awards!

    It's Summer Time, everyone! And you know what that means! It's the fourth anniversary of the SFW Seasonal Awards! It's been a long road, but I think we've shaped this up into an event everyone can enjoy over the years. And it seems we've got some fresh new users this year, so let me give you all the rundown on how this works.


    The SFW Awards is a contest that opens up once every summer and winter. (Spring and Fall used to be a thing, but we decided to drop them recently. (Autumn awards never worked anyway.)) There are multiple categories in which you can enter a character or other such page to compete in.

    There are regularly three phases to the SFW Awards: The Nomination phase, t…

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  • Smash The Echidna

    It's time to announce the winners of the SFW Winter Awards 2015!

    "Hello, everyone! We'll be here to (officially) announce the winners of this season!"

    "The best hero of the winter is none other than Vexx the Timewalker! Congratulations, man."
    • 1) Vexx the Timewalker (9 For / 0 Against) ~ 9 Points
    • 2) Keela Tyris The Hedgehog (7 For / 0 Against) ~ 7 Points
    • 2) Blitz the Wolf (7 For / 0 Against) ~ 7 Points
    • 3) Statyx the Hedgehog (5 For / 0 Against) ~ 5 Points
    • 4) Phalanx The Automaton (6 For / 2 Against) ~ 4 Points
    • 5) Ricardo the Wolf (4 For / 1 Against) ~ 3 Points
    • 6) Tye The Hedgehog (1 For / 2 Against) ~ -1 Point
    • Zion "Grail" Bannonwave (Disqualified)

    "I'm proud to announce that the winner of the Best Anti-Hero award of Winter 2015, is the one and only Sq…

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  • Smash The Echidna

    "Hmph. Now that's more like it. I swear, if there was another hero-shortage and villain uprising incident, we would have to step in and do something about it."

    Keela Tyris The Hedgehog: A constant contender of mine whom I feel is still greatly overshadowed by everyone else. I think I've developed her enough; I really need to actually use her more.

    Blitz the Wolf: I can tell this man has been through a lot, and has definitely earned his status as a hero of sorts. I feel he leans a little too close to an Anti-Hero to be a full, pure-blooded hero though, but I'll still give him a vote. +1

    Phalanx The Automaton: He seems to be a good hearted person, but outright killing people who commit 'acts of injustice'? That's a bit extreme, don't you think? A…

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  • Smash The Echidna

    Welcome, one and all, to the SFW 2015 Winter Awards!

    After the Autumn awards cancelled early, it seems everyone forgot that the Winter Awards were still going to be a thing. That's why I'm going to go ahead and take charge, here. Skull's rules seemed to work out during the nomination phase, but it still died during voting. I'm preeetty sure most people were caught up with school, but just in case, I'm going to put a bit of a lenient spin on them. Nomination Rules

    1. Users are allowed to make three self-nominations per category.
    2. Last time, In order to submit more of their articles, users were required to nominate other people's pages. This is no longer valid: Three per category is the limit--No Exceptions.
    3. As always, we will post our nominations for each…
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